Why I shouldn’t do abs the night before BodyPump…

Tuesday Workout: 4 mile run (38 min, 50 sec) on TM, BodyPump class

I kicked my butt Tuesday afternoon at the gym!!!  I taught music lessons all day at school and went straight to the gym when I was finished.  Since BodyPump was at 4:30 and I had about an hour to spare, I thought I should get on the treadmill.  I could tell right away that I was tired and sore from the ab work on Monday night.  Probably not the best idea in the world. (Note to self: do not do planks and other difficult ab work the night before BodyPump- it will hurt) I AM SO SORE TODAY!

My goal was to do 4 miles on the treadmill at the gym and I did with a quick walk in the middle and kept my pace at 6.3 mph and above for the entire time I ran.  I’m hoping this treadmill work helps develop my speed outside.  Just keeping myself under a 9:30 min/mile pace on the treadmill for longer periods of time should help me when I get the guts to go back out in the heat!  Next week I will be at the beach and most likely only able to run outside if there isn’t a gym.

When I got to Pump, I was feeling gutsy and decided to go a little heavier on my weights.  I can’t feel my arms today and my triceps are dead.  All the arm stuff killed me and then I got to planks at the end and just laughed. My stomach is so sore!!!!!! BodyPump – 1 , Holly – 0

Fake smile after the gym. I’m exhausted.

Thank goodness I found this in my car. I was absolutely starving and probably would have had road rage driving home if I didn’t eat something.

I did get food when I got home… grilled veggies salad and turkey meatballs :)

After eating and kicking my own butt at the gym, I showered and headed over to my friend Kim’s for some girly fun.


Ah, yes… me with air-dried hair posing with a Wii remote with Kim :)

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