30 Min Ab Workout



My workout tonight was a run in the neighborhood after work for 3 miles.  When I got home from my run, I put on the Polar and did some abs!



I found two of these tracks online with videos, so they are below.  I forgot how hard “Alive” from CX 7 is when you have those elbow to hand planks!



The first track “We No Speak Americano” Ab track from BodyPump 77 can be found here. (I couldn’t get the video to embed!)


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I’m really liking posting my workouts on Facebook during the week!  Normally, I wouldn’t write an entire post just for a mid-week workout, but it is great posting it on Facebook!


Flu Season

So… I thought I wouldn’t get sick so soon but I’m pretty sure I got slammed with the flu this week.  I started feeling pretty horrible Wednesday morning and I ended up with the fever, chills, aches, cough, etc. etc. I think the worst of it was Friday and that was when I asked Colby for my favorite “sick meal”.



I NEVER eat fast food… ever! But when I am sick, I really want that Sprite from a McD’s cup and french fries.  I haven’t been very hungry for the past few days, but my comfort food really hit the spot last night!

I did get this in the mail this week…



Pop Pilates Total Body Workout DVD!

I was really excited when I ordered this because Cassey’s workouts are always great on her YouTube site.  I wasn’t feeling up to trying the entire 60 minute DVD, so I just picked the “abs” section to do and I lasted about 20 minutes before I needed to stop.  My abs were shaking, but I was also feeling pretty sick Thursday when I tried this so I had to stop! I’ll wait a few more days before I try it out again when I feel better.

Don’t worry, I’m catching up on tons of trashy tv this weekend and laying around in my sweatpants :)

Snowed In Workout

I was extremely excited to not set my alarm this morning and I was able to sleep in until 10:00! I didn’t realize that Colby was up earlier shoveling our entire driveway and front sidewalk.  We got about 4-5 inches of snow overnight and I already planned to run my 6 miler tomorrow with Amy.  We knew there would probably be too much snow for us to comfortably run Saturday.  I spent lots of time working on my grad work today, because this was the first week of my class. This is my final class for my Master’s program!  :)

I did a mix of three internet exercises inside the house today…

I tried and enjoyed the new 20 minute HardCORE yoga class from YogaDownload.com

I tried most of the Tone It Up Ab circuit.  You were supposed to start with a walk and end with a mile run, which I didn’t do inside the house.  You are also supposed to do this ab circuit 6 times! I did it once and I was already sweating after the 20 minute yoga.  The Tone It Up girls are in crazy good shape so I should probably try their workouts more often!

I finished with the new BodyPump 80 ab track.  Our gym does the side planks a little differently by making you raise your top leg at the very end.  Love tough BodyPump ab tracks!

Did snow mess with your weekend long run?

Comfort Food

Monday Workout: 1 mile walk and abs

After school Colby and I walked around for about a 18 minute easy walk (1 mile) to catch up on our day and compare crazy kid stories from our school day.  Later I did planks, the sprinter and some other crunches to get some ab work in since I won’t be able to go to BodyPump tomorrow night.  :( I have been eating very well lately and I continue to plan ahead for breakfast and lunch the night before.  I have been avoiding dairy at all costs to keep myself from having another stomach attack like I did last weekend.


This past Sunday I wasn’t feeling so great and I think it was from being so busy during the week.  I was in the mood for something comforting, easy on my stomach and warm and I remembered a recipe that I saw on this lady’s website…


Mama Pea knows what’s up and I have loved every recipe I’ve tried so far! I decided to try her Chickpeas and Dumplings recipe from her blog.  The only thing I would change next time is using the correct flour mix. Mama Pea uses half wheat / half white and I used all wheat. I also made my dumplings a little too big and they took longer to cook.  I was very happy with how this easy recipe turned out and thought it was delicious!

Warm and doughy. I tried to make it look pretty for you… I tried!

What is your idea of comfort food? What are your favorite meals?