10K PR

Picture 7


Don’t get too excited… it was my first 10K race!  I’ve just never done a 10k race before and I knew this one would be very flat.  It was on the rail trail I ran last Spring’s marathon on and I was very familiar with the path :)

I was scheduled to run 8 miles this weekend, so Amy and I ran 2 after the race was over.  I was so tired I could barely do two 10 minute miles.

Picture 9


My legs are SO SORE today! I don’t even know why… I didn’t even run that hard but WOW my legs are just trashed.  I took a nap yesterday and today I was so tired.


I went to my favorite restaurant with my BF Anne last night.  I changed it up and went for the “chop” salad with blue cheese, apples, cranberries, candied nuts and blue cheese dressing.  I loved it and it was huge.


I also had mushroom ravioli and I was stuffed.  I had this a few weeks ago and it was slightly different with ratatouille on the ravioli and I think I liked that a little better.  This was still really good.

I’m hoping to get myself to do a little yoga tonight to loosen up my robot legs.  Hoping to get all my runs and Les Mills workouts in this week!

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