Week 15

Wednesday: 10 miles 

Thursday/Friday: off

This week is the highest mileage of my Hal Higdon Marathon training plan.  Week 15 is supposed to be: 5, 10, 5 and 20.  I am feeling really run down this week and was tired after the 10 miles on Wednesday, so I took the other 5 off on Thursday.  I just want to have a successful 20 miler tomorrow morning, so I’ve been trying to take it easy today.

If I could just DOUBLE this tomorrow, I would be so happy!!  Amy and I are heading to the railtrail early in the morning so we can start running by 8:00.  Hopefully we will be finished before 11:30!! Our 18 miler was on that hot Boston Marathon weekend and it took forever.  That was my first long long run in a few weeks because I didn’t run my 16 miler when I pulled my calf.  I feel more prepared for my 20 tomorrow and I’m hoping it goes well!!


I had stones/gravel in my shoes when I was running my 10 miler on Wednesday and had to take off my shoe and dump it out mid-run. I really hope that doesn’t happen on race day.  I was exhausted after teaching all day and running 10 miles mid-week and got home to blisters on my foot.  These were the only band aids I could find in our house.  I opened up the case and found Disney princess and Barbie band aids along with Twilight… I hardly ever buy normal band aids, so The Little Mermaid is currently keeping my toe happy right now.

I took care of my legs after the 10 with an ice bath, princess band aids and my favorite Walmart compression socks.  Seriously, don’t buy cute pink running compression socks for bed… go with these hot tan ones.  They are so much tighter than my running ones.


I’ve been making a list of what we eat during the week on a post-it for our fridge each week.  My Mom always cooks for us Monday, so we usually just worry about Tuesday-Friday and figure out the rest.  We couldn’t come up with anything for Wednesday, so Colby said he would figure it out because I was getting home late after the 10 miles.

He ordered pizza and I had a few slices and left over chicken soup from the night before.  I made pasta last night because Colby ran his 20 this morning and he had a great run! I decided to go with enchiladas for tonight and they are just coming out of the oven … right now!   :)


I thought I got rid of my cold last week, but it was still going on and turning into a sinus infection.  I finally sucked it up and went to the doctor this afternoon for an antibiotic.  I am hoping it kicks in soon and I get back to normal!

It kinda freaks me out that I am on week 4 of my marathon training plan and I missed two runs this week. If I am feeling up to it, I might try to do a short mid-week tomorrow and still do my 9 mile long run on Sunday.

My Mom took Colby and I to my favorite restaurant for my birthday (it was Wednesday).

After eating salad and appetizers, we ordered a creme brulee and it was decorated pretty for me.  It had a cookie and a candle on top.

My Mom asked me what I wanted for my birthday, and I told her I wanted to go see one of my favorite shows.  Blast! is basically a broadway show made up of a drum corps.  I wrote a post last summer about what drum corps is and my experience with it as a musician.  Basically, it is insanely crazy marching band made up of brass and percussion instruments with guard members.  Read about it here and you will definitely think of me as more of a music nerd.

Here is a video of Blast…


I made a crockpot recipe of chicken/vegetable soup tonight.  Colby has been sick too, so we are going to rest up, eat our soup and hopefully be all better soon!


I love salt when I am sick, so I ate tortilla chips with my soup tonight.  I also ate a million brownies because I’ve gotten so many for my birthday this week :)  I am not a cake/ice cream person. Give me brownies. Lots and lots of Ghiradelli brownies :)


Week 2: Spring Marathon Training

Wednesday: 3 miles (26:50)

Thursday: 3 miles on TM (29:10) / BodyPump


My friend Amy and I are currently following Hal Higdon’s Novice 1 Marathon Plan and are on week 2.  We have been running together a few times a week and attending BodyPump class two times a week.  After the snow last weekend, I had to run my 6 mile long run for week 1 on the treadmill.  Our roads were terrible and I refuse to run on ice.  It was raining pretty hard all day today, so we had to run on the treadmill again before BodyPump.  My legs are definitely adjusting to running 4x a week and BodyPump since I took it pretty easy in December.  My appetite is really starting to increase too!  I am trying to foam roll every day and I hope it is okay I’m spending so much time on the treadmill.  The marathon is pretty much completely flat because it is on a trail trail.


I was reaaaallllllly happy with my run on Wednesday this week! It was my first time going outside to run in almost a week and I really tried not to look at my Garmin that much.  I decided to just be comfortable and ended up running a 9:09 for mile 1.  Around 1.5 I started to slow down but thought I would challenge myself by aiming for negative splits.  This was also the first time running by myself in awhile and I could run so much faster when I wasn’t talking to Amy.  I definitely think there is value in running with a friend and talking because it makes me so much stronger!


I’m also in my second week of my FINAL graduate class!!! WOO HOO!!  I need to stay organized and keep up with my reading.  I end up using my grad books to press my tofu more than I actually read them :)



Negative Splits

Wednesday Workout: 4 miles (37:28)


I have been trying to focus on negative splits for the past week or so because I think that is what I need to get through my half marathon in two weeks.  If I start out at the pace I want, I’ve been getting tired too quickly.  After school on Wednesday, I changed right away and got outside. I had to go to marching band rehearsal later that night and wanted to make sure I had time to shower and eat. So much to do… so little time. I also have a huge project for my grad class that is due this weekend and I am trying not to worry about it too much!


I have been avoiding the treadmill and going for runs that are not so flat. This elevation chart doesn’t look like there’s much of a hill but from mile 2 to 3 it was all uphill in my neighborhood. I was so proud of myself for keeping the negative splits going and have no idea how I got into the 8′s for my last mile! Maybe it was because I knew I had so much to do that night so I was trying to finish as quickly as possible! Hoping to squeeze one more mid-week run in before the weekend… maybe 3 or 4. I am starting to feel really tight on my hips and that is because I didn’t follow my training plan like I was supposed to…


I missed so many mid-week runs this season then got sick/stressed/busy and messed up weeks 7-9.  I am trying to be extra careful and stretch/yoga/foam roll as much as possible so I don’t hurt myself.  I had absolutely no pain when I trained for my first full marathon last spring because I followed Hal Higdon’s Novice I plan obsessively! Do you follow training plans?