A Healthy New Year!

Recently I had a co-worker ask to hire me as a personal trainer.  Although I am NOT a personal trainer, I told her I would love to help her get her health on the right track and share my knowledge.  (I would love to get my NASM CPT certification, but it’s expensive!)  I have been thinking about this over my Christmas/New Year break from school.

Overall, 2015 was the healthiest and happiest I’ve been.  Yes, I overindulge from time to time… but I get back on track faster than ever.  This is probably because I have set high goals for my role as a group fitness instructor with Les Mills programs.  This is the year and I won’t let myself stand in the way!

For my friends looking to make healthy changes in their life, I’ve thought about what really works and what really makes me feel better.  For people with a weight loss goal, it’s not going to happen overnight.  It might take a long time, so focus on life changes that make you feel good.

  1. More Water
  2. More Sleep
  3. Move – (Find exercise that you actually enjoy and switch it up)
  4. No or Less Processed Foods

The list above is what I will be suggesting to my co-worker.  I will take a few posts and explain these four goals.  So today, let’s talk water!!


A great starting goal is just adding more PLAIN water to your day.  Start by drinking half of your body weight in oz.  (someone 150 lbs – drink 75 oz of water)

*Get a new water bottle – I drink out of a 30 oz bottle and try to drink 3 a day for 90 oz

*Keep it next to your bed. If you wake up in the middle of the night, drink water.  When you first wake up in the morning, drink water.  Take it with you as you get ready in the morning.  I try to drink one bottle before work.

*Cut out other drinks.  For me, this isn’t hard but I know others can have a hard time removing soft drinks, sugary tea, etc. from their diet.  Start with just drinking more water.  You can focus on drinking less beverages with calories when you are ready.

*Coffee/tea – try to use less sugar/creamer/etc.  Eventually without any added calories


*A cute new water bottle? The one above is from Blogilates and helps you keep track of drinking water all day long.  I’ve also seen people draw this onto water bottles themselves on Pinterest.

So start January off right by DRINKING MORE WATER!  

Runner’s World: Drinking More Water Could Help You Drop More Pounds

WebMD: 6 Reasons To Drink Water

Women’s Health Mag: 10 Ways To Drink More Water

Buzzfeed: How To Drink More Water



Food Prep For A Busy Week!

Happy December!! 

As a music teacher, I am officially in “concert week”!  Every year I end up getting take out for dinner this week and eating junk food.  With concerts Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday I am trying to prep my lunch and dinner for the rest of the week! Thursday night I get to teach my double BODYPUMP/BODYFLOW classes so it is a late night too.


After school, I practiced BODYPUMP 96 at home with my SMARTBAR.  It’s so heavy! I don’t teach with one at the gym so it feels extra tough at home.


(BODYPUMP 96 cool down track)

I might get to do a little BODYFLOW at home tomorrow, but I’m just betting on the next two days being “off” days.  I need to remind myself that off days are okay!!!


Practice BODYFLOW 71 tomorrow? Did I mention I signed up for an AIM 2 in March!!!!!!! (Les Mills Advanced Instructor Module 2)  I am going for BODYFLOW and I will be presenting 71.  I can’t wait to launch this in January and practice!!


Tonight I made most of my extra food for the week.  I made four turkey burgers, roasted brussel sprouts and roasted sweet potatoes.  We ate this and have left overs for lunch.

I also made chicken meatballs and baked chicken breast topped with rosemary honey mustard and panko.

I also have the rest of my chopped sweet potatoes ready to go, broccoli and snap peas.  Even though I didn’t get to it tonight, roasting them is easy and makes them taste oh so good!  I might treat us to some easy stuffing or quinoa/brown rice later this week.  I like to make my own quinoa, but this stuff is so easy for a busy week.  Not saying Stove Top is healthy at all… but a little bit tastes really good for a busy week!  The broccoli can be roasted on a baking sheet like the other veggies with just olive oil, salt and pepper.  I usually just set the oven to 375-400 and flip half way.

The snap peas can be made into this chicken dish I found on Pinterest.  It is so good and doesn’t take much time.  If I have time this week, I might make this or save it for the weekend if we still have enough food.  We take leftovers for lunch each day and we tend to eat a lot. :)

Chicken and Snap Pea recipe

Meatball recipe from Ina’s Italian Wedding Soup (I used just ground chicken and never measure anything for this recipe)

Beekman Rosemary Honey Mustard-Target


Just thought you needed a Colby and Bella pic :)  She is ready for Christmas break!


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