Halloweekend ’14 and Disney!

Halloweekend ’14 and Disney!


Our little baby was dressed up as “Tigger” for Halloween :)  She was pretty well behaved with the trick or treat-ers too!

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I’m loving my new Garmin 15.  Still getting used to the new look after my Garmin 405, but I like the smaller size of the watch.  It’s easy to use.


I said goodbye to my old 405 and mailed it back to Garmin for a $80 trade in value towards my new Forerunner 15.  Lots of good miles on that old watch!


More Bella :)


Broke my first tubes during a CXWORX class the other week.  I like to think that I’ve just gotten so strong the tubes couldn’t handle me anymore…


We are going to DISNEY next Saturday!!!!!!!!!  We are soooo excited!  Colby’s brother and a few other friends are going too.  The Wine and Dine Half Marathon is Saturday night – at 10PM!  We have been signed up to run this race for almost a year.  Disney races sell out fast!

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Colby and I ran it back in 2010, when it was the very first time they had this race.  It is a night race, so we will be finishing around midnight.  Colby agreed to run with me so we finish together.  The race starts at the ESPN Zone, goes to Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and finishes in Epcot for a big after party.  Since it is during the food and wine festival, there are extra food stands in the World Showcase area.  I was nervous about running a full marathon a month before this race, but things have been going well.  In the past, I’ve blown up after a full marathon and took major breaks from running.  I think teaching Les Mills BODYPUMP and CXWORX classes during and after marathon training have really helped.  After the marathon, I took a month off running and then did a few 4 and 6 mile runs.  Today I ran 10 and felt great!

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 8.00.53 PM

I didn’t look at my watch much because it was so windy and cold!  I had to get the cold weather tights out for today!  I ran with Amy and we met a friend during mile 4, so we stopped and slowed down that mile.  I was thrilled to see my splits were pretty even, since I didn’t obsess over my Garmin.  Hopefully I can suck it up for a night half marathon next weekend!


Bella selfie.  Love her so much :)

New Garmin and Post Marathon Running

New Garmin and Post Marathon Running


I reviewed my Steamtown Marathon experience this week.  In the post, I wrote that my Garmin 405 (above) died from low battery at mile 21.5.  This made the end of the marathon even more difficult!  I’ve been having battery issues with this Garmin for a few months.  It is 4 1/2 years old, so I thought I would contact Garmin to see what options I had.

Garmin has the best customer service!  They got back to me right away and told me all my options.  They had some suggestions to try to update the device, but mine already was updated.  They also said it was probably a battery issue.  Since I was out of the 1 year warranty, they offered to fix the device for $79, or give me $79 towards a trade-in to a new device.  I thought about it… and decided on a new device!!


The Garmin 15 is brand new!  I picked the teal color above and it will still works with my old Garmin heart rate monitor.  You can check it out on the Garmin website and see all the features.  It’s definitely a simple device compared to my old 405, but has new features as well.  I’m really excited to try it out when it arrives!

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 9.49.02 PM

After my other two marathons, I always stopped running for a few months.  They were spring marathons and by the time I would try to start running again – it was summer.  I’m going to keep running.  I have a half marathon coming up in a few weeks – November 8!  I’m also looking at spring races and trying to decide between another full or a half.  The run above was my first run outside since my marathon.  I ran 4 miles with Colby and didn’t walk.  I felt really good and was happy I could pick up the pace a bit at the end!  To maintain what I’ve got from the marathon, I’m going to try to run 8 miles this week and 10 next weekend.  :)

Steamtown Marathon Review

Steamtown Marathon Review


I ran the Steamtown Marathon on Sunday, October 12!  This was a point to point race that finished in Scranton, PA.  Scranton is where “The Office” tv show is supposed to take place :)

I was extremely nervous for this race because I had been fighting off a sinus infection for the past few weeks.  I felt better that weekend and got to the expo Saturday around 3PM.  I did not expect the expo to be so large!  It was held at a high school and the local running store had tons of clothing and running items for sale.  It was pretty crowded, so I didn’t stay too long.  I kept thinking of this race as a small race, but 3,000 people were signed up to run.


I really liked the long sleeve race tec shirt we got at packet pick up.  I was happy with the color purple!  We stayed at a brand new Best Western hotel that was about 10 minutes from the start line.  Since Colby wasn’t running, he was able to drop me off, see the start of the race and then drive to the 8 mile spot, 17 mile spot and finish line to see me.  He did a great job of finding me!  The race was chip timed with a chip that tied onto your shoe lace.  I’ve been running larger races in the past that have text/website tracking but this race only showed your finish time.  I wish there were a few mats at different points of the race to track us more.


Our baby Bella stayed with my parents for the weekend.  It was cold so we got out the pink sweater!


When I saw my bib number, I was hoping it was my finish time too!  My marathon PR is 4:28 from Pittsburgh 2011, so best case would be to beat that time.  I wasn’t sure I could do it since I was sick the weeks leading up to the race, but I really wanted to make sure I was under 5 hours.  I ran another marathon in 2012 and was 5:06 and had stomach issues the whole race.  I also threw up at the finish line! Gross!

I wore a pink tec t shirt, long sleeve cotton t shirt that I thought I would take off (I kept it on the whole time) and shorts.  I also wore a fuel belt for the first time.  I got this one on amazon that had two bottles.  I filled one bottle with water and the other with a 1/2 tab of Tropical Nuun, three vanilla Hammer gels and water.  I had no stomach issues, so I guess this worked for me!  The Hammer gels are thin, so they mix well.  I refilled my water a few times during the race at water stations.  I loved not having to drink out of the cups at water stations.


My pre-race dinner!  I was not in the mood for pasta and when I saw a Wegmans – I knew I wanted sushi!


This picture is near the finish line in Scranton.  The weather was beautiful, but cold at the start! It was just over 30 degrees!  At the end, it was about 65 degrees.images

I’ve had the same Garmin 405 watch for the past 4 1/2 years.  It has been acting funny since this past summer.  The main screen freezes and the battery dies.  When I was at mile 21, I got the dreaded “LOW BATTERY” signal!  I wanted to cry!! It lasted until 21.46 and then died.  I tried not to freak out, but my quads were killing me!  The first 23 miles of this race were practically ALL DOWNHILL!  I tried not to go to hard at the beginning, but it probably was a little too fast.  It just felt so good!  I was proud that I ran the first 14.5 miles before walking, and that was just to fill my water bottle.  My first major walk break was when my watch beeped 18 miles.  I knew I needed to maintain around an 11 min. mile to the end to PR.  Once my watch died, it was hard to stay motivated through the pain.  Walk breaks started and I had no idea how long I was walking.  With my watch, I could keep it to just a few minutes for a walk break.  This was the worst part of the race.  All I had to look forward to was the mile markers.  22-26 never seemed to take so long!  Lots of hills at the end too!

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 9.32.52 PM

My splits until my Garmin died.  Garmin is great though.  I emailed them and they told me my options.  I could send my watch to them to get fixed/replaced for a $79 fee (since my watch is out of warranty).  OR I can trade it in for a new watch and get a $79 credit.  I opted for a new watch and it should come in the next week or so!  I’m excited!


I wasn’t very hungry at the end of the race.  The food tent line was kinda long, so I decided to just get out of there and find fast food.  Wendy’s was first and a chocolate frosty and french fries were the perfect meal.  I ate lots of pizza that night once my stomach settled!

Finish time was 4:44:31.  Not my best, but I was happy!  2nd best and I think I will do Steamtown again next year!  It was a great race, good course and organized!

How Les Mills Classes Help My Running



Hello!! I’m back to school (teaching) and just finished my first week.  I’ve been teaching BODYPUMP/CXWORX and violin lessons over the summer, but on my own time.  Now I’m getting back to a regular schedule and trying to fit it all in again!  I got a little behind on the blogging, but I did a lot of house projects this summer and was enjoying my time with family and our puppy :)  I will definitely post about the home improvements once things are complete, because I had great success with Pinterest projects!

Above is the Hal Higdon Marathon Novice 1 training plan I’ve been following for my upcoming October marathon.  This will be my third marathon!

I am going to finish week 12 this weekend.  I’ve been trying to maintain teaching my Les Mills classes along with this training plan.  Sometimes I’ve dropped a mid-week short run, but I’m okay with it.  I have to stop being obsessed with the training plan and just go with the flow!



Above are my iPhone workout notes from the past two weeks.  As you can see, I’ve been teaching BODYPUMP and CXWORX each week and trying to fit all my runs in as well.  I have gone DOWN on my leg weights for pump (squats and lunges) to prevent dead legs on my long runs each weekend.  Once I got to week 8, my long run was 13.1 and I need to take care of my legs.  I just want to stay healthy and keep my body injury-free!



I just realized that you can search distances on Garmin Connect!  I had an amazing 15 miler the other weekend, and looked up my other 15 milers from past training seasons.  This 15 was my best, by far!! I like that I can see them all in one spot.  I ran the first 5 on my own, and then my buddy Amy joined me for the last 10!


After my 15 miler, my body was tired.  I felt tired the next week, was hungry all the time and my legs were tired.  I know that is pretty normal, so I didn’t get upset that my 16 felt tough.  It wasn’t as good as my 16 miler in 2011, but that’s okay.  I didn’t do a 16 miler for my 2nd marathon in 2012 because I pulled my calf.

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 7.37.29 PM

I’ve still been teaching BODYPUMP 90, because I like the release so much!  I’m ready to switch out a few tracks for a change this week, but I’m so ready to start memorizing 91!  I LOVE release 91!! I can’t wait to teach it and I’ve been listening to it non-stop on my long runs!

I’ve been trying to focus on my upper body when I teach pump since I’ve been going lighter on my leg tracks.  I can always build my weight back up after the marathon.  I know my legs are stronger from the muscle I’ve built because overall, my running has been so much better.

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 7.37.43 PM

I LOVE CXWORX and I’m still teaching release 15.  It’s still hard for the class and still has my face dripping with sweat after the oblique track!  I LOVE the music for release 16 and I can’t wait to teach it soon.  My core is stronger and the class really works my shoulders, BACK, legs and hip flexors.


photo 2


Not fitness related, we got new furniture and Bella approves!


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