Things I’m Loving

photo 11

I’m loving protein pancakes for breakfast.  I’ve been mixing the banana,egg white, protein powder mixture ahead of time and keeping it in the fridge to make in the morning.  Chocolate is delicious! Picture is from my Instagram.

photo 22

The healthy dinners I’ve been making at night.  I’ve been getting better at really planning ahead and this one was my favorite.  Black bean burgers (recipe here) and brussel sprouts.  I’m SO in love with brussel sprouts lately!

photo 1

My first attempt at protein cookie dough balls.  They started off very dry and were falling apart, but after I put them in the fridge they were great.  I want to try a different recipe and see what I like the best.  They taste great and I’ve been pinning recipes on my Pinterest board found here.

photo 2

Orange banana vanilla smoothies!  1 orange, half a banana, vanilla protein and vanilla almond milk.

photo 3

Loving that I didn’t completely freak out over this.  I must not have put the lid on the whole way and I turned it up too much, hit start and the lid blew off.  Hot tomato soup everywhere! I was okay and most of the soup survived.  My favorite tomato soup recipe found here.

photo 33

I’ve been setting my alarm 30 minutes earlier every weekday to workout.  Nothing crazy, but yoga or some of the Tone It Up videos that aren’t going to get me too crazy sweaty!  I shower, but hate to wash my hair in the mornings!

photo 44

I keep my yoga mat, 5 lb weights and iPad in my bedroom so I just roll out of bed and workout right there.  Colby has been getting up early in the morning to swim or ride his bike trainer to train for his Ironman.  I bought the Tone It Up Beach Babe 2 DVD and I love the 9 workouts.  I got the digital copy, so it is on my iPad and there is a mixture of 20, 30 and 40 minute workouts. The one HIIT intense 40 min. workout is tough and I did it yesterday for the first time.  I really liked it, but I’m not sure I could get myself to do it in the morning!

photo 5

I was going to run a 5K race yesterday, but it snowed and I didn’t want to risk falling.  I ran a quick 2 miles Thursday afternoon outside before teaching BODYPUMP.  I forget how great it feels to run outside… because the weather has been so bad lately!!

photo 4

Last thing, I love that my hair is getting longer and I can do more with it!  I cut it above the shoulder a year ago and I didn’t realize how long it would take to grow back out!  I liked it short (I’m a long hair girl!) but I felt like I could only keep it straight.  I love playing with different size curling irons and I’m really happy with my medium length hair!

Busy Concert Week

Hello!! It has been especially cold and snowy here in Pennsylvania this December!  The little running I’ve been doing has all been on a treadmill inside!  I’ve been doing lots of BODYPUMP, CXWORX and yoga inside too!

photo 3winter

My workouts this past week were all inside because it snowed way too much.  We were off school on Tuesday and had delays on two of the other days.  My hamstrings have been sore, so I’ve tried to include yoga and stretching as much as possible.  Today I decided to take it easy and call it an “off” day.  I went Christmas shopping this morning and I am almost done!! Woo hoo!


December 9-15, 2013

Monday: 20 minute BODYFLOW video


Wednesday: 3 mile run on TM and 15 min bike

Thursday: Taught BODYPUMP

Friday: off

Saturday: 3 mile run TM/CXWORX

Sunday: off


I had one concert the other week for school and have three more this week.  Since I am letting my hair grow out (I cut it above my shoulders last Thanksgiving) I am happy to be in the medium-length stage and I’ve been curling it more often.  I have a 1-inch Hot Tools Gold curling iron that I love, but I have been wanting a bigger size for loose curls.  I saw that Ulta has the 1 and 1/2 inch iron on sale, so I braved the weather and bought it.  I played with it yesterday and it is great!  I wish I would have bought it earlier.

Screen shot 2013-12-15 at 9.25.40 PM


My new concert dress I wore the other week :)  I found it at a boutique in Philly.  Please ignore the random chairs in my room after the concert.  I used my 1 inch curling iron for my hair.

Christmas Tree


Colby was in a wedding two weekends ago and we had a great time.  If you remember from this post, I was desperate to cut my hair after I got back from our honeymoon.  It was driving me crazy!  I had grown it out so long for the wedding, I was in the mood for a change.  I’m sure I will grow it back out in the future, but for now… I’ve gone short.  The picture above from the wedding was the in-between cut my hairdresser talked me into before going short.



The day before Thanksgiving, I got it colored and cut another 4 inches or so… still getting used to it but I like it.  Colby and I drove out to visit my friend/bridesmaid Andrea the Friday after Thanksgiving.  She has a Xbox Kinect and we went to town on Just Dance and Zumba Core.  The Zumba game was really hard and really fun!



My parents went to Cooperstown, NY after Thanksgiving to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame.  They also went to the “Beekman Boys” farm/store and my Mom was crazy excited when she met Brent.  They have their own show and are currently on The Amazing Race this season.  She bought some of their goat cheese and their cookbook and made us dinner last night.  This was a beet salad and roasted cauliflower/apple/onion soup.



Also… we set up our Christmas tree tonight :)




Our Minnie Mouse from Disney’s Aulani Resort in Hawaii made it onto our tree.  I still need to write a post on our honeymoon in Hawaii!!



My Rocky ornament




My Twilight – Bella and Edward wedding ornament :)


So, I got sick this week.  I almost expected it from crashing after the wedding/honeymoon high.  Fever and cold this week, nothing too horrible but I tried to catch up on sleep.  I started feeling sick last Sunday when I had planned to do a 5 mile run, skipped it and I haven’t run for a week.  I’m okay with it. Maybe this week!

So a few months ago, I found this indoor triathlon that is near me this February.  The idea of an indoor triathlon was kinda interesting… 10 minute swim in a lap pool, 30 minutes on a stationary bike and 20 minutes on a treadmill.  I’ve been to spin classes and road my mountain bike before, so I’m not “scared” of a stationary bike, I’m just not used to biking very often.  The swimming is what is completely foreign to me… No, I wouldn’t drown in a pool, and I could swim a few laps with bad form while keeping my head above the water.  Swimming intimidates me.  That one piece?!? Students possibly seeing me at the high school pool? The goggles? The swim cap? My hair turning green from chlorine?!?!?!?! It’s scary to me.

So what did I do?


I bought this last week. (Along with swimmer shampoo, swim cap and goggles)  It is actually not that bad because of the skinny straps and the pink.  I decided a few months ago that I wanted Colby to teach me how to formally swim so I could attempt this February indoor triathlon.  It is totally crazy to me because it makes me so uncomfortable, but I kinda want a new challenge.  I love running, but it hasn’t been loving me for the past few months.  I’ve taken a break from it and started to really explore group classes like CXWORX, BodyFlow and BodyPump more seriously.  I’ve also been into yoga and working out at home.  I’m still running, but just not on a formal training plan like before.  I got sick of it.

So, this afternoon Colby is taking me to the high school pool for my first lesson.  I’m terrified.


Also, my hair is driving me crazy.

(from the honeymoon)

I always have long hair. Even when I was little, it was always long.  I cut it once to my collar bone my freshman year of college and hated it.  It was too thick and almost all one length.  I didn’t know what to do with it, so I let it grow back out.  That was before I had my fabulous hairdresser Rachel, and she is also a great friend from high school.  She’s amazing and I let her do whatever she wants to my hair.  Luckily, that isn’t ever anything crazy.  For the past year, I’ve been just doing slight trims and letting my hair get really long for the wedding.  I knew I wanted it up, and wanted her to have as much as possible to work with.  That isn’t hard, because I have really thick hair!

So anyways, the last time I saw her right before the wedding, she barely trimmed it and now it is thick and long and does nothing. I’ve been curling it everyday just to give it a little something, but it needs cut.  Also, my CHI (straightener that I use also to curl) is dying!!! I’m in a panic and hate to spend the $$$ for another but I’m going to have to do it soon.

Part of me wants to do something daring (for me) and I’ve been looking at these pictures a lot…

Love Carrie Underwoods hair. This wouldn’t be too crazy for me.

But I’m pretty obsessed with Julianne Hough’s new hair.

I LOVE it but I would hate to go that drastic right away. Oh well, I guess I will see how I am feeling Tuesday afternoon when I have my cut appointment! Speaking of Julianne Hough, she cut her hair for a new movie she is in – Safe Haven.  This is a Nicholas Sparks book that will be a movie in February.

 After watching the trailer and loving her hair, I decided to get the book on my iPad. I NEVER read Nicholas Sparks books because I think they are usually too “sappy” but this one is great! I started last night, and I am over half way through it.  It is more of a mystery-romance and I’m really liking it.

Safe Haven