Fitness Friday

Friday Workout: 50 minute Yoga DVD


I stopped at Target after school today to pick up shampoo and stuff.  I love Target and always have to walk around the clothes, magazines and DVD aisles.  When I walked past the workout DVDs, I saw Bethenny Frankel’s “Skinnygirl Workout”. I’ve never been a big fan of the “Real Housewives” shows, but I’ve watched Bethenny’s show a few times. I also watched her E! True Hollywood story on Monday when I was home sick.


The DVD can be split up into 3 separate workouts (15, 20 and 15 minutes each) in the menu, but I decided to do the entire workout (50 minutes). The workout is led by New York City instructor, Mike McArdle and I really liked his style.  I liked that Bethenny makes you feel great for even fitting in a short workout and she even takes breaks during some more difficult poses. I didn’t like that she tried to explain what muscles were being used for every pose. It felt like she was trying to sell the workout to you by reminding you what muscles you use for everything.  It did introduce a few new poses to me and I felt like it was a nice change from some other videos I’ve been using for the past few months.  I think I would definitely do this DVD again, especially if I want to fit in a quick workout/stretch on a day I don’t run.



Here is a clip of the beginning of the workout.

After yoga, I was hungry and there wasn’t much in my kitchen. I found a can of chick peas and knew I could make Mama Pea’s Chick Pea and Dumplings for dinner. I made this recipe before and it turned out even better this time! I used all whole wheat flour before and it was much better with the mix tonight. I also made my dumplings smaller and they cooked so much faster.

What was your Friday Workout? Do you have a long run planned for tomorrow?

I am hoping to run 11-12 tomorrow for my final long run before the 1/2 marathon. I will back down next weekend and then the race is October 16. I have NO idea how tomorrow will go but I’m not stressing :)


13 thoughts on “Fitness Friday

  1. I LOVE Target too and I can’t seem to get out of there without spending at least $75.00. Anyway, Matt now says we are doing 12 “easy” miles tomorrow. I am wondering what “easy” miles are????? I was shooting for 10…please let the rain stay away!!!!

  2. Running the San Jose Rock and Roll Half Marathon tomorrow! Third year in a row but still nervous!! Hope your long run went great today. Love your blog. I just started one.. check it out :)

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