Good Weekend Long Run

Good Weekend Long Run

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It took some effort to get myself outside yesterday for longer run, but I did it!  I had high hopes of doing a 6-8 mile run and I did 7 WITHOUT WALKING!  This is major for me right now!!  I tried to not look at my Garmin the entire time and just told myself to feel comfortable.  I was happy that my average pace was 9:45 and felt easy.

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Colby went for a bike ride and found me during mile 6.  I think that is why that was my slowest mile.  He stayed with me for almost a mile and I talked to him while he rode next to me.  I told him he could ride home when I had my last mile because it was windy and he was cold.  I picked it up a bit for the last mile and felt great!

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I think this was my secret weapon for my run!  I usually run with my little iPod shuffle, but I don’t really know how to control playlists on that little thing and all my BODYPUMP music is on this pink Nano that I take to the gym.  Our gym is launching this week and I’m teaching the new 87 release this Tuesday and Thursday night.  I went through the entire release (except for cool-down) in my head while running and I didn’t mess up!  I know the choreography and feel ready for the classes this week.  It really kept my mind off the actual running and I think that is why I wasn’t tempted to walk at all!  I also made myself stay at a comfortable speed because once I was a few miles into it, I knew I didn’t need to walk at all… even the hills :)

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You can’t tell too much in this photo, but I got a nasty blister on the inside of my foot from my run.  I’ve been getting them when I run longer than 3-4 miles.  I decided that maybe it has been a little tooooo long since I bought a new pair of shoes (Brooks Adrenaline) so I ordered a pair online tonight.  I’ve been running in the ones from last January!  My new shoes are PINK and should be here in 2 days :)

Saturday Workout!


Happy Saturday!  I am feeling good after my first week back to school teaching this week.  I taught BODYPUMP by myself both Tuesday and Thursday.  I have a mini running goal in mind for a shorter race coming up at the end of September, so I am adding running back into my workout schedule next week!  I’ve just come to terms that I usually take summer off.  I hate running in the heat, so I am okay with the break each year.

Colby is training for the Baltimore Marathon, so he was scheduled to run 16 this morning.  I decided to run as much as I could and that ended up being 5 miles.  I love my Brooks, but I think my insoles are bothering my feet.  I end up with a blister in the same inside of my arch every time I use them!  I took it easy on my run and tried to keep it slow (around 9:45-10:00 min pace).  I took a few walk breaks, so my overall pace went down.  I was okay with that because I need to ease myself back into it!

After my 5 miles in the sun, I got back and did CXWORX.  It always amazes me how hard that 30 minute workout can be!  I haven’t done it in a while, so I was dying during all the planks!! I need to do CXWORX more often!

Have a good weekend!

Road Runner Sports Trip


Today Colby, my running buddy Amy, her daughter and I took a trip to a Road Runner Sports store!  It was about an hour and a half away so I’ve put off driving to this store before.  I’ve ordered tons and tons of running gear from their online store before, but today was the first time I could try their Shoe Dog technology!

Shoe Dog is their system of finding the correct shoe for you.  The people were so nice to us!

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And when I say nice, they were nice.  They put up with Colby and I asking a million questions.  I’ve been running in the Brooks Adrenaline for two years and I’ve never had an injury. I hurt my calf last spring during some crazy lunges at BodyPump, but never hurt myself from my running shoes.


I loved the Adrenaline 11’s but when they changed to the 12’s I felt like the back of the shoe was different.  I wore the 12’s and then went back to the 11’s, but they don’t make them anymore.  I was open to switching to something else, but that makes me crazy nervous.  I would hate to injure myself just because I switched to a different shoe.

Colby has worn Brooks Defyance for a few years.  Last spring he switched to the Brooks Ghost during marathon training and messed up his knee.  He went back to the Defyance but has still been battling knee pain and actually just got scheduled to start physical therapy next week.


This girl seriously spent 30 minutes with us jumping on and off the treadmill and asking her to watch us run in different shoes.  There is a camera there and they can slow down and see how your foot is striking.  It is pretty awesome and Colby could see that his bad knee side was striking differently than the other foot.


After spending a lot of time there, we ended up BOTH switching shoes and getting the custom made insoles they make in the store.  I always thought I had normal arches, but the screen showed I had high arches and the insoles felt amazzzzzzzzzzing. They were super expensive though ($70) but they are supposed to last 1,500 miles… so that is multiple pairs of shoes.

Colby stayed with Brooks and switched to the Glycerin 10’s.  I really switched it up and went with Asics GT-1000 stability shoe.  I promise the color didn’t sway me…




With the new insoles.  I really hope these shoes work out because they felt great.  The girl helping us told me these are slightly less stability because the video showed I didn’t really need as much as the Adrenalines gave me.  She said to switch back and forth between the old and new shoes until I get used to them!

gearI also bought new winter running tights.  My old ones have a big old tear right near my hinney.  These were the Road Runner brand and on sale for $28! WOO HOO! It was nice being able to try them on in the store too!


Lots of $$$ spent today, but I hope we are happy with our new shoes!!


Sunday Workout: Ab workout from July’s Shape Magazine: Audrina’s workout

Monday Workout: 7 mile “long run” I was supposed to do on Sunday!!!!!!! (I will make this happen!)

As you can see from my workouts, the long run didn’t happen this weekend. I JUST told my friend Amy on Saturday that I neverrrr skip weekend long runs… and I did! It rained all weekend, I was exhausted from teaching marching band for two weeks, and my body hurt. Like, seriously hurt. After increasing my weights at BodyPump Saturday morning and all the other stuff I did during the week my legs felt so heavy. I decided to wait a day on the long run. I know 7 isn’t that big of a deal for me and I should still aim to run fairly slow on the weekends so it shouldn’t be a big deal to run it tonight. I would run in the morning, but I have a teacher workshop all day long followed by lessons and won’t be home until 6 and have to finish a grad project before midnight. Why do I do this to myself?!?! I needed the lazy weekend with lots of naps, food and air conditioning!!

I’ve been eating my chocolate PB blondies from Mama Pea’s cookbook all weekend. They are great and almost all gone!

Today I tried to make a stir fry. I used a mix of two recipes and whatever I had in the kitchen. I found this recipe from Bob Harper when I saw him on the Rachael Ray Show. I also looked at this recipe from the Nasoya website because I used their cubed extra firm tofu.

Some of the ingrediants I had were: left over corn, endamame, broccoli, tons of mushrooms, quinoa and tofu. The tofu wasn’t bad because it tasted like the mushrooms. I did use a little too much soy sauce and red pepper flakes so it was a little spicy, but I would eat it again. I felt like I ate such junk this past week at school so I was trying to detox myself from all of the bad food. If you are new to my blog, I am not completely vegan, but I am lactose intolerant and do not really like meat so I have been trying more vegan recipes. I do slip and eat cheese occasionally, but it really took a toll on me this week and I felt horrible by the end of the week.

I took this picture at Dick’s Sporting Goods yesterday. I was excited to see Kara Goucher in the Nike section so I snuck my camera out for a pic. I went to the store to buy new Brooks Adrenaline shoes because I have a gift card and will need new shoes soon!!

Happy Monday and hope you fit your workouts in this week! I’m going to try super hard to fit in all my running this week because I have a lil mini vacation planned for the weekend……. Healthy Living Summit!!!! I live about 2 hours away from Philly, but I still decided to stay over Friday night so I don’t have to drive back and forth :) I am so excited to meet all the bloggers!! I will feel like I am meeting mini-celebs :)

Oh yeah, then I start teaching next Monday when school starts. CRAZYYYYY! Where did the summer go?!?!