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Getting Ready…

Friday Workout: 2 miles (18:45)

Saturday: off!

I decided to run 2 “easy” miles after school on Friday.  I ended up going way too fast but figure it can’t hurt too much.  Maybe because I got sick again this week!  :(  Colby is too.  I have this sinus cold thing going on and I am not feeling well today.  I’ve been taking Sudafed all day and I’ll take my NyQuil tonight and go to bed early.  Hopefully I will forget about being sick for two hours tomorrow while I race!

Colby and I carbed it up Friday night Olive Garden style and I ate my favorite minestrone soup and mushroom ravioli.

Today we drove to Hershey to pick up our race packets. There are going to be 5,000 runners tomorrow morning for the Hershey Half Marathon and we were lucky enough to pick everything up today so we don’t have to get there at 5am.  Hershey is just under an hour drive for us and I have been to HersheyPark a ton of times growing up.  The race website has a video that takes you through the actual course. Looks fairly flat with a few short rolling hills at the end going towards the stadium.

We went to the stadium for packet pick up today and it was really windy! The vendors were trying to keep their stuff from flying away and we basically got our stuff and got out of there.  Since we were at Hershey, we had to go to our favorite free ride…

Hershey’s Chocolate World.  (Singing dairy cow in the picture)  This is a free ride that takes you through the process of making chocolate.  It is indoors and air conditioned, so people always go through this ride during the summer when they are hot at the amusement park.  You always get free chocolate at the end.

Wind-blown and trying not to look sick on our chocolate ride.

The race packet didn’t have too much. A few coupons and a recovery drink. I liked the “13.1” sticker they gave us because of the Hershey kiss.  The race shirt is a short sleeved tech shirt that I didn’t try on yet.  I usually hate how the tech shirts look on me, but this one looks like it might be okay.  I might wear it after the race after I shower. We got free tickets for the park and my Mom and her friend that lives in Hershey are going to the race to watch and probably go to the park after we are finished.

Layed out most of my race gear for tomorrow morning. We are going to wake up at 5am and leave around 6.  I decided to go with my favorite Brooks tank and matching shorts that I wore for the Pittsburgh Marathon last spring.  The tank has a huge zipper pocket in the back and I’m going to put my iPhone in a ziplock and put it in the pocket.  Then I can take pictures before the race starts and call if I can’t find Colby or my Mom at the end.  I also decided to go with the CEP compression sleeves.  Not that I really need them for a 1/2 marathon, but I really needed some pink with my outfit and it might be kinda cold tomorrow.  Wearing a green/pink BIC band too.

Going to update my iPod, finish grad work and go to bed early tonight. I have a project due every Sunday night and I am so ready for a break! This is my second to last week of this course, then I get a break until January. I can’t wait. I might actually be able to blog on a regular basis and start sleeping again!!


What? You don’t ask your Dad to take pictures of you “running” with your hair curled and smiling? Oh, I guess that’s just me…

I’ve been trying to cut back on the sugar lately, but then I found these.  Sunny Seeds are seriously addicting and I’ve gone through 3 containers in the past 2 weeks. They sit next to my computer and I can’t help but eat them when I blog! Lisa @ Sunny Seed Stories allowed me to write a blog post for her about my new obsession, and I wanted to get some action shots! My Dad and I dropped my Mom off at the airport this morning and I asked if he would take “a few” pictures of me running outside.  Mom gets to go to Canada this week!

Here are a few action shots for your amusement…

Thought my arms looked nice in this pic, but my hair is all over the place!

It’s difficult getting a good picture while trying to run across the street, smile and look at a camera without running into a car!

You don’t prepare for a run by curling your hair and getting a headshot? :) I ordered the skirt that goes with this Brooks tank last week on sale and free shipping online. It should come this week, but I’m scared to wear it! I’m hoping I fall in love with it and can wear it to races and hopefully pass a few boys!

My BIC Bands came in the mail a few days ago!! I love the “skinny minnie” size, which is the smallest out of all the sizes and I’ve almost completely worn out my black sparkle, so I ordered two new ones! This one is pink with green outline.

LOVE this one! Green sparkle! I just wish I could get a PINK skinny minnie sparkle band! Wouldn’t that be perfect??

Today I need to finish my grad work and run tonight  (since I missed the cooler weather this morning because I left at 6 to take Mom to the airport). I should probably stop posting pictures of myself so you don’t get sick of me!! :)


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