Cold Weather Running

Sunday Run: 9 miles (1:30:40)


It was really cold this morning… and windy. It really did feel like it was 8 degrees because of how strong the wind was for our entire run… but Amy and I were SO PROUD that we finished our 9 miles :)

I am absolutely petrified of ice. I panic when I have to walk on it and I never run when the roads are icy.  Somehow I knew I just had to do it today and I figured, if I fell… at least Amy would be there to drag me to the side of the road and call for help! (I broke my tailbone in college falling on ice! Horrible experience!) Somehow I stayed calm and we definitely had to slow down a bit because of the conditions. This was really great for me because I’ve been sick all week and only “ran”  3 miles (there was a lot of walking on the treadmill) on Tuesday.

We went out 3 miles and turned around and got back to my house at mile 6.  We decided on a quick water break inside my house and then we would go back out for the final 3 miles.  I hit the lap button by accident near the end, but was happy to see that we were pretty much right around the 10 min/mile pace the whole time!  I was definitely breathing heavy at some points because I’m still so congested, but I feel great right now.  I got in the hot tub for a good 20 minutes after the run and shocked my cold body!

Here is most of my cold weather running gear:

Brooks Running Jacket.  I asked my parents for this for Christmas because it is so pricy, but it is amazing. So warm and really keeps the wind out.

My toe socks. I love that they are higher so I can pull them up over my ankles and they seem warmer.

I threw on my CEP compression sleeves under my tights today. I figured it couldn’t hurt and they kept my legs a little warmer.

The pink long sleeved top I had on under my jacket was from Target and similar to this one.

My tights are Under Armour and close to this pair.

Pink Nike Gloves and Headband I got a few years ago.

Obsessed with Carmex chapstick and I always bring it with me running.  I have them stashed everywhere.

Current obsession: Vicks tissues. My friends and I were in love with them in college when we were sick and I got a box this week. Ahh they are so nice :)

Not running related…

I’ve already watched it twice yesterday. I know, I’m sad. I can’t help it.  I actually left the house yesterday morning just to go to Target so I could buy it. Colby ran his 9 miles and went swimming. When he came home I was laying on the couch back in my sweatpants with my Vicks tissues and a bag of chocolate chips watching it.  I was supposed to write a grad paper…

7 thoughts on “Cold Weather Running

  1. I did some cold weather running this morning, too although it’s nothing compared to your weather! It was about 30F and I was forced to wear running pants (hate them!). I’m glad you’re feeling well enough to run now!

    • Ahh 56 would feel warm! I actually think I like the 40’s the best! Crazy?? This weekend was ridiculous when it felt like 8 degrees with the wind, but normally I like running in the cold :)

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