Les Mills 21 Day Food Challenge

As a Les Mills instructor, we receive new educational focuses every three months along with our new releases (music and moves!)  Some of the educational focus is on the specific program and moves.  The rest varies: nutrition, how to make your classes even better, pregnant members, etc.  One thing that has caught my eye is their 21 Day Food Challenge I’ve watched the video plenty of times, read the information and thought about trying it.  But… I was scared!  It is essentially a 21 day detox.  It is low carb (the scary part for me!) with an emphasis on eating 5 small meals a day (protein, fats and lots of greens) for JUST 21 days.  This means no starchy veggies (sweet potatoes, fruit, etc) during the 21 days.  It is meant to be a challenge!  You can read the entire information PDF here.  The video above has most of the same information.

Most of the year, I eat fairly well.  I drink my green smoothies, I try to eat clean andM I exercise.  However, if you know me or have read my blog in the past… you know I’m not a fan of meat.  I’ve eaten almost completely vegan and mostly vegetarian in the past, but it ends up being very processed.  I get lazy.  I get sore from my workouts.

I’ve been eating eggs, chicken and seafood for the past year.  I’ve eaten it in the past, but it’s just not my favorite!  Give me bread and cheese anytime!  (I try to limit the cheese… dairy doesn’t like my stomach!) So when I looked at this 21 day challenge over and over, I knew I would have to keep up with the protein.  Surprisingly, that hasn’t been the tough part.  Getting enough greens is the hard part!  What a shocker!  I love vegetables… but when you are eating them all the time without any carbs it just gets tough.  Especially since it is freezing outside!

So here is the typical day (I’m currently on day 12!! woo woo!)

Meal 1: egg scramble  (2 eggs + egg whites + onions, peppers, spinach, etc + coconut oil in pan for fat) OR protein pancake with a little almond butter (hard to eat veggies with that one!)

Meal 2: salad + chicken, egg salad, or turkey deli meat + avocado, nuts, etc. OR dinner leftovers (usually lunch time because of work)

Meal 3: Something quick at work around 2-3 – veggies and guac, nuts, extra stuff from lunch

Meal 4: Chicken, shrimp, fish, etc + greens (salad, sauteed veggies) + fats (coconut oil, avocado, etc) (usually my dinner)

Meal 5: Protein shake 10 minutes after teaching class at the gym or working out at home.  If I don’t work out, another small meal.

PLUS: Lots of water (about 1/2 your weight in oz) and no food 2 hours before bedtime.

The water has been easy.  I have a 30 oz bottle I take to school.  I try to get at least 2-3 down a day.  I’ve still been drinking coffee in the morning with a little coconut milk creamer.  Sometimes tea during the day or at night.


Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 1.40.17 PM

The Les Mills Food Pyramid (for after the 21 day challenge)

My exceptions: I’ve been sticking to it pretty well.  Of course, there have been a few minor changes.  I’m not worried about them.  I had just a little rice noodles in my coconut soup I had from a local Thai restaurant last weekend.  I had chicken and veggies too that night.  I’ve been using almond milk in my protein shakes.  I’ve been using a little coconut milk coffee creamer in my coffee (So Delicious brand).  Tonight, I’m going out for sushi.  I’ve known about this all week, so I’ve been really trying to stick to the plan.  I’m going to try to eat a salad or soup before the sushi begins.  I’ll try to stay away from the fried stuff, but I’m going to have rice.  It will be delicious. My birthday dinner will be on day 19 and I’m going to take it easy… but enjoy it.

Protein Shakes: I’ll admit it.  I was using junk.  Target brand whey protein.  Mystery ingredients, artificial sweeteners.  Before, I was using Tone It Up’s Perfect Fit protein (brown rice protein).  It tastes GREAT, but it’s kinda expensive and I don’t think I recover as well with the vegan protein.  I was scared to try whey because of my weak stomach when it comes to dairy, but it has been fine.  Les Mills came out with their own protein: Good Protein. You can order a free sample of the chocolate and vanilla here!!  It is very expensive, but the taste.  Oh my gosh – the taste is SO GOOD!  Chocolate was my favorite.  HOWEVER… I tried this twice and it made my belly bloat soooooooo much.  I seriously looked pregnant.  It was upset too.  This protein has whey AND casein.  I think the casein was what upset my stomach.  So this stuff might work for you if you don’t have lactose issues!

I just finished my mystery ingredient Target brand whey.  I got Hammer brand chocolate whey to try.  Good ingredients too (sweetened with stevia and only 6 ingredients total).  I hope it tastes good!

The tough stuff: I had a slight meltdown on day 2 in the afternoon.  I was home early from school (snow), hungry and craving the bad stuff.  I made a protein pancake and tea and felt better.  I realized that 2-4pm is my tough time.  My energy was crashing at that time for a few days, but got better.  By day 3-4 I was feeling better in the afternoon.

The cravings have pretty much stopped.  I can’t imagine how much sugar I was probably taking in, between actual sweets and crap carbs.  I still miss chocolate and grains.  I will try to control how much I actually bring back into my diet after day 21.  I feel so good…I’ve lost 6 lbs!  I will probably start with quinoa on day 22.

Workouts: I have NOT been running.  At all.  December 1st was my last run!! (EEK!)  I’m not sure I could keep up with teaching classes AND running while on this food challenge.  It’s also super cold out so I’m not in a rush to start running anytime soon.  I’m not signed up for a race this spring, and I’m ok with it!  I’ve been teaching and practicing at home: BODYPUMP, CXWORX and BODYFLOW.  I’m getting ready to film my BODYFLOW soon to become officially certified!


Les Mills Nutrition

Les Mills 21 Day Challenge PDF

Les Mills 21 Day Challenge Info

Les Mills Good Protein

Hammer Nutrition Chocolate Whey

Tone It Up Perfect Fit Protein

My gym buddy Jamie’s review of the 21 Day Challenge 

BODYFLOW Training Weekend


BODYFLOW training was amazing!  Of course it was amazing… all Les Mills initial trainings are life changing!  I LOVED my trainer Susan!!!  I hope to take an Advanced Instructor Training (AIM) from her in the future!  This is my third Les Mills certification (BODYPUMP ’13, CXWORX ’14 and now BODYFLOW ’15!).  These have always been my three favorite Les Mills programs and I’m just so happy I’m able to teach them.  What is BODYFLOW?  First of all, it is called BODYBALANCE in most countries and BODYFLOW in the US.  Click here to find a BODYFLOW class near you.

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 4.02.53 PM f743f25d686c378df6a2d9e065714d30 Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 4.06.26 PM unnamed-2

The weekend included tons of new knowledge.  Besides perfecting the technique, we focused on how to coach this amazing class and how to connect with our class members.  Two weeks ago, we received the BODYFLOW 67 material (video, music, notes) and were assigned two tracks to learn full out for the weekend.  Since I was signed up for a training in early December (I couldn’t go because I was sick) I’ve had my materials since Thanksgiving.  I was assigned two different tracks for that December training, so it helped me memorize more of the material.  For this weekend, I presented track 5 (hip openers) once on Saturday and track 6 (core-abdominals) twice on Sunday.  Below is the track list for this amazing release.

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 3.57.26 PM

The music for BODYFLOW is always amazing.  When I started taking classes a few years ago, I remember loving the “new” music for a yoga-type class.  The music and different tracks truly take you on a journey towards strength, flexibility and a sense of calm.  You are craving that relaxation track by the end of class!!  If you’ve taken yoga and haven’t liked it for whatever reason, please give BODYFLOW a chance.  It might be just what you need!  This class is for everyone!  Lots of modifications are available for beginners, and advanced options for others.


Our group was small but wonderful!  Almost all of the girls were already certified in another Les Mills class.  It was nice to be with other Les Mills-obsessed girls for a weekend :)

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 4.44.46 PM

I got my first “pass” for the weekend’s training!  Now I have to prepare to film myself teaching the entire class and submit it to Les Mills.

December ’14 Recap!

I’ll be honest… December was kind of a bust for me.  Things started off strong.  I was so excited to announce on the blog that I had signed up for BODYFLOW training (Dec. 13-14)!! Things didn’t work out :(  Re-scheduled for Jan. 17-18th!

Lots of Bella pictures from December (and other pictures too!)

I was excited to decorate for Christmas at the beginning of December.  Things were going well, until I got a NASTY stomach flu.  This was right around Colby’s Birthday – he ended up taking me to the Dr that day.  I was so dehydrated, I had to get an IV right away.  I was miserable and weak, so I didn’t get to go to my BODYFLOW training.  Up until December, I was running … A LOT.  Sometimes you get sick and take a month off running.  I’m not too upset over it… I’m on a non-running streak.  I haven’t ran since December 1st!!  I will kick it back in soon.

unnamed-10 unnamed-8

I love this little girl.  She had a great first Christmas :)


We also got a “new” (2010) car in December!  I’ve wanted a Toyota Prius for a long time and I am loving it!

unnamed-11 unnamed-12

I got some new Reebok Les Mills gear for Christmas too.  I usually teach in old Brooks running shoes, but these new studio shoes make it so much easier to teach CXWORX.  They are still a little slippery for BODYPUMP, but they’re new.

unnamed-14 unnamed-15

Pancake art!  I had to try while I was home for Christmas break.  The top one is Olaf from Frozen.

unnamed-17 unnamed-16

Our baby finally had her operation to get fixed.  It broke my heart dropping her off.  We had to wait because our vet wanted her to weigh a little more.  When she was 6 months, she was still only 4 lbs.  She weighs 6 now, so it was less risky.  My princess is doing well.  Lots of naps and trying to keep her from jumping around.


BODYFLOW training!  Rescheduled it for January 17-18, so I get some extra study time.  I signed up, because the training I found in December was fairly close.  I’ve been wanting to get certified in Les Mills – BODYFLOW/BODYBALANCE so it just seemed to work out.  Since I got sick, I had to find another training that would be on the same release (67) so I didn’t have to learn everything over.  I had to get a hotel for the January training, but I’m excited.  This will be my 3RD Les Mills certification (BODYPUMP ’13, CXWORX ’14 and BODYFLOW ’15)  No more after this… I promise!


Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon 2014


Colby and I ran the Wine and Dine Half Marathon on Saturday night – November 8 at 10 PM!  We had such a great time!  We ran this race back in 2010 and loved it.  Anything Disney is always great :)




A big thank you to the Fitletic table at the expo.  I told them that the bottles in my new belt were leaking.  Well, they were actually squirting me!  When I put GU and water in them for my marathon, I was getting sticky!  They said that should absolutely not happen and they had a bad batch recently.  They gave me two new bottles right there!  They are great!  I have this belt with double water bottles.



We knew it was going to rain at some point in the night.  We had to get on a bus to get to the start of the race by 8PM.  We were there around 7:30 and had lots of time to stretch and relax.  We flew down to FL very early that morning, so we were pretty exhausted by that night.  If I was going to do it again, I would just fly down Friday night so I could get a little more sleep.  As we got to our corrals, it started to drizzle.  I put on my cheap poncho to keep warm and waited for the start of the race.  Fireworks went off for each corral and we started a few minutes after 10PM.  The rain started to pick up and did not stop.  I kept my poncho on for about a mile and then tucked it into the back of my race belt.


We enjoyed the race but were exhausted and soaked by the end!  I didn’t run as well as I had hoped, but I enjoyed the race.  The course ran through Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and finished at my favorite, Epcot.  I don’t have any pictures at the after party, because we were so wet!  My Garmin pedometer said I did over 20 miles that day, including the race.  We changed out of our wet clothes and got some fish and chips in England.  More pictures to come of the rest of our vacation, because we had great weather Sunday-Tuesday :)