Trip to NY

Last weekend, Colby and I went to NYC to see Mary Poppins on broadway.  We went along with a high school trip and also went to the American Museum of Natural History.  The trip was not cancelled, but we left early in case there was traffic.  It was sad to see some of the areas without electricity and flooded areas.


Night at the Museum! Gum gum, dumb dumb?

We also stopped at Madame Tussauds wax museum

TWILIGHT in less than a week!!!!!!!!!!

Our second family? Now I share the same last name with them!

Some random notes from this past week…

I had a crazy delicious sushi dinner last night.  Colby and I were craving Asian food and I didn’t feel like cooking.  It was awesome.  Look at my pretty plate!

Wednesday, I took another Les Mill’s Body Flow class and it was INTENSE!  My back has been sore for the past two days!  I would much rather have a class that was tough like that one and I am looking forward to going on a weekly basis.  I am also planning another swim lesson with Colby tomorrow!



Wedding Photos: Ceremony

Photos from our ceremony…

I LOVE that cake picture! I saw one just like that from my photographer’s website and asked him to take one like that of my cake.

I had a brass quintet play for the ceremony.  As a musician, live music was very important to me for the ceremony and I had to go non-traditional.  I play in string quartets all the time for weddings, but I also play trumpet.  Sometimes I sub for the one trumpet player for this brass quintet and I am close friends with two of the guys.  I had them play “Moon River” for when the mothers walked down and had “All You Need Is Love” for the bridesmaids and myself.  At the end of the ceremony, the quintet played “When I’m 64″.  My dad and I are big Beatles fans :)

I was very scared of walking down those stairs.  I had the groomsmen walk down the bridesmaids to keep things safe.  I had to take it SLOW for when I went down with my dad because my train was so long!

Also, I painted a violin white and had guests sign it for our “guest book”.

Working Out At Home


Hey!!  I’ve been working out a lot but haven’t been able to post much.  I was teaching marching band camp this past week from 9-4 everyday and teach it 8-6 this week.  It was hard to fit in classes at the gym this week, but I made it to two CXWORX (my favorte!!) night classes and just did BodyPump this morning.


When I got to Pump this morning it was insanely crowded and they were running out of equipment!  I brought my friend Steph and let her have the last bar with weight clips and I went for the free weights.  I only had 5 lb and 10 lb hand weights to make it through the class and was kinda bummed out until we actually started.  I ended up loving the hand weights and got a killer workout.  The 5lbs are just under the weight of the medium BP weight and the 10lbs are just under the large plates.  I really think it was harder not having the barbell to rely on because my muscles and to work as individuals.  It made me think that I should buy 10lb weights so I can do stuff at home when I can’t make it to a class.

My recent goal is to work on triceps more often.  I’ve also been trying to work on them at home for the past two weeks so they look good in my wedding dress.  I can’t have arm flab for my wedding!


I’ve also been doing the last CXWORX 6 release on my own at home.  I wrote down a cheat sheet for myself so I wouldn’t forget the moves and follow this YouTube playlist of the songs.

I bought cheap resistance bands that are similar to the ones from class and use one 5 lb weight in place of the plates at class.  As soon as I get better at the 7 release (our gym just started it a week ago) then I can write down a cheat sheet and do that one at home.


Colby and I just discovered Jimmy Johns.  Why did it take me so long to try these sandwiches??  They are so good!

On this weekend last year I was at a Drum Corps show and was able to show Colby what it was all about and how it is not like the movie “Drumline”.  (That is what he thought and probably what you think too!)  Here is my post from last year explaining the music activity I was so involved in when I was in high school/college.  It’s basically like marching band on steroids.

I’m not able to go to the show this weekend because I am playing in another wedding.  This one is at the same place I am getting married in October, so I am very excited to see how everything is planned out this afternoon when I get there.  I will have my camera to make sure I remember the details I need for my wedding.


Here is the bride and groom practicing last night at the wedding rehearsal.  I’ve known the bride since kindergarten!  She is getting married standing on the stairs and I think I am going to walk down them and stand at the base of the pond that is right there.


I really liked how her escort cards are on a board with pretty lace ribbon.  My Mom and I are planning something similar but using old picture frames and putting fabric behind them with ribbon across for the cards.


Coldplay Concert

I am taking a technology course this week and I haven’t been able to spend much time on my own blog!  I also haven’t been exercising much this week.  I am learning tons of fun things to do in the classroom as a teacher and I have been playing around with a blog for my students.  The class started early Monday morning and I was incredibly tired because I went to a Coldplay concert with my best friend Anne Sunday night in DC!  Coldplay is my favorite band.  I was asleep by 2am that night and woke up around 6:30 to get ready to go to the tech course.  Colby ran a triathlon Sunday morning so I was up at 4am for that and was running on fumes.  I’ll blog about his triathlon later… he won his age group!

We had such a good time and danced and sang the entire time!  When we got to the stadium, we received wrist bands for the concert.

We were excited to see what they would look like during the concert.  There were oval screens floating in the air that said they would light up and be used during the show.

We were really excited about the wrist bands and made sure to get pink ones from the guy handing them out.  Annes didn’t light up!!! We were so upset but if she held it a certain way we could get it to light.

Floating screens that showed the stage during the concert.

A little glimpse of my wrist band in action.  It was hard to hold my phone still!

Great concert!!