Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon 2014


Colby and I ran the Wine and Dine Half Marathon on Saturday night – November 8 at 10 PM!  We had such a great time!  We ran this race back in 2010 and loved it.  Anything Disney is always great :)




A big thank you to the Fitletic table at the expo.  I told them that the bottles in my new belt were leaking.  Well, they were actually squirting me!  When I put GU and water in them for my marathon, I was getting sticky!  They said that should absolutely not happen and they had a bad batch recently.  They gave me two new bottles right there!  They are great!  I have this belt with double water bottles.



We knew it was going to rain at some point in the night.  We had to get on a bus to get to the start of the race by 8PM.  We were there around 7:30 and had lots of time to stretch and relax.  We flew down to FL very early that morning, so we were pretty exhausted by that night.  If I was going to do it again, I would just fly down Friday night so I could get a little more sleep.  As we got to our corrals, it started to drizzle.  I put on my cheap poncho to keep warm and waited for the start of the race.  Fireworks went off for each corral and we started a few minutes after 10PM.  The rain started to pick up and did not stop.  I kept my poncho on for about a mile and then tucked it into the back of my race belt.


We enjoyed the race but were exhausted and soaked by the end!  I didn’t run as well as I had hoped, but I enjoyed the race.  The course ran through Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and finished at my favorite, Epcot.  I don’t have any pictures at the after party, because we were so wet!  My Garmin pedometer said I did over 20 miles that day, including the race.  We changed out of our wet clothes and got some fish and chips in England.  More pictures to come of the rest of our vacation, because we had great weather Sunday-Tuesday :)

Halloweekend ’14 and Disney!

Halloweekend ’14 and Disney!


Our little baby was dressed up as “Tigger” for Halloween :)  She was pretty well behaved with the trick or treat-ers too!

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I’m loving my new Garmin 15.  Still getting used to the new look after my Garmin 405, but I like the smaller size of the watch.  It’s easy to use.


I said goodbye to my old 405 and mailed it back to Garmin for a $80 trade in value towards my new Forerunner 15.  Lots of good miles on that old watch!


More Bella :)


Broke my first tubes during a CXWORX class the other week.  I like to think that I’ve just gotten so strong the tubes couldn’t handle me anymore…


We are going to DISNEY next Saturday!!!!!!!!!  We are soooo excited!  Colby’s brother and a few other friends are going too.  The Wine and Dine Half Marathon is Saturday night – at 10PM!  We have been signed up to run this race for almost a year.  Disney races sell out fast!

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 8.10.03 PM

Colby and I ran it back in 2010, when it was the very first time they had this race.  It is a night race, so we will be finishing around midnight.  Colby agreed to run with me so we finish together.  The race starts at the ESPN Zone, goes to Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and finishes in Epcot for a big after party.  Since it is during the food and wine festival, there are extra food stands in the World Showcase area.  I was nervous about running a full marathon a month before this race, but things have been going well.  In the past, I’ve blown up after a full marathon and took major breaks from running.  I think teaching Les Mills BODYPUMP and CXWORX classes during and after marathon training have really helped.  After the marathon, I took a month off running and then did a few 4 and 6 mile runs.  Today I ran 10 and felt great!

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 8.00.53 PM

I didn’t look at my watch much because it was so windy and cold!  I had to get the cold weather tights out for today!  I ran with Amy and we met a friend during mile 4, so we stopped and slowed down that mile.  I was thrilled to see my splits were pretty even, since I didn’t obsess over my Garmin.  Hopefully I can suck it up for a night half marathon next weekend!


Bella selfie.  Love her so much :)

Nike Women’s DC Half – Recap 2

Part 1 of my recap can be found here.


On the morning of the race, I woke up around 5:00 and ate a bagel with PB and a banana.  The weather was supposed to be perfect, which meant it would be cool when we walked to the start. I wore a cotton long sleeve t shirt over my race tank so I didn’t freeze. Everyone met in the lobby at 6:15 and we walked to the start. It was less then a half a mile to the start from our hotel, which was great.  We even got to pass the White House!  As soon as we got close to the race, we knew it was going to be tough to get to our corral. All four of us (me, Amy, her daughter and her friend) were in the same 8:00-8:59 corral group. It was the second one, so we had to get to the front. Nike had the corrals labeled on big signs, but the challenge was actually getting in there.





We said our goodbyes to the family and pushed our way in by the 6:50 cut off time. Shalane Flanagan was there again and was standing on a high stage near the start line.  When the race started, we were so close to the front that we began 36 seconds after the gun. Amy’s daughter took off ahead of us, but the three of us stuck together for a while. Our families could track us with Nike’s “track my run” and they saw exact times for each 5K split. I stayed with Amy for the first 5K, and we hit the mat at 27:45. I knew I was banking some time and that I would make myself slow down after that. I told Amy I was going to aim for 9:00 min miles after that, so she went ahead to try to keep her pace below that.  (And she did…she is awesome!)



Screen shot 2014-04-27 at 9.03.16 PM


Since we ran through a tunnel twice, my Garmin times are slightly off and final distance.


Each of my 5K splits got a little slower, and I think this was because of two things. Number 1, I should have hydrated. I barely drank anything the morning of the race and I took NO water or nutrition during the race. I was tempted to grab a cup of water at a station, but they were crowded and I didn’t want to stop. This was my FIRST HALF MARATHON WITH NO WALKING!! Last year I walked about 30 seconds at a water station.


The other reason I think I slowed down during the race is because it is so flat. From about miles 8-12 it is flat. Like a tiny gradual incline that makes you feel like you’re on a treadmill. I was dying for a hill so I could go downhill! It happened around 12 and I really picked up my pace!






I finished the race strong and knew I had gone as hard as I could that day. I met both of my goals… to be under 2 hours and to beat my PR! 1:59:52 :) 4 seconds faster than last year!! There is also a tent at the end of the race of “finisher’s gear” so I had to pick up another half zip and t shirt :)







Pros of this race:

Umm the Tiffany’s necklace?!!

Women’s race

Close drive to DC for us

Hotel within walking distance to race

Flat course

Great tracking for family/spectators

Cute Nike race clothing/gear



Running through a tunnel at the start and end of the race that messes up your Garmin GPS

Course is too flat near the end

Very difficult to get into the race – lottery system


I LOVE this race and will probably enter every year to try to get in and get that TIFFANYS NECKLACE!



Nike Women’s DC Half – Recap 1

Nike Women’s DC Half Marathon – Recap: Part 1

Woo hoo!  I feel on top of the world after the race last weekend!!  I didn’t write about my last long run leading up to the race, so here it is…

 Screen shot 2014-04-30 at 7.25.44 PM

Since Easter weekend was busy, I knew I wouldn’t want to squeeze 12 miles in before an early Saturday church rehearsal (I played trumpet for two services). I switched my long runs and did 12 miles two weeks out from the race and 8 miles one weekend before the race. Maybe it was because I felt rushed that morning, but I flew through my 8 miles with no walking breaks, up some hills and at almost race pace. I was thrilled! I knew 9:09 was the magic number for my race in order to go just under two hours. (I PR-ed the year before at Nike with a 1:59:56). My goal was to beat that, even just by a bit.



The weekend of the race was my Mom’s Birthday, and my parents drove to DC with us to watch the race. We had Thai takeout Friday night (my new obsession) and had an awesome red velvet cake.


Our baby couldn’t come with us for the race, so she had her first sleepover without us at her babysitter’s house. I was so sad to leave her, but she did a great job (she’s only 5 months old!) and had fun without us.


The family that watched her sent me tons of pictures over the weekend, so I felt better knowing she was okay!

When we left Saturday morning, the goal was to get to the Nike Georgetown store right away. This race is set up a little differently, with an “expo” tent that doesn’t have much there and packet pick up tent. The big Nike store is close and has all the gear. And when I say gear, Nike knows what they’re doing. Sooooo much cute clothing and gear!


They released some of their gear online ahead of time, and I knew I wanted the “Tiffany blue” half zip pullover. I ran into the store and got it right away. I was afraid of items getting sold out, but they had plenty. I also picked up 2 (!) tank tops with the race logos and a white hat. All of the participants names were outside the store again with the “We Run DC” logo.






After the crowded store, we walked down to the pick up tent and expo. Packet pickup was easy and quick. I got my bib, race shirt, pace band (8:00-8:59 I felt like such a big deal LOL) and some extras.  The expo was crowded and had a NUUN station along with just a few other sponsors. Not a lot of sponsors for this race since it is Nike and Team in Training. I LOVED the electronic board that showed your name with an inspirational saying. It knew you were in the tent when you walked in because of your bib# that has the tracking chip.




That night we all went out to eat (Colby and I along with my parents, Amy and her husband, daughter and friend).  We had a great time relaxing and eating. Amy and I ran the race last year, but her daughter Maddie and friend Livvy were running it for the first time. We were soooooo excited.


When we got back to the hotel, I laid out all my race gear and clothes. I had planned on a Lululemon outfit and bought clothes with a birthday gift card. When I saw they had a Tiffany blue running skirt, I about died. I didn’t go with my usual pink! I had a black tank picked out to wear with it, but wore the one black tank I bought at the Nike store that day because the logo matched perfectly. I loved that Nike had race tank tops because I feel like it’s always t shirts at races. I slept a little bit that night and got up the next morning for the big day!

Part 2 of recap to come soon!  :)