Getting Ready For DC

Screen shot 2014-04-15 at 9.31.30 PM

Things have been busy the past few weeks.  I’m so ready for summer and nice weather!  A few weeks ago, I was supposed to run 10 miles on the weekend to prepare for the Nike Women’s Half in DC – April 27.  It rained all weekend, so I ran after work on a Monday with Amy.  Looking back at the stats now, it doesn’t look that bad – but it was a bad run for me.  I had high hopes of really pushing my pace and I got so tired.  The wind didn’t help and it is tough doing a long run in the afternoon.  After that 10 miler, I was having a hard time feeling motivated for the race.  Since I PR-ed last year, I really want to again on the same course.

Screen shot 2014-04-13 at 9.08.22 AM

I started feeling better the next week and had a few good short runs.  The one above made me really happy.  Negative splits after school and it was windy.

Screen shot 2014-04-13 at 8.54.59 AM


This past weekend, I decided to change my training schedule.  I ran my 12 miler a week early, so I can back down this weekend with 8.  I want to go to the race with fresh legs and I’m going to have a hard time fitting in any long run this weekend with Easter.  I’m still teaching BODYPUMP over the next two weeks, so I need to take it easy.  My gym isn’t launching BODYPUMP 89 until May 28, but I have it memorized and ready to go.  I listened to the music two full times while I ran my 12 miler and did the choreography in my head.  That will make any long run go a little faster!  I really like 89 and the music has grown on me so much.

Besides all of that…


Baby Bella got her first hair cut!!  She did great job and weighed in at 4 lbs at the vet this past weekend.  She is almost 5 months old (20 weeks today).


She can finally jump up and down off the couch and chairs.  I about had a heart attack when I looked over and saw her laying on the top of the couch like a cat!! We are so scared of her falling/jumping off the sides or back of the couch so we always keep our eyes on her!!  You can see her playpen in the “piano” room.  She has taken over our house! :)

IMG_2588She LOVES the warmer weather and we spent so much time outside this past weekend.  It was 80 degrees on Sunday!  She loves laying in the grass with a good stick :)


5K PR at Home!



Hey!  I’m officially on week 7 of my training plan and feeling great!! I was sick during weeks 5 and part of 6, so I’m finally feeling healthy!  Woo hoo!  No long run for week 6, just a 3.1.  However, I’ve never actually tried to race the 3.1 … so I decided to push it!

I started with an easy 1 mile warm up since I missed one of my mid-weeks.  I did a 1 mile cool down after the 5K to finish with 5.1 miles.

Screen shot 2014-03-16_5KPR PM


My best time so far!! I’ve NEVER had a good 5K race… I always go out too fast and blow up.  I know this isn’t an official “PR”  … so it would be my personal best? PB?  I really want to start pushing myself on some of the mid-week runs to work on speed.  I just barely broke 2 hours last year at the Nike half, so I’m hoping to beat that!!




Baby girl waits for me in her play pen while I run.  Can’t wait to take her out in her jogging stroller for a run together! :)  I know… I’m crazy.

Sunday Run

Screen shot 2013-11-03 at 8.47.13 PM


So I have a goal… to run the Nittany Valley Half Marathon in December!  I’ve ran this race two times before and it is TOUGH!  It is always freezing cold and the hills. Oh, the hills.  December 8 is the date and I am trying to get ready!

I ran 7 miles last weekend, and had plans of doing 8 or 9 today.  I didn’t get started right away and didn’t feel like running at all.  I decided it was okay to back it down this weekend because I have 4 more long runs to get ready.  I’ll do 8 or 9 next weekend.

Screen shot 2013-11-03 at 1.51.21 PM


Since I wasn’t feeling the run, I decided to listen to my latest release of BODYPUMP and ran at a comfortable pace.  I’m so happy to see my comfortable pace is getting a little faster!  I didn’t stop and walk at all, which always makes me happy!


We also had the cable company come to our house and run a cable to the basement!  Colby will be starting Ironman training in January and wants to be able to watch TV when he is on his bike trainer.  I’m very excited to be able to watch TV and run on the treadmill.  We moved our bedroom TV down to the basement to use because it was bigger.

New Neighborhood, New Routes

Friday: Run with Amy: 3 miles (28:55)

Saturday: BodyPump (1 hour)

Sunday: 4.09 mile run (39:09)


My friend Amy and I ran 3 miles after school on Friday in her neighborhood.  We are getting ready to start up an 18 week training plan for a spring marathon.  We are definitely kicking up our workouts after the holiday break with running again and BodyPump.  I went to 3 BodyPump classes this week!! Three classes a week is not my goal… 2 classes a week will fit into my schedule for this spring and is my goal.  I’m definitely feeling better and my appetite is starting to increase with the added workouts!


Amy and I with our matchy matchy green Garmins on Friday.  I know, we are too cute.

Our stats while we talked the whole time.  It is definitely difficult to talk to a friend while running at first, but I really think it is a good thing!

Earlier today, Colby and I went out for a 4 mile run in our new neighborhood.  Since we were running separately, I was kinda nervous to go out on new roads.  I’ve actually been avoiding running outside in the new neighborhood because I’m scared the new roads will be busy with cars and I’ll get lost.  Seriously, how horrible would it be if I got lost?!  Colby told me where he was going run and promised me I would like it because the roads were safe.  I decided to go for it and he was right.  I really liked it! It is refreshing trying a new running route and I think I could really add on to it for longer runs in the future.  We are so lucky to have long roads that go through communities of houses with safe roads.  I guess I’ll get more adventurous this spring…

My run from today… I tried to kick up the pace near the very end and was happy to see I had gotten into the 7’s for a little bit!  The big difference between the roads near our new house are hills. I am not a fan of running hilly roads but I think this will be good for me.  Nothing is really flat around here.

Garmin question… does anyone know how to change the intervals for elevation on Garmin Connect??? I really don’t think it was by 250 ft intervals before… and it makes all of my latest runs look flat! There were hills… I promise! Do any Garmin people know how to change the elevation charts???

Colby and I bought a filing cabinet from someone on Craig’s List this weekend because we had bills and house papers everywhere.  We spent the rest of today filing tons of papers and cleaning the house.  I didn’t get the Christmas tree down yet, but it can wait another week. I currently have the lights on while I type on the couch.  Might as well turn it on so I can enjoy the lights a little longer!

Also thought I should mention that Colby just got super excited that I told him it was okay to go to Five Guy’s to pick up a burger.  I seriously think I am the health food police and should probably take it down a notch so I don’t drive him crazy.  I didn’t feel like cooking anything for dinner and have been snacking on chocolate chips and granola. He said he would bring me back some fries :)  I wasn’t that hungry because I made quesadillas for a late lunch today.

Tofu (Colby had chicken) quesadilla with salsa, guac and dairy-free sour cream!!

I found this at our new grocery store this weekend!! I was SO excited because I couldn’t find it before and it has been probably 2 years or more since I had sour cream.  It tasted just like it, which I expected because I had this brand’s cream cheese before and it is good.

I hope you had a good weekend! I’m ready for some more running and BodyPump this week.  I really need to spend some time with my foam roller and stretch more from the extra workouts!  And seriously, does anyone know how to change the elevation intervals on Garmin Connect???? :)