Favorite Summer Beauty Products

Picture 13

Clinique BB Cream

I have used Bare Minerals for years, but lately my skin has been different.  I’ve stopped using Proactiv completely, I’ve been using my Lush cleanser and toner and using moisturizer all the time.  The Bare Minerals I have was the matte finish, and it was just too dry.  I decided to try out Clinique’s BB cream because their products have always been easy on my skin.  They are good for sensitive skin.  I am LOVING this BB cream! The only issue I can see is that it only comes in 3 shades, and I am currently using the darkest shade.  My skin is usually light/medium or medium in foundations so I’m not really sure what is going on there.

Picture 14Picture 15

ELF jumbo eye shadow stick

I bought my first eye shadow stick in “Little Miss Thing” (pale gold-ish color) at Target for $2 a month ago. $2 !!! They are awesome! I just bought “Forest Nymph” (dark brown) the other day.  These things are huge and as long as you use a primer, they stay on. LOVE.

Picture 4

Philosophy Hope in a tube

I got a sample of this from Sephora and I love it.  I really want to get the full size soon.  It is such a thick eye cream.

Picture 16

This was in the travel-size section of Target and I got it thinking I could use it on vacation.  I LOVE it and will definitely buy more in the future.  It was like $1-2 and I use it on my eye area and if my skin is feeling dry.  It is very thick and does not break me out at all.


For my Kretschmer Wheat Germ Giveaway, I picked a winner :)

Picture 19

(Not too many of you entered!! I was feeling kinda sad about this, but maybe wheat GERM just doesn’t sound appealing?)  I know the wheat germ is a small giveaway ($9) but……. STAY TUNED FOR 2 MAJOR GIVEAWAYS ON MY BLOG SOON!! Both will be worth $100+ !!

Picture 18

Congrats Ann! I will contact Kretschmer so you get your free wheat germ!

Current Skin Care Routine

Picture 7

I absolutely LOVE LUSH COSMETICS!  Lush is a company based out of Canada that sells fresh, handmade cosmetics and skincare.  They have more of a focus on skin and bath items, but they have recently started to get into makeup/cosmetics.  I’ve always loved their bath bombs and body soaps.  The stores are awesome, you can go in and they just cut off a piece of soap for you at the size you want.  I also love their solid shampoos (Karma Komba is my favorite) My favorite bath bomb is Sakura.  The stores are very smelly (good smelly!), so it can be overwhelming.   I’ve also ordered things online since I don’t have a store super close to me (about an hour away).  Recently, I’ve been trying to go more natural with my skin care routine.  I’ve used Proactiv for years, but I don’t think I really need it anymore.


After a horrible allergic reaction to toothpaste and later lip balm… I’ve been trying to use things geared towards sensitive skin.  Lush’s Angels on Bare Skin cleanser and Eau Roma Water toner are awesome!  I know I will use these for a very long time because I just love them.  My skin is so soft after using this cleanser.


I also LOVE their face masks!  The only downside is you have to buy them in a store.  They are made with fresh ingredients and have a quicker expiration date.  The last time I was there, I actually bought two so I could freeze one.  This is my favorite mask.


I’ve also been using Cetaphil to wash my face.  This cleanser does not foam (which is good for me because I think I am allergic to a foaming ingredient!).  Now that I am used to it, I really like it.


I also use Neutrogena moisturizer.  I’ve been using this dark circle treatment for awhile (I have hereditary dark circles) and I think it helps… ?  I use the retinol serum in between my eyebrows and on smile lines.  I’m paranoid about wrinkles!  If I feel like I’m going to get a pimple, I still use my leftover 3rd step from my last Proactiv kit.  It is a benzoyl peroxide lotion that works but bleaches all my towels.  I switched over to white towels a long time ago!

What skin care items do you love?  Are you good about removing your makeup every night? I am obsessed with going to bed with a clean face. I never forget!

Wedding: Rehearsal and Salon

Hi everyone! My swimming lesson went well last weekend with Colby! I actually really enjoyed it and I am planning on going again next weekend.  I also got my hair cut last week (almost 7 inches gone!) and I’m loving the change.  I will post pictures soon.  I really wanted to go even shorter, but my hair dresser was smart and told me to ease into it or I would flip out.  It was a good idea because I was really nervous to as much as I did!

I JUST got all my wedding pictures back from the photographer and I thought I would focus on some wedding reviews this week! I’m feeling better and getting over my cold, so I should have lots of time to go through all the pictures :)


Friday – Dress Rehearsal for the Wedding

On Friday, October 5 we had our wedding rehearsal at our wedding venue.  I was SO happy to have the rehearsal where the wedding was going to be the next day.  I took the day off on Friday and was happy to spend it with my friend/bridesmaid Andrea.  She drove over 5 hours the night before to stay with me!

Andrea and I… Friday night

Colby and I at the wedding rehearsal

I got this dress a few weeks before the rehearsal from Black House White Market and it was even on sale! I got the purple flower belt there too.  Colby’s dress shirt and tie were from Express Men.

We had the rehearsal outside and had dinner inside the mansion, downstairs in their pub.  It was really nice to just walk inside to have dinner and that it was downstairs in a different area.

Saturday – Hair and Makeup

This was the main hair photo for my wedding hair inspiration!  If you are curious at the other pictures I liked they are on my Wedding Hair Pinterest board.  I knew I wanted to wear my hair up because I almost always wear it down.  Like I said in my last post, I’ve almost always had long hair.  I really let it grow out LONG over the past year so I could have as much as possible to work with for the wedding.  My hair dresser and I decided she could always cut an inch or two off if there was too much, because I have really thick hair.


This was my main makeup photo inspiration.  I just LOVED her clean eye with a heavy black winged liner and bright pinky-coral lips.

Another eye makeup photo.  All are on my Wedding Pinterest board.

Amazing makeup artist! My hair ended up perfect and I loved the big braid in the back.  I was so happy with my makeup too and was not used to wearing false lashes.  They really did pull the winged eyeliner look together.

With bridesmaids Anne and Andrea.  I think they still have some more pictures from that morning that I need to get!


My Favorite Makeup


Tonight, Colby and I went to a wedding reception for my friend Kim.  We had fun with the photo booth!



My friend Steph asked me to take her makeup shopping a few days ago.  When I went over to see what she already had, we needed seriously throw out some OLD makeup! You know it was old Steph!  As a major makeup addict, I was inspired to put together my favorites for a post.


Starting with the top row from the left…

  • Bare Minerals “Prime Time” (foundation primer)
  • Clinique “All About Eyes Concealer” (in medium petal)
  • Laura Mercier “Secret Concealer”
  • Bare Minerals “Matte Foundation” (medium beige)
  • Givenchy “Photo’Perfexion Fluid Foundation” (perfect honey)
  • Sephora “Pro Flawless Airbrush” #56
  • Make Up For Ever “HD Microfinish Powder” (colorless)
  • NARS “Cream Blush” (cactus flower)
  • Tarte “Cheek Stain” (tickled)

I am always looking for a better concealer for my under eye circles.  I have used the Clinique All About Eyes for a long time and like that it helps with puffiness too in the early morning.  Recently, I found the Laura Mercier Secret Concealer and think it goes on even smoother and isn’t too thick.  For foundation, I almost always use Bare Minerals.  I’ve used it for years, LOVE that it is not cakey and is fast!  It is really gentle on your skin and does not look like you have a mask of foundation on your face.

Before our engagement pictures in March, I wanted to try a liquid foundation and the Givenchy was recommended to me by a girl at Sephora along with the Sephora brush.  The foundation is pricey, but a little goes a long way and I like how it looks on my skin if I want more coverage. They also recommended the Make Up For Ever powder, which looks great over the liquid foundation or for a touch up if I get shiny.  I don’t need to use it over the Bare Minerals.  I absolutely love NARS cream blush in this cactus flower color.  I’ve had it for probably too long, but it has never dried out and has lasted forever.  I was scared of the bright color, but it looks great.  I also like Tarte’s cheek stain, but it comes in second place.


  • Smashbox “Cream Eye Liner Palette”
  • Covergirl “Clear Mascara” (brow gel)
  • Maybelline “Define-A-Brow” Eyebrow pencil (dark blonde)
  • Covergirl “ShadowBlast” (beige blast)
  • NARS “Eye Liner Pencil” (mambo-chocolate brown)
  • Smashbox “Cream Eye Liner” (midnight brown)
  • NARS “Duo Eye Shadow” (Earth Angel)
  • NARS “Duo Cream Eye Shadow” (Summertime)
  • Diorshow Mascara
  • Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler
  • Maybelline “Great Lash BIG Mascara”
  • Urban Decay “Naked2 Eye Shadow Palette”

Usually I use my NARS pencil eye liner because it is fast, but if I have extra time I love using Smashbox’s cream eye liners.  I got the palette free from Sephora reward points that includes all the different colors, but I really just like the midnight brown color the best.  You have to use their eye liner flat brush but it is so easy and looks great.  For my brows, I’ll fill in with the Maybelline brow pencil if I need it because it is cheap and I like the brush at the end.  I’ve used Covergirl’s clear mascara for brow gel and hair fly-aways for years.

I also like Covergirl’s beige “shadowblast” as a eyelid primer or as my shadow when I’m doing fast makeup.  I have a few NARS eye shadow palettes that look great layered over the shadowblast, but my new favorite is Urban Decay’s Naked2 palette.  This was another splurge before my engagement photos but it has so much shadow and great colors.  It will last forever.  My favorite mascara is Diorshow, but it is expensive and dries out fast.  I really like Maybelline’s new Great Last “BIG” that has a giant sized brush (similar to the Dior).


So there is my little makeup review of my favorite products :)