Summer :)

Now it is officially summer! Today was my last “teacher” day at school (even though I will be in my classroom a lot this summer).  I am exhausted after getting home at 8:30 tonight. After school, I went to a end of the year party with Colby and then had a marching band practice 6-8.  I help teach high school marching band with my friend Kim and we were happy to plan a sleepover for next week.  I am trying to talk Kim into joining my gym to go to classes with me. I know she would love spinning and BodyPump!

Really unflattering picture of me from this morning before school.  It was the only take, so I guess I have to post it!

My “newer” big room I moved into this week :) Not very exciting because everything is put away for summer cleaning, but I’m so happy!

Ignore my junk laying on the counter. Look at all that storage space I have now!

I actually have three classrooms because I teach at different schools so I was at different places cleaning today.  I will be teaching lessons next Tuesday/Thursday but will probably need to go in to this new room on Wednesday to file music.  I have lots of piles right now…yuck.

Reasons I’m happy it is now my summer:

More running!

More swimming!

More foam rolling and pushing Rocky out of the way!

More sushi!

More Rocky in the sun!!

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11 thoughts on “Summer :)

  1. I just stumbled upon your blog… And that’s sosososo cool that you’re a music teacher slash healthy living blogger! I’m graduating high school next year and hopefully will be a music major. But yeah I love your blog!

  2. Rocky’s adorable! My dog gets in the way of foam rolling all the time. He thinks it’s a game.

    I just wrote a similar post this morning. I guess we all have summer on the brain. Enjoy the “cooler” temps today!

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