Saturday Run

2.5 miles – 2 miles in 19:03 then walked .5

I actually ran this afternoon and it was 86 degrees. I am NOT used to running in heat yet, so it will take me a few times to get adjusted. I wanted to run at least 3 miles, but I was ready to finish.  I also took a week off from running so my heart rate was probably super high. I sat my good camera on top of my car and practiced using the self-timer before my run.

I took my old camera on my run and tried to do a few pictures…

Difficult to take a flattering picture while running.

Near the end of my run when I was getting reallllly hot

As soon as I was finished I got my bathing suit on and went over to Colby’s parents house and got in their pool!

Happy to be in the pool!

Then I went over and said hi to the cows. His parents live next to a farm and the dairy cows come up to their yard all the time.

I always make sure to tell the cows not to worry because I won’t eat them or drink their milk :)

Running 6 miles (hopefully) tomorrow morning before I go with my parents to my aunt and uncles for lunch :)

Lazy Saturday!

Last night, Colby and I ate at our favorite mexican restaurant again.  I think that was technically 2 times in one week! He had fajitas and I had bean burritos with red sauce and fried eggs. Sooooo good :)


This morning I went to a string quartet rehearsal to practice for a wedding next weekend.  It was really nice  and we didn’t even realize we had played for 2 hrs!  I was planning on running when I got home, but I was starving.  So I thought I would eat a quick salad, then run.

My salad was huge and I was way too full to run.  So I thought I would wait a bit… Then my Mom asked me to go to a consignment shop to look for a patio table and maybe stop at the local orchard and farm market to get local strawberries.

I ended up with an Eiffel tower bottle/vase for 50 cents.

She got a patio table and a strange picture of Bruce Willis. My mother is strangely obsessed with Bruce Willis and can quote Die Hard.


so good… already ate a bunch of them

Now I am contemplating taking a nap and then running.  But we all know that probably won’t happen if I nap.  I am going to try to run 3 miles today and 6 tomorrow morning to get me back into it. Wish me luck :)


Wooo woooo! Long weekend and I couldn’t be happier! I had a really nice day at school and later went for a bike ride with my Dad! First of all, I am not a cyclist and my legs feel super weak from not running after the marathon.  I’m pretty sure my quad muscles ate themselves around mile 23 at Pittsburgh…

Now for a picture of my bike… this bike is crazy.  I think I got it when I was about 12 years old, it is a “mountain bike” if you can call it that and it has a youth sized frame with adult size wheels.  Oh yeah, and it is purple.  I don’t really ride too much except for the occasional bike around the neighborhood or on a rail trail so I don’t think I should upgrade. It was about 87 degrees when we rode today and I have been in air conditioning all week and it was a shock.

Yes, my little girl bike even has a kick stand


After our 40-minute ride, I got cleaned up and had to re-do the hair for dinner with Colby.  I was incredibly hungry, so doing my hair always calms me :)

I re-curled my hair using my pink leopard print CHI.  I love this thing and have two of them.  It straightens my hair well, but curling with this thing is AWESOME!

While I was bored and posing with photo booth I found my old camera!  This camera takes decent pictures outside in sunlight, but is horrible inside with a flash.  I think I might try to make this my “running” camera and hold it on runs.  I think it would be so cool to hold a camera at a race.  I will have to practice!

Running camera!!

I am SO HUNGRY!!! I hope Colby gets here soon so we can eat dinner! I’m pretty sure we are going to our favorite Mexican restaurant again.  There is this dish with beans and rice and all kinds of goodness with two dippy eggs on top. Aaamazinggg :)

Crazy Work Week

Tomorrow is Friday!!!!!

I love my job and teaching music … and this past week was very very busy!  I had elementary music concerts each night this week and I am very happy everything went well.  I will be happy to start running again this weekend and see how my legs hold up after the marathon 2 weeks ago :)

Even though this blog will usually focus on running and healthy living, work has consumed my life this past week and I thought I would show you a few pictures!

A very important picture of my “concert” hair. I always twist my hair half way back for a concert so it doesn’t get in my face when I conduct!

A picture from my first concert night holding a rose from one of my students!

A side picture of the stage tonight before the kids got there!

I waited all week for Thursday night! It was the last concert of the season and I went for sushi with Jill!

Jill teaches music with me and we were seriously ready for sushi tonight :)

I let Jill order me a new roll tonight and I lovedddd it!


I just wrote this post with Rocky sitting all curled up next to me.  Then I realized, I didn’t introduce you to Rocky yet!!!! This little lover is my 11 year old yorkie and he is currently snoring.

Rock wasn’t too happy about the flash from this one.  It woke him up for about 10 seconds.

Okay, I reallllly need to go to bed now! Looking forward to a long weekend with a few workouts!!


Pink Runner :)