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I found this Kombucha home brew kit at Homegoods!  I have to order the scoby online, so I’ve been waiting until I know I’ll have time to give this a try!

Not familiar with kombucha? Kombucha is a probiotic tea.  The Kombucha Brooklyn website says:

“Through the power of fermentation, regular tea is transformed into a nutritionally alive drink that nourishes your body with compounds that detoxify, energize, support your immune system, streamline your digestive system, clarify your skin, prevent disease and elevate your mood.”

This stuff has a specific taste.  It is almost vinegar-ish but I’m in love with it.  The first time I tried it, I didn’t like it.  I read about it on a blog and gave it a try but couldn’t finish the bottle.  For some reason, I tried another one later on that was a berry flavor.  I loved it and have loved it ever since.  There are multiple brands and some can be found in the grocery store.  The only problem is that it is expensive! ($3-4 a bottle)  When I saw this kit I thought I have to give it a try!  I’ll let you know if I’m able to make my own tea!

Do you drink Kombucha tea?

Fitness Friday: Hard Workouts

Thursday Workout: 3.5 miles: 37 min 14 sec, BODYPUMP!!!!

Friday Workout: TBA!


I got to go to a BodyPump class last night!!!!! I couldn’t make any other classes this week and it had been over a week since my last class! I planned on running 3-4 right after school at a nearby park and I got 3.5 miles in before going straight to BodyPump!


Look at those 8’s! Well, 8:54 and 8:47 but still fast for me. I haven’t ran outside since Sunday and had a sudden burst of energy when I started my run. I decided to really push myself and run hard for the first 2 miles. After I finished 2 miles, I walked for .25 trying to catch my breath then ran comfortably for the rest of mile 3. Then I walked half a mile to finish up the run so I could let my legs relax before BodyPump!

BODYPUMP!!!!! It kicked my butt! I forgot how hard it is when you’ve taken time off! The squat and shoulder track killed me and I was sweating up a storm. As soon as my favorite instructor put the music on in the beginning of class I instantly got excited. I LOVE this class so much. Have I mentioned how much I love BodyPump? :)  I probably won’t love it so much Friday when I’m sore from running hard and going to class. ( I wrote this post last night!)

After class I was so tired and hungry and decided to stop at the grocery store across the street for a treat. I thought I deserved it!

My favorite two flavors of Kombucha!!!! I thought I deserved a treat so I picked up a few :)

I feel like I really pushed myself Thursday night by running hard and going to BodyPump after taking time off from it. I was really proud that I could do these two workouts after such a longgggg week at work! I’m ready for some sleep this weekend!!

What workouts push you the most?


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