Snowed In Workout

I was extremely excited to not set my alarm this morning and I was able to sleep in until 10:00! I didn’t realize that Colby was up earlier shoveling our entire driveway and front sidewalk.  We got about 4-5 inches of snow overnight and I already planned to run my 6 miler tomorrow with Amy.  We knew there would probably be too much snow for us to comfortably run Saturday.  I spent lots of time working on my grad work today, because this was the first week of my class. This is my final class for my Master’s program!  :)

I did a mix of three internet exercises inside the house today…

I tried and enjoyed the new 20 minute HardCORE yoga class from

I tried most of the Tone It Up Ab circuit.  You were supposed to start with a walk and end with a mile run, which I didn’t do inside the house.  You are also supposed to do this ab circuit 6 times! I did it once and I was already sweating after the 20 minute yoga.  The Tone It Up girls are in crazy good shape so I should probably try their workouts more often!

I finished with the new BodyPump 80 ab track.  Our gym does the side planks a little differently by making you raise your top leg at the very end.  Love tough BodyPump ab tracks!

Did snow mess with your weekend long run?

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