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No Pain, No Gain!

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It is BEAUTIFUL outside today!!! I have my eye on a local half marathon on June 20th, so I need to start running more often.  My goal is 3x a week and I’ve planned out the “long” runs for each weekend.  I’m hoping to run 3-5 miles at least two times on the weekdays.  I’ve been hitting it pretty hard at the gym teaching and taking a variety of Les Mills classes, so I’m not giving those up!  I’ve been teaching pump, cx and flow each week.  I’ve been trying to take step and/or attack as well.  When I went for my run today, I wasn’t expecting much… I’ve taken a few weeks off.  I guess the cardio classes are paying off, because I had a great run!  I did push myself and got my heart rate up pretty high.  When I finished, I was huffing and puffing!  I guess that means I pushed myself!



Trying to be a beast teaching CXWORX…broke my first tube in the middle of track 4 a few weeks ago!  (It was an old tube that probably had a weak spot)


I ordered the Reebok Cardio Inspire Low shoes a few weeks ago for cardio classes (ATTACK/STEP).  I had been taking these classes in old running shoes and all the jumps felt terrible.  I wasn’t sure about these shoes the first two times I wore them, but I guess they “broke in” because they feel great now!  They are NOT for running (they are neutral and I wear stability-Brooks) so they are strictly just my studio shoes for jumping around!


Loving my Jamberrys and I tried solids on my hands for the first time.  They look great and it is nice to have something without a print.


My sweet girl snuggling with a stuffed squirrel :)


Eating so much sushi lately.  Our one grocery store has a guy come in and make it fresh.  It’s SO GOOD!  I could eat it everyday!

Weekly Les Mills Workouts

Curious about my weekly workouts? I keep track of them on my workout log!


February 16-22, 2015

Monday: RPM and BODYPUMP #4,8

Tuesday: CXWORX

Wednesday: RPM and CXWORX


Friday: CXWORX

Saturday: ? I think my first BODYSTEP class and yoga

Sunday: ? I think BODYPUMP and BODYFLOW


February 9-15, 2015


Tuesday: BODYFLOW 30 min

Wednesday: CXWORX


Friday: CXWORX


Sunday: BODYFLOW 30 min and CXWORX #1,2,5


February 2-8, 2015



Wednesday: CXWORX

Thursday: BODYPUMP

Friday: off

Saturday: BODYFLOW practice

Sunday: Film my BODYFLOW 67 DVD!! My Birthday :)


As you can see, I haven’t been much of a PINK RUNNER lately! My last run was December 1st! I think it’s important to take breaks from running every once in a while. After training all last summer for my fall marathon and then doing a half three weeks later – I was burnt out. I got sick in December and was busy with work, so I didn’t worry about running. I took time to prepare for my BODYFLOW training on January 17-18, so that was a main focus for me.


I decided NOT to sign up for a spring race. It feels sort of strange, because I’ve done a spring half or full marathon from 2010-2014. I’m used to mentally preparing for those cold winter long runs on the weekends. Deciding whether to chance it outside and dodge the ice – or keep it safe on the boring basement treadmill. With all of my focus on Les Mills programs right now, I just wasn’t feeling it! I was also holding out to see what Nike came up with for a spring half marathon, but it won’t be close for me anymore. They are going to have a running series all over the world. San Francisco and Canada are the closest races for me, so I won’t be doing that. I’m lucky I got into DC the past two years! I’m still thinking of training for the Steamtown marathon again next fall. I would start an 18-week training plan in June. We will see what I decide!

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 4.01.08 PM

On our schedule Wednesday night, Thursday night and Friday morning!

As for my workouts, I’m enjoying all the Les Mills in my life right now! I try to do BODYPUMP 2-3x a week. It prevents me from getting so sore when I just do it once! I was just doing CXWORX once a week, but now I have a new Friday morning class most weeks. CXWORX is such a great class. I need to convince Colby to do the main core tracks with me in the basement more often! So excited to now have a BODYFLOW class late Thursday night! I started two weeks ago and I’ve been teaching Pump and Flow back to back!!! Two hours of heaven!


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