Yoga Calms Me Down

Workouts: NONE… Okay a little yoga but nothing else…
Colby and I have been very busy with some upcoming plans and I am exhausted. I haven’t been able to run at all this week and took last weekend off because of the snow storm!! I had the option of getting on the treadmill each night but I was just too tired.  Thinking about running while I’m tired and stressed just makes me not want to run at all. I haven’t been able to go to BodyPump this week either :(

What workouts do you do when you are tired/stressed? Do you skip your runs or fit them in when you are tired?


I’m not too worried about the running. Maybe I just needed a break this week and hopefully it won’t be too awful when I start it back up this weekend.  The only thing I could get myself to do late at night has been yoga.  Tonight, I am planning on doing the 20 minute Core Yoga #1 on I really like this one and have it downloaded onto my computer.  I love the YogaDownload workouts that are slide shows.  I feel like I can concentrate more when I’m not watching a video, but the pictures go along with the audio to make sure I am doing the right poses.


I also like looking at the pose guide ahead of time so I know what to expect. (Below is the first page of the 20 minute core yoga class)  Sometimes I will just use the pose guide and go through the class on my own.



Off to do this class, shower and go to bed! I’ve been trying to sleep at least 8 hours a night. Sorry for such a boring post! I’ve been trying not to post if I don’t really have anything to say. Without running and workouts there isn’t much to say right now! I’ll have to wait on the big news :)

6 thoughts on “Yoga Calms Me Down

  1. I will have to check out that yoga website! I usually do the “Body by Bethenny” yoga DVD, but I’m always looking for new workouts to mix up my routine! Good idea! :)

  2. I’m still waiting on this big news, lady!!! :-D When I’m tired, I usually get on my treadmill. Haha, even when I’m not tired, I get on my treadmill as I’m obsessed with it. Yesterday, I wasn’t in the mood to work out because I was still a little sore from my last workout, but I made myself do it. For some reason, I pepped up and my soreness went away!

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