Long Run of the Year


Sunday Long Run: 12 miles (1:53:48)

Amy and I had an AMAZINGGGGGGGGG long run this morning!! I’m still on cloud 9 and more motivated than ever!

Sorry for all the garmin stats in each post, but I really like looking back at old posts to see how I felt about my runs.  We didn’t have a goal in mind this morning, but have been aiming for 9:45s for our long runs thinking that is our marathon goal pace.  I’m not quite sure what happened, but we have been running SO well lately and we didn’t look at our Garmins much during the run.  I couldn’t believe that we felt good up until mile 11 and then just pushed it on the last mile to finish on pace.  I can’t believe our last two miles were exactly 9:25 and we didn’t even try it!


I was really happy to see my elevation map actually looked like something today.  For the past month or so, I’ll upload my Garmin and it looks like my run was completely flat because the elevation ft. intervals are weird.  I hope this problem is fixed?


This has been my after run routine and I love it.  I really need to start stretching after long runs, but I usually change into my bathing suit as soon as possible and jump in the hot tub.  I feel so spoiled, but it is amazing.  (hot tub was left by previous home owners!) Then I shower and rock my walmart compression socks the rest of the day.  Obsessed with my walmart compression :)


I’ve been braiding my hair for running lately.  I got my hair cut/highlighted a week ago and decided to go back to the side bang.  I’m really letting my hair grow long so I can have plenty of updo options for my October wedding.  I forgot how annoying side bangs can be when running, so I’ve been braiding them, then pulling my hair into a ponytail.  I also started braiding my ponytail so it isn’t all over the place.  I have a lot of hair, and my ponytail could probably be a safety hazzard when I’m running.  The braid keeps it from going crazy.



Random, but I tried another fantastic recipe from Peas and Thank You this weekend.  Seriously, Mama Pea has never disappointed me yet.  Her Zucchini Quinoa Lasagna was really easy to make, delicious and filling. I will definitely be making this one again!

Have a good week! I have four runs this week: 3, 6, 3 and 13 miles!

8 Miler


Sunday Workout: 8 miles (1:16:42)


I wanted to run my 8 or 9 yesterday, but was so sore from BodyPump and running on Thursday I had to wait. I’m glad I did because I feel so much better today.  Still very sore but I was able to run 8 miles without a problem.  I haven’t been running much and still had dead legs so I decided to go easy.  As soon as I started running my plan changed. I decided to try to hold a 9:40 or under pace as much as possible and let myself stop my garmin and walk when I needed it.  I ended up stopping my garmin just a few times for probably a 30 sec-1 min walk every once in awhile to loosen up my legs. I was happy I could hold the pace and get faster near the end. The elevation also helped with that…


I was inspired by Sarah @ Once Upon a (L)ime for my running hair style this morning.  I always love when she braids her hair and was inspired by her sub-4 marathon! I hope that is me someday!!


I promise I’ll get a new race long-sleeved tshirt to run in soon so I can take a break from this ugly orange one. I actually really love this one because it is a little big and comfortable… but I know I have been wearing it all the time lately.


Colby ran 9 miles this morning and finished way ahead of me :) Now I am off to a wedding show with my Mom. It is actually at the venue we are getting married at next October so it will be nice to see it again and take more pictures for ideas!

Curling Your Hair

Sunday Workout: off!

Monday Workout: ???

Sunday was filled with grad work for me and I’m exhausted. I teach marching band camp for the next two weeks and I’m already tired! Camp takes place at the High School and I will be outside almost all day. I’m going to have to fit in my workouts after camp is over each day along with grad work and teaching music lessons. I feel like summer is already over for me, which is okay as long as I can get that cooler fall weather! I can’t wait to run in cooler weather!

How I curl my hair:

When I get comments on the blog about my hair (usually when I curl it) I’m always flattered and surprised.  I’m so used to curling it that I never think it is that big of a deal! I have very thick hair (normal texture, but lots of it!) and it is slightly wavy.  Usually when it is recently cut, I will straighten it because it is thinned out and easier. As the month continues (I usually try to wait 6-7 weeks between cut/color) my hair feels thicker and it is just easier and faster for me to curl it… or else it’s going in a ponytail. I try to not wash my hair everyday, but that gets difficult when I run.

My hairdresser, Rachel, gave me some free products this past week that I used before taking pictures for this post!

The shampoo/conditioner was for fine/normal hair. It was on the lighter side and I usually prefer a heavier conditioner, but I really enjoyed how my hair felt like it had absolutely no build up without making it dry.  The smell was awesome too :)  I used the deep conditioner on my ends, but I think I will try it on all of my hair next time! The finishing spray was new to me, and I used it when I was completely finished curling my hair. It wasn’t sticky and left a nice shine! My curls held up the next day after sleeping on them and brushing them out too.

The Products:

I have been using Bumble & Bumble’s defrizz for years. It is the best for completely straightening your hair to make it super smooth and protects it from the heat. It does not provide any hold, which is fine for me when my hair is straight.  In the past year, I’ve discovered Quidad at Sephora, which is a brand meant for curly hair. I do not have curly hair but it helps hold the curls I create! The Climate Control is amazing for holding curls in my hair. When curling my hair, I tend to put the defrizz on the very front/finer pieces of hair and the ends and put the Climate Control on the rest of my hair (from about ear length down and when my hair is damp). I use the Botanical Boost as a finishing spray to bring out the curls after I separate them a bit and for next day hair. This stuff is awesome the day after I curl my hair, I brush it out and spray this on and just wind the curls around my fingers to bring them back!

The Tools:

I LOVE my CHI blow dryer and straightener. I got the straightener first in black, few years later found it in pink and gave my Mom the black one.  I could not go without my CHI straightener.  You can sometimes find them on sale at ULTA.  I got the blow dryer later and love how quiet and quick it is on my hair.

The Process:

The pictures above are:

#1 Damp hair with defrizz and Climate Control already on

#2 Blow dried hair (I don’t always blow dry because I usually shower at night and wake up with wild hair)

#3 Section that will be curled

#4 Put hair in straightener and wind around the outside of the straightener and slowly work your way down. Julie @ PB Fingers did a great video on this and I do mine very close, except I wind it around the straightener more for tighter curls. If I want looser curls, I don’t wind it around as tight and I pull the straightener through my hair faster, like Julie.   :)

Finished curl on the left and finished hair on the right!

I love beauty products and shopping at Sephora. I would so much rather buy makeup or new hair products than clothes! I enjoy having the time to curl my hair before I go to school during the year (my little girls always give me compliments!) and it usually only takes me 10 minutes to curl if my hair is dry!

For the next two weeks, my hair will be in a ponytail and sweaty :( That’s okay, because I know that after I am finished teaching band, HLS will almost be here!! :)

Positive Splits

Saturday Workout: 5 miles (56:19)

I’m in a surprisingly good mood after my 5 miler this morning in 86 degree heat and POSITIVE splits. That’s right, I got increasingly slower as the heat got to me… and I’m okay with it.

A few mistakes I made this morning:

#1: Don’t sleep in – I didn’t start running until it was almost 10:30! The sun was killer the whole time and I didn’t get much shade.

#2: Don’t eat high fiber cereal for breakfast – I thought that it would just be a short 5 miler so it wouldn’t matter, but my stomach was in knots the whole time

#3: Don’t start running at your race pace for your first “long run” when you know you won’t be able to hold it the whole time – there was the problem with the positive splits. It was way too hot and I thought I felt fine at the beginning. Once I got to some hills, I ended up walking more and more as the heat got to me.

#4: Bring a cell phone in the heat – Which is more dangerous, running a 20 miler in April or a 5 miler in July? I always carried my phone with me for my long marathon training runs in March/April in case something happened. I still think this is a good idea and I carried my iPhone with me in my SPIbelt. BUT, just because I was going for a short run it was in crazy heat that I am not used to and I felt really lightheaded when I was 2 miles away from my house. I would have rather called someone to get me and finished the run on the treadmill.

I think the main reason I’m not upset at all over this run is that I know it is just the heat for me. I have always preferred running in cold weather over hot and I know as soon as the fall temperatures come I will be running so much better outside. I also know that if I would have ran this 5 miler on the treadmill I could have easily kept a 9:20 pace the whole time. I can’t wait for colder weather!

Smoothie time after my run!

My smoothie was actually a nice chocolate pink color from the raspberries. I also included a scoop of this…

OH MY GOSH! Where has this been all my life??! I see Peanut Butter & Co on a bunch of blogs and finally saw it at my grocery store. I had to decide between PB honey or PB chocolate… obviously this won. It is amazing. I want to put it in smoothies, bananas, sandwiches, everything! Obsessed.

Yesterday, I took a break from blogging to do important things… like get my hair done. :)

I LOVE my hair dresser because she is one of my friends that I graduated HS with and she is amazing.

My hair <3’s Rachel and her awesome skills. I told her we look like hair twins right here. I promise she can do way more than long blonde highlighted wavy curls :) I did get an inch or so cut because it was getting out of control and I have to get into teacher-mode in a few weeks!

So as I blabbed on and on about blogging Rachel gave me hair products to review! Free hair products???? Yes :)

Love Wella products and I can’t wait to actually use professional shampoo/conditioner at home.  I’ll admit, I’ll pay to get my hair done but I don’t always spend the $ for shampoo/conditioner at home.  This will be a nice treat for my hair :)  I’ll let you know how I like using the Shampoo, Conditioner, Deep-conditioner, and finishing spray when I wash my hair today! Yes, I’m still sitting in my sweaty nastiness from running.  Maybe a little hair tutorial should be in the works for how I curl my hair? It is really easy and I get comments on it when I post a curled hair picture. I tend to curl it more than straighten because I think it is faster and it always looks good and almost the same the next day if I don’t wash it.

Oh yeah, still obsessed with this stuff. Thanks for introducing me to this expensive tea habit Jen :)

#1 favorite is the ginger flavor. It is amazing. Liked cranberry and #2 favorite would have to be Katalyst Kombucha’s berry flavor.