No Pain, No Gain!

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It is BEAUTIFUL outside today!!! I have my eye on a local half marathon on June 20th, so I need to start running more often.  My goal is 3x a week and I’ve planned out the “long” runs for each weekend.  I’m hoping to run 3-5 miles at least two times on the weekdays.  I’ve been hitting it pretty hard at the gym teaching and taking a variety of Les Mills classes, so I’m not giving those up!  I’ve been teaching pump, cx and flow each week.  I’ve been trying to take step and/or attack as well.  When I went for my run today, I wasn’t expecting much… I’ve taken a few weeks off.  I guess the cardio classes are paying off, because I had a great run!  I did push myself and got my heart rate up pretty high.  When I finished, I was huffing and puffing!  I guess that means I pushed myself!



Trying to be a beast teaching CXWORX…broke my first tube in the middle of track 4 a few weeks ago!  (It was an old tube that probably had a weak spot)


I ordered the Reebok Cardio Inspire Low shoes a few weeks ago for cardio classes (ATTACK/STEP).  I had been taking these classes in old running shoes and all the jumps felt terrible.  I wasn’t sure about these shoes the first two times I wore them, but I guess they “broke in” because they feel great now!  They are NOT for running (they are neutral and I wear stability-Brooks) so they are strictly just my studio shoes for jumping around!


Loving my Jamberrys and I tried solids on my hands for the first time.  They look great and it is nice to have something without a print.


My sweet girl snuggling with a stuffed squirrel :)


Eating so much sushi lately.  Our one grocery store has a guy come in and make it fresh.  It’s SO GOOD!  I could eat it everyday!

Jamberry Nail Review

My friend Andrea and I met in college. We were both music education majors and currently teach on opposite sides of the state (Pennsylvania). She has become a Jamberry Nails Consultant and has been raving about how great her nails look. I’ve seen Jamberry online, thought they were really cute, but never considered them for me. I have the worst nails ever. Sometimes they are okay, but then they go in phases of destruction.

This winter, they have been ridiculously weak and peeling like crazy. I was really frustrated with the peeling. I take my vitamins, started taking iron and biotin and nothing was helping. So when Andrea asked if I wanted to try them, I told her I didn’t think they would even stick to my nails! I was sick of constantly painting a strengthening clear coat over them every 2-3 days due to the peeling. She told me to try them and thought they would still stay on. PS I hate painting my nails. They look okay, you try not to touch the bed sheets as you lay with your hands on top and then you wake up the next morning to smudges or bubbles. The worst.


So she sent me a trial pack. I watched the YouTube videos and put them on both my nails and toes. The verdict? They stayed! I kept them on my toes for a full month! My pointer fingers started to lift after 4+ days, so Andrea recommended the “plastic baggie” technique and it has really helped. Since I play instruments all day long, my pointer fingers are the first to peel at the tips but I can usually trim the jams down and re-plastic baggie them and they are good. My nails are slowly growing the peeling tips out. Some continue to peel, but the jams help them from getting worse. The jams also keep them from catching on everything. I guess I just need to be extra careful and get the weak part to grow out.


Second attempt and I was so much better at putting them on! The metallics are even easier to put on. These stayed on for a full two weeks.


I wanted something pink and for the spring!

 unnamed-4Current nails.  My favorite design so far!

** (wrote the beginning of my post a week ago and this section today)  I have found what works the best… making sure to use a jam that is slightly smaller than your actual nail. It shouldn’t actually make it to the exact side of each nail. I was using ones too big, especially for my pointer finger. By using ones just slightly too small, it keeps them smooth. I’m still using the baggie technique as well. If the tips of my nails start to peel (usually a little after one week) I just trim the jam down. Even if the tip of my actual nail is showing, it is hardly noticeable. This keeps them looking fresh for 2 weeks!

Great way to apply them.

Want to try them for free? Contact my friend Andrea and she will get you hooked up.

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I want these next!

I am currently hosting an “online party” during the month of March (ends this Saturday the 28th). Order some spring nails! New spring catalog just came out!


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