60 Minute BodyPump-ish Workout



Amy and I completed this workout on Thursday and the Polar said I burned 429 calories.  We moved quickly through the tracks and didn’t really break in between songs.



On Thursday I started feeling kinda sick.  Colby has been sick with bronchitis and I am just so stuffed up.  I took Friday off and planned to run 5 miles at the park with Amy this morning.


Picture 6


Picture 7


My Garmin was all crazy at the beginning of our run and saying we were running a 11 min mile.  Amy’s watch said 9:20… all I knew is that I felt kinda like I was dying.  I couldn’t breath well and the pace that I was running last week seemed so hard today.  I did wear my heart rate monitor and was shocked to look down and see I was in the 180’s right away!  I knew I was sick and the sudafed probably didn’t help my heart rate out at all either.  When we got to 3 miles, I told her to go ahead without me and run until 4 and then turn around.  I slowed my pace down a lot and walked a few times and started to feel better.  She got about 1/4 of a mile ahead of me and I was happy to finish the last mile with her.  When I got home, I was shocked to see that my HR had gotten up to 187! YIKES!  Tough workout and the compression is ON!  I’m going to take it easy and take another rest day tomorrow!


Hungry All The Time

Tuesday: 2 mile walk and 20 minute YogaDownload video on YouTube

Wednesday: 6 miles (58:09)

I could not get myself to run yesterday.  I always take Monday off and I was just so exhausted after school yesterday, I just came home and sat on the couch.  I convinced myself I could just go for a walk and do some yoga to stretch out my legs and it would be okay.  I have not been following my training plan very well this spring, between the pulled calf muscle and just feeling too busy I haven’t been able to run as much as I should.  After I hurt my calf and took off a full week, I almost always took off one of my shorter mid-week runs each week.  I always did the mid-week long and the weekend long.  So, I would not suggest trying to train for a marathon this way, because it almost always ends in injury.  Luckily, the race is soon and I my legs are feeling pretty good.

I forgot to post this picture with my 20 mile post, but this was the food I packed to take with me to the rail trail for my 20 miles last Saturday.  I am loving the mini bagels with Peanut Butter and Co (best peanut butter ever… and now Target sells it!!!) and had one next to my bed to eat at 5:30 am Saturday morning before I went downstairs at 6am to try to eat some oatmeal.

Love my lemon-lime gatorade, vanilla GU, PB Luna protein bars and GOLDFISH CRACKERS. Yes, I’m still obsessed with them and I am currently out and very sad.  Those little fishies hold me over at school because… I AM HUNGRY ALL THE TIME.  It’s actually really annoying, but I feel like my appetite is starting to calm down.  I wasn’t that hungry Saturday after running the 20, but I was starving Sunday-Tuesday.  I seriously want to eat every hour.  I’m currently eating these…

I might as well just finish the bag tonight since I’m sad that I’m out of goldfish crackers.

 As I’ve mentioned before, I am completely in love with my Walmart compression socks.  Yes, I have the cute pink running compression sleeves but there is no stopping these tan babies.  They are awesome and super tight.  I went to Walmart Saturday night and spotted these gorgeous OPEN TOE socks!! I’ve been telling my friend Amy to buy them for the past 6 months and when I found these (across from the pharmacy), I had to take a picture to send to her.  Just look at that picture! A couple wearing those open toe tan beasts and they are playing footsies under a table?! Amy couldn’t resist and she bought her and her husband a pair.  She is obviously required to reenact this photo and send it to me so I can post :)

On a serious note, I have been having major sleep issues over the past month or so.  I can fall asleep, but I can’t stay asleep more than 4 hours.  I’m exhausted and I’m noticing a pattern where it is worse the day or two after a long run.  I’ve never had this happen before!  I’m hoping it goes away after the marathon, because I would love to sleep past 3 am.  Does anyone have trouble sleeping or staying asleep after long runs?

Week 15

Wednesday: 10 miles 

Thursday/Friday: off

This week is the highest mileage of my Hal Higdon Marathon training plan.  Week 15 is supposed to be: 5, 10, 5 and 20.  I am feeling really run down this week and was tired after the 10 miles on Wednesday, so I took the other 5 off on Thursday.  I just want to have a successful 20 miler tomorrow morning, so I’ve been trying to take it easy today.

If I could just DOUBLE this tomorrow, I would be so happy!!  Amy and I are heading to the railtrail early in the morning so we can start running by 8:00.  Hopefully we will be finished before 11:30!! Our 18 miler was on that hot Boston Marathon weekend and it took forever.  That was my first long long run in a few weeks because I didn’t run my 16 miler when I pulled my calf.  I feel more prepared for my 20 tomorrow and I’m hoping it goes well!!


I had stones/gravel in my shoes when I was running my 10 miler on Wednesday and had to take off my shoe and dump it out mid-run. I really hope that doesn’t happen on race day.  I was exhausted after teaching all day and running 10 miles mid-week and got home to blisters on my foot.  These were the only band aids I could find in our house.  I opened up the case and found Disney princess and Barbie band aids along with Twilight… I hardly ever buy normal band aids, so The Little Mermaid is currently keeping my toe happy right now.

I took care of my legs after the 10 with an ice bath, princess band aids and my favorite Walmart compression socks.  Seriously, don’t buy cute pink running compression socks for bed… go with these hot tan ones.  They are so much tighter than my running ones.


I’ve been making a list of what we eat during the week on a post-it for our fridge each week.  My Mom always cooks for us Monday, so we usually just worry about Tuesday-Friday and figure out the rest.  We couldn’t come up with anything for Wednesday, so Colby said he would figure it out because I was getting home late after the 10 miles.

He ordered pizza and I had a few slices and left over chicken soup from the night before.  I made pasta last night because Colby ran his 20 this morning and he had a great run! I decided to go with enchiladas for tonight and they are just coming out of the oven … right now!   :)

Getting Ready…

Friday Workout: 2 miles (18:45)

Saturday: off!

I decided to run 2 “easy” miles after school on Friday.  I ended up going way too fast but figure it can’t hurt too much.  Maybe because I got sick again this week!  :(  Colby is too.  I have this sinus cold thing going on and I am not feeling well today.  I’ve been taking Sudafed all day and I’ll take my NyQuil tonight and go to bed early.  Hopefully I will forget about being sick for two hours tomorrow while I race!

Colby and I carbed it up Friday night Olive Garden style and I ate my favorite minestrone soup and mushroom ravioli.

Today we drove to Hershey to pick up our race packets. There are going to be 5,000 runners tomorrow morning for the Hershey Half Marathon and we were lucky enough to pick everything up today so we don’t have to get there at 5am.  Hershey is just under an hour drive for us and I have been to HersheyPark a ton of times growing up.  The race website has a video that takes you through the actual course. Looks fairly flat with a few short rolling hills at the end going towards the stadium.

We went to the stadium for packet pick up today and it was really windy! The vendors were trying to keep their stuff from flying away and we basically got our stuff and got out of there.  Since we were at Hershey, we had to go to our favorite free ride…

Hershey’s Chocolate World.  (Singing dairy cow in the picture)  This is a free ride that takes you through the process of making chocolate.  It is indoors and air conditioned, so people always go through this ride during the summer when they are hot at the amusement park.  You always get free chocolate at the end.

Wind-blown and trying not to look sick on our chocolate ride.

The race packet didn’t have too much. A few coupons and a recovery drink. I liked the “13.1” sticker they gave us because of the Hershey kiss.  The race shirt is a short sleeved tech shirt that I didn’t try on yet.  I usually hate how the tech shirts look on me, but this one looks like it might be okay.  I might wear it after the race after I shower. We got free tickets for the park and my Mom and her friend that lives in Hershey are going to the race to watch and probably go to the park after we are finished.

Layed out most of my race gear for tomorrow morning. We are going to wake up at 5am and leave around 6.  I decided to go with my favorite Brooks tank and matching shorts that I wore for the Pittsburgh Marathon last spring.  The tank has a huge zipper pocket in the back and I’m going to put my iPhone in a ziplock and put it in the pocket.  Then I can take pictures before the race starts and call if I can’t find Colby or my Mom at the end.  I also decided to go with the CEP compression sleeves.  Not that I really need them for a 1/2 marathon, but I really needed some pink with my outfit and it might be kinda cold tomorrow.  Wearing a green/pink BIC band too.

Going to update my iPod, finish grad work and go to bed early tonight. I have a project due every Sunday night and I am so ready for a break! This is my second to last week of this course, then I get a break until January. I can’t wait. I might actually be able to blog on a regular basis and start sleeping again!!