Staying Injury Free!

Thursday Workout: 4 miles (3 in 29:03 and 1 mile walk) and BodyPump (1 hour)


I was SO happy to run these 3 miles with my friend Amy right after school today! It is so much fun finding a good running partner!! We went to a park that I haven’t been to in a long time and it was a nice change.  I am trying to convince Amy to sign up for a spring marathon with me so we can do all our long runs together :)  There is a local marathon that takes place on our railtrail, which is a flat gravel path.  I think I would like to try a local race this spring and I could train on the race course.  I used to prefer running by myself, but lately I feel like I really want a running partner. Those long runs can take FOREVER and it would be amazing to have a running partner! (Hint, hint Amy!)


Amy has been trying to keep her IT band in control while training for her first half marathon this October. New shoes and foam rolling are really helping her.  She has been following the half marathon plan Colby and I came up with…


We are going to run 8 this weekend for “week 9″.  Amy has really been following this plan and taking BodyPump classes.  I think it is okay to drop a mid-week short run when your legs are feeling tight and your body needs a break.  This worked well for me in past training plans, and I have been trying not to get upset if I do not get the three mid-week runs in each week.


I wrote this post on foam rolling in August. Foam rolling is amazing and has really helped me stay injury-free.


I also LOVE and have purchased the Core Yoga 1, Power Vinyasa Flow, Yoga For Runners, Yoga For Abs, Yoga Sculpt and Detox Yoga videos. All have been great and really stretch my body out.  I really like the workouts that have videos and slides, instead of just audio.  I really like the slides because I can just glance over every once in awhile during the workout.   I would love to do yoga more often, but I often forget about it when my focus is running and BodyPump.


How do you stay injury-free when training for races??

Week 9 Training Plan

Tuesday Workout: 3 miles (27:33)


After a few bad weeks of my training plan, I am hoping for a fresh start for week 9. I wasn’t feeling great last week and was busy so I’m hoping to push myself the next few weeks before the race.  Tonight I was really pushed for time and got in a quick 3 miler after school. I was hoping to do 4, but just ran out of time. I decided to make it a negative split run and really pushed myself at the end.


My garmin was off again at the beginning of the run! It must be when I start at a certain spot that is weak on satellites for awhile because it said I was running a 11-12 min/mile pace for a few minutes when I know I was running an 8-9 minute pace. After running that speed for a few minutes without knowing it, I was really tired and had to calm it down for a few minutes to get my breath back!


I definitely pushed myself at the end and finished running up hill and kept my pace in the 8’s. I made sure to let myself run a few seconds after it “clicked” for the 3rd mile so I could see what pace I was running at the very end. I was really happy to see I had worked up to a 7:18 pace for the last minute or so!  :)


I’m hoping to get the rest of my runs in this week and get a better long run in this weekend! I had to miss my favorite BodyPump tonight but I will be back for a Thursday class!

Long Run With a Cold

Sunday Workout: 9 miles (8.5 miles in 1:28:02)

So, I haven’t been feeling great for the past few days and didn’t eat much yesterday. The long run wasn’t so great this morning. Well, actually it was really the afternoon because I finished around 1:00.  I was okay with it and just kept doing as much as I could. I walked a lot during mile 4 and as soon as I hit 8 miles. I also walked a bit at the beginning of the run so I’m guessing I got to about a total of 9 miles today instead of the 10 I was hoping for this week.  This was the first time I’ve run my “6 mile loop” that I used when I trained for the Pittsburgh Marathon in May. I forgot how hilly it is for the first half!

Once I got to mile 5 it was better and I didn’t feel so tired! I’m just hoping to get rid of my cold and run better next weekend!

I also took one of these today for the first time since May. BLEH. My stomach wasn’t ready for it but hopefully I can get used to them over the next few weeks! I plan on taking one or two for the half marathon depending on how I feel that day.

Yesterday, I went to a floral shop with my Mom just to see what they had… and they had gorgeous pink arrangements that I will definitely be checking out later! The shop owner gave me a pretty pink rose and I put it in an Eiffel Tower bottle :)

I don’t think I want roses this pink for the wedding, but it is very pretty :)

I came across this picture from Spring 2010 when I played for my friends wedding. I really like how my hair looked and I will definitely keep it in mind for an updo :)

Hoping for more blog updates this week! I’ve been busy with teaching, grad work and not feeling well so hopefully this week will be better!


Thursday Workout: BodyPump (1 hour) 3 miles on treadmill: 34:43


I was SO tired after school and I was planning on running outside before going to BodyPump. Instead, I laid on the couch with Rocky and watched Dr. Oz until I had to leave for BodyPump. When I got to class I was planning on doing the same weights that I did Tuesday night at class, until it was time for the second track (squats) and the instructor (Michelle – my favoriteee) called me out and said, “girl you can do more weight than that!!!” So… I used a big weight (5kg) and a medium weight (2.5) on each side and about died. But, in a good way… I wouldn’t have pushed myself to move up to the weight that I really should be on for squats.  I loveeee this instructor. My friend Amy and I just stare at her amazing muscles the whole time and hope we look like her some day :)


Today I did these weights for each track:

(S=small 1 kg, M=medium 2.5 kg and L=large 5 kg)

(1 kg = 2.2 lbs, 2.5 kg = 5.5 lbs, 5 kg = 11 lbs)

1. Warm up: M and S

2. Squat: L and M

3. Chest: M and S

4. Back: L

5. Triceps: M and S + 5lb hand weight for part of the track

6. Biceps: M and S

7. Lunges: L

8. Shoulders: M + 5 lb hand weight for part of the track

9. Abs

10. Cool Down


I can’t wait for the new release to see if I have to back down my weights and if I like the new songs!


So remember how Colby, Mom and I went to see a possible wedding venue last Saturday?

We confirmed it this week and will get married here on October 6, 2012!   :)