Healthy New Year: MOVE!

Let’s get moving!  My two previous blog posts explained suggestions to a co-worker on how I feel my best.

  1. More Water (blog post)
  2. More Sleep (blog post)
  3. MOVE
  4. Less Processed Foods


As a Les Mills group fitness instructor, MOVING is one of my passions.  My friend Amy showed me how she keeps track of her workouts on her iPhone “notes”.  I started tracking my workouts on my iPhone notes over a year ago and love it.  I love how it motivates me. It helps me notice if I’ve been slacking or if I need to switch things up.

The image above is from this week.  I plan out what I will do, and erase it if plans change. Each week I aim to do my three Les Mills classes 2 times each.  I usually teach each class once and then practice at home once – BODYPUMP, CXWORX and BODYFLOW.

I like to take the 30 minute BODYATTACK that is after my Wednesday class.  I also try to fit in a GRIT session (I need to make myself do this every week!).  Time on the treadmill and bike are good too.  I’m currently stuck inside because:


We got a lot of snow this week in Pennsylvania!

I’m not currently following a training plan for a half/full marathon.  I needed a break after training a lot this past year.  I also pulled my hamstring after running a marathon and pushing way too hard the next weekend at my CXWORX/BODYFLOW AIM 1 (advanced instructor training).  After taking time to heal, I know I will be running outside this Spring again.  Spending time on my bike trainer/RPM class also helped make my hamstring feel better.

So what will get you to MOVE? Find something you actually enjoy!  Do you like to walk/run? You could start walking and keep track of steps with a pedometer/Fitbit/etc.  Maybe start with a couch to 5K program? Do you like to workout at home, outside or at the gym? By yourself, with a buddy or in a group class?  It helps to find something you actually enjoy, even if it feels hard at first.  It also helps to try NEW things!

If you are interested in the Les Mills classes I teach, but don’t have a gym near you (or you are scared!) – try them online!



Les Mills launched an online service called: Les Mills On Demand.  Different programs in their 30 minute formats.  There is a free 10-day trial and it is very easy to cancel before you get charged.  It is $13/month after the free trial.  I have had this off and on for the bike (RPM) videos to do at home on my bike trainer.  Some classes need equipment (BODYPUMP-weights, CXWORX-resistance tube) and other classes need no equipment (BODYFLOW, BODYCOMBAT, SH’BAM).  You can find out more about each class on their website, or you can ask me! :)

I don’t get anything out of sharing this with you, I am just passionate about Les Mills classes and they make me happy!  If you want to start somewhere, maybe try SH’BAM (dance), BODYFLOW (yoga/pilates) or BODYCOMBAT (martial arts).  The only downside I’ve found to On Demand is the classes are only 30 minutes (not the full hour – except GRIT/CXWORX are always 30 minute programs!) and the music is all done by cover artists due to copyrights.  In live classes we get the original artists for our music.

Can you get moving for 30 minutes 3-4x a week? Can you get sweaty on a Saturday or Sunday?  I like to take an off day on a weeknight because I can use the extra time after work to food prep… or sleep.  :)


What are your fitness goals? Do you want to start a new program? Start a training plan? Try a new class? Do something to MOVE your body each week and you might feel stronger, happier and sleep better!

(Remember to keep drinking that water and get some sleep!)

Get More Sleep!

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been thinking about what changes a person can make for a happier and healthier life.  Since it is January, I know many of you want to make that change.  Maybe it is a “New Year’s Resolution”.  Maybe it is something you need after overindulging during the holiday season.  Whatever it may be, I aim to follow the following four ideas for a healthy life.


  • More Water
  • More Sleep
  • Move – (Find exercise that you actually enjoy and switch it up)
  • No or Less Processed Foods


If I had to currently rank myself on these four areas, I would rank it:

  1. Move (Exercise) – best
  2. No or Less Processed Foods
  3. More Water
  4. More Sleep – needs more work!!

I exercise 5-6x a week.  I try to schedule at least one “off” day, but sometimes I end up working out every day.  My food as been very “clean” lately-the most vegetables I’ve had in a long time.  My goal for water is still three of my water bottles to put me at 90 oz.  I’m great on the weekdays, but not as good on weekends.  Sleep is what I need to focus on.  Some weeks I go to bed early and sleep all night … others not so much.

Sleep is so important!  I feel my best when I am going to bed earlier on weeknights.  Before I met Colby, I went to bed late and would sleep in late on the weekends to try to “catch up”.  I always felt tired on the weekday mornings.

Due to my workout schedule, I NEED more sleep!  8+ hours has me feeling at my best.  Sometimes I have one cup of coffee or green tea in the morning, but I don’t feel like I need the caffeine.

*Also- I know it is easy to say all of the following suggestions as someone without children.  I’m sure once you add kids to the mix, everything changes.     :(

Things that help me sleep:

*Bella – yes we snuggle every night and it is magical.

*Not eating right before bed – tough to do because I love late night snacking.  My Invisalign braces have helped with this because once I’ve brushed, I’m done for the night.  It might help you to brush your teeth once you are done eating for the night.


*Stretching/foam rolling/Doterra Deep Blue Rub on my (almost back to 100%!!) hamstring.  I’m sure some of the other oils would be great for bedtime.  My friend Amy has the Doterra Petal Diffuser and loves it.

*Sleeping with two pillows under my head


*Fitbit Charge HR – I got this for Christmas and I will have to review later.  If I wear it to sleep, it tracks my sleeping patterns and how often I’m restless.  I’m not sure if this actually helps me, but it is interesting.

*I’m not perfect.  I play on my iPhone before bed and sometimes it keeps me up.  We put the tv on in our room with a sleep timer.  I know this is bad, but Big Bang Theory reruns really put me to sleep.  If it is something I haven’t seen before or a movie, it keeps me up.  Football puts me to sleep right away too :)

Get more sleep!



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