Winner, Gym Gear, Launch and Beach Weekend

From my Spartan Free Race Giveaway, the winner is…

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Woo hoo!! Visit Kari’s blog and hopefully she will post about training for this race!!!  There is one in Philly in September, so you can sign up for that one Kari!!  Congrats!!

I’m guessing I didn’t have that many people enter to win this race entry because it is intimidating? Crawling through mud scares you I guess!  I was a little bummed that I didn’t have that many people enter, considering those race fees are pretty expensive (around $100).  That’s okay, I’ll have to have Kari write a guest post when she does the race!  If you’ve changed your mind and are interested in the Spartan Races, click here for a 15% discount when you sign up!

So for my other random topics in this post, let’s talk about my gym bag…



I saw this bag at Target on sale a few months ago and bought it for the gym.  At first, I didn’t like that there were no pockets but it has been really great.  I do take my own 5lb weights because they have the open sides that make it so much easier to hold when I teach triceps and shoulders.  Our gym has the older model plate with just the center hole, but they just got 10 new SMARTbars!!  If you are not a Les Mills person and have no idea what I’m talking about, you can look at their website here.  Basically, it is their new bar with awesome weights that slide on and off and have better hand placement for holding the plates.  Our gym is going to start teaching Les Mills’ new GRIT class, so they will be using these bars.

My workouts have been very great this week, there just hasn’t been a lot of running.  It was really nice out yesterday (under 80 in the morning!) so I ran 4 miles with Colby.  I have been to the gym a lot this week teaching pump and taking spin class.  I love spin class now!! RPM is a Les Mills class and it is so much fun!  I also swam laps at the pool this week too!  Here is my workout log.

Our gym had to wait to launch the new Les Mills releases because of GRIT training, so our launch party is tomorrow morning!  I am so excited to teach tracks 1-3 for BODYPUMP and take the new CXWORX and COMBAT classes!

We will be launching BODYPUMP 86 and here is a video that shows a sneak peak of each track.

Has anyone used Strava yet?  Colby told me about it the other day and I signed up.  I haven’t really used it yet, but I was wondering if a lot of people use it?  Here is the website for more information.

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Last weekend, we went to Ocean City, MD for a quick trip to the beach.  It was a little windy at the beach, so after a few hours we decided to lay out at the hotel pool.

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Vega One Nutrition Bar Winners!








Thank you everyone for entering my Vega One Nutrition Bar Giveaway!  I’ve picked three winners!


If you would like more information about these bars – visit the VEGA website!


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I will send you an email soon!

Vega One Nutrition Bar Giveaway!!!


Vega sent me 3 different flavors of their new Vega One All-In-One Nutrition Bars to try!!  THEY ARE AWESOME!!

Here are some facts about these bars and how they are different than others…

  • Protein
    Vega One Bar contains 15 grams of complete plant-based protein sourced from sprouted whole grain brown rice protein and pea protein.
  • Fiber
    Each bar gives you 6 grams of fiber—meeting 24% of your daily intake.
  • Omega-3
    Together, SaviSeed (sacha inchi) oil and white chia seeds delivers 1.5 grams of plant-based Omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Additional Supplements  To redefine your average nutritional bar, we also added 25 vitamins and minerals, an antioxidant blend, a full serving of greens, and 1 billion dairy-free probiotics culture.
  • Gluten-free
    Vega One Bars are gluten free.
  • Ingredients (Chocolate Almond Flavor): complete protein blend (sprouted whole grain brown rice protein, pea protein), sorghum syrup, dark chocolate coating (evaporated can sugar, chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, sunflower lecithin, vanilla), inulin (from chicory root), roasted almonds, dates, almond butter, vega saviseed (sacha inchi) oil, white chia seeds, rice crisps, natural almond flavor, sea salt


  • Chocolate Almond (My FAVORITE! SO GOOD!)
  • Chocolate Cherry (Great, my least favorite because I’m not a huge cherry fan but I still really like them)
  • Double Chocolate (awesome for a chocolate lover like myself)

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Vega One Website

I was really excited to try these protein bars, because they were sent to me right before my BODYPUMP training weekend.  They were so perfect because I could eat them throughout the day and they taste delicious.  I love how there are 15 grams of protein in each bar and 6 grams of fiber.  I also like that probiotics and essential vitamins and minerals are in each bar.  When you bite into the bar, you can see the white chia seeds too!  I also love that these bars are DAIRY FREE (woo hoo!) and I can eat them without a stomach ache!  If there is any downside to these bars, it is that they are 240 calories per bar.  You can eat half and save the rest for later, but that can be tough because they taste so good! Another downside is the price, but lucky for me I got them for free :)


Each person will win a box of these bars! Each box is sold for $47.79 and a bar by itself is $3.99 on the Vega website.


  • Leave a comment on my blog!

  • EXTRA entry for tweeting this: I want to win the #VegaOneBar #giveaway from @PinkRunnerBlog and @VegaTeam ! 

(Please leave a comment if you tweet as well! Thank you!)

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GOOD LUCK!! I’m off to exercise in our new home gym :)  :)  :)


Favorite Summer Beauty Products

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Clinique BB Cream

I have used Bare Minerals for years, but lately my skin has been different.  I’ve stopped using Proactiv completely, I’ve been using my Lush cleanser and toner and using moisturizer all the time.  The Bare Minerals I have was the matte finish, and it was just too dry.  I decided to try out Clinique’s BB cream because their products have always been easy on my skin.  They are good for sensitive skin.  I am LOVING this BB cream! The only issue I can see is that it only comes in 3 shades, and I am currently using the darkest shade.  My skin is usually light/medium or medium in foundations so I’m not really sure what is going on there.

Picture 14Picture 15

ELF jumbo eye shadow stick

I bought my first eye shadow stick in “Little Miss Thing” (pale gold-ish color) at Target for $2 a month ago. $2 !!! They are awesome! I just bought “Forest Nymph” (dark brown) the other day.  These things are huge and as long as you use a primer, they stay on. LOVE.

Picture 4

Philosophy Hope in a tube

I got a sample of this from Sephora and I love it.  I really want to get the full size soon.  It is such a thick eye cream.

Picture 16

This was in the travel-size section of Target and I got it thinking I could use it on vacation.  I LOVE it and will definitely buy more in the future.  It was like $1-2 and I use it on my eye area and if my skin is feeling dry.  It is very thick and does not break me out at all.


For my Kretschmer Wheat Germ Giveaway, I picked a winner :)

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(Not too many of you entered!! I was feeling kinda sad about this, but maybe wheat GERM just doesn’t sound appealing?)  I know the wheat germ is a small giveaway ($9) but……. STAY TUNED FOR 2 MAJOR GIVEAWAYS ON MY BLOG SOON!! Both will be worth $100+ !!

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Congrats Ann! I will contact Kretschmer so you get your free wheat germ!