BODYFLOW Training Weekend


BODYFLOW training was amazing!  Of course it was amazing… all Les Mills initial trainings are life changing!  I LOVED my trainer Susan!!!  I hope to take an Advanced Instructor Training (AIM) from her in the future!  This is my third Les Mills certification (BODYPUMP ’13, CXWORX ’14 and now BODYFLOW ’15!).  These have always been my three favorite Les Mills programs and I’m just so happy I’m able to teach them.  What is BODYFLOW?  First of all, it is called BODYBALANCE in most countries and BODYFLOW in the US.  Click here to find a BODYFLOW class near you.

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The weekend included tons of new knowledge.  Besides perfecting the technique, we focused on how to coach this amazing class and how to connect with our class members.  Two weeks ago, we received the BODYFLOW 67 material (video, music, notes) and were assigned two tracks to learn full out for the weekend.  Since I was signed up for a training in early December (I couldn’t go because I was sick) I’ve had my materials since Thanksgiving.  I was assigned two different tracks for that December training, so it helped me memorize more of the material.  For this weekend, I presented track 5 (hip openers) once on Saturday and track 6 (core-abdominals) twice on Sunday.  Below is the track list for this amazing release.

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 3.57.26 PM

The music for BODYFLOW is always amazing.  When I started taking classes a few years ago, I remember loving the “new” music for a yoga-type class.  The music and different tracks truly take you on a journey towards strength, flexibility and a sense of calm.  You are craving that relaxation track by the end of class!!  If you’ve taken yoga and haven’t liked it for whatever reason, please give BODYFLOW a chance.  It might be just what you need!  This class is for everyone!  Lots of modifications are available for beginners, and advanced options for others.


Our group was small but wonderful!  Almost all of the girls were already certified in another Les Mills class.  It was nice to be with other Les Mills-obsessed girls for a weekend :)

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 4.44.46 PM

I got my first “pass” for the weekend’s training!  Now I have to prepare to film myself teaching the entire class and submit it to Les Mills.

Busy Concert Week

Hello!! It has been especially cold and snowy here in Pennsylvania this December!  The little running I’ve been doing has all been on a treadmill inside!  I’ve been doing lots of BODYPUMP, CXWORX and yoga inside too!

photo 3winter

My workouts this past week were all inside because it snowed way too much.  We were off school on Tuesday and had delays on two of the other days.  My hamstrings have been sore, so I’ve tried to include yoga and stretching as much as possible.  Today I decided to take it easy and call it an “off” day.  I went Christmas shopping this morning and I am almost done!! Woo hoo!


December 9-15, 2013

Monday: 20 minute BODYFLOW video


Wednesday: 3 mile run on TM and 15 min bike

Thursday: Taught BODYPUMP

Friday: off

Saturday: 3 mile run TM/CXWORX

Sunday: off


I had one concert the other week for school and have three more this week.  Since I am letting my hair grow out (I cut it above my shoulders last Thanksgiving) I am happy to be in the medium-length stage and I’ve been curling it more often.  I have a 1-inch Hot Tools Gold curling iron that I love, but I have been wanting a bigger size for loose curls.  I saw that Ulta has the 1 and 1/2 inch iron on sale, so I braved the weather and bought it.  I played with it yesterday and it is great!  I wish I would have bought it earlier.

Screen shot 2013-12-15 at 9.25.40 PM


My new concert dress I wore the other week :)  I found it at a boutique in Philly.  Please ignore the random chairs in my room after the concert.  I used my 1 inch curling iron for my hair.


Don’t worry… I haven’t lost my mind yet – even though our wedding is this Saturday!! I still have a huge list of things I need to get accomplished by the end of this week, but I’m surviving.



I have been showing my new treadmill a lot of love lately.  Even though the weather has been great lately, I’ve been avoiding running outside.  I have been avoiding running tan lines as much as possible!


I’ve still been blending everything in sight.  Love my Vita and now I drink all my meals (just kidding!)



I DID run outside this morning though and there wasn’t much sun so my skin was safe!  Look how happy I am to run outside with a long sleeved t shirt!!! I LOVE running in cooler weather!!!! My friend Amy (we ran last spring’s marathon together) was running 11 miles this morning and used my mailbox as her water station because it was 5.5 miles away from her house.  I met her half way through her run at my house, and I ran 2 miles out with her and then turned around and ran 2 home.  4 continuous miles outside without stopping!! Woo hoo! I haven’t done that in A LONG TIME!  PS Amy has a blog now!!!!! Check out Runner, Reader & Rockin’ Mom!



I was SO happy with my run this morning!  I loved the company, the weather and I felt great!

Yesterday, I took a new class at our gym.  BodyFlow is a Les Mills class and is new to my gym.



I brought my yoga mat and was pretty excited.  I was tired from running a quick 3 miles on the treadmill but the class really stretched me out.  The first track is a Tai Chi warm up and was probably my least favorite thing about the class.  It was fine, but just very slow and I’m not used to Tai Chi.  The next few tracks were yoga-based and quick paced.  I like yoga and this section would be great for people new to yoga.  THEN in true Les Mills fashion, there are two core tracks that are intense.  I’ve been working on my planks, so it wasn’t impossible for me.  It is like a little CXWORX thrown in there mixed with some pilates and that made me happy.  I’m OBSESSED with CXWORX.  I like it even better than BodyPump! After the core tracks, there are a few more yoga-ish tracks and then the class finishes with meditation/savasana and I almost fell asleep.  It was amazing.

I am really looking forward to going to this class more often.  I won’t make one this week or the next  (because I’ll be in HAWAII!!)  but after the honeymoon, I will be hitting this and the other Les Mills classes up more often!

I will try to post again this week and hopefully I won’t be too crazy with the wedding so close! I have a guest post planned for when I am away and I think I will schedule a post to go up on my wedding day with pictures from my final dress fitting and hair/makeup trials! I’m excited!