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Half Marathon Photos

Some photos from the half marathon this past weekend…

Yes, I’m still wearing the same long sleeved orange shirt I’ve worn for the past month.  I thought it clashed nicely with my pink compression :)

Colby and I

My friend Amy and I

Everyone that ran…Colby, me and Amy’s husband and daughter. Everyone had great races!

Half Marathon #5

Saturday: 2 miles (9:32 and 9:14=18:46)

Sunday: 13.1 Nittany Valley Half Marathon = 2:13:17


I ran 2 miles Saturday morning to remind my legs what it felt like to run.  It had been awhile and I only ran 7 miles last weekend for my longest run to train for this race.  Not the smartest, but it was the best I could do right now.  With limited training and a busy schedule, I was happy with my race today.  The race had so many runners this year compared to last year (731 this year compared to about 300-400 last year).  The first mile was very crowded and I definitely tried to make up for the first few minutes that I shuffled along with the big crowd along a narrow path.


As you can see from the elevation chart, this is a very hilly course.  Around mile 4.5 I started walking for a few seconds and my friend Steph tapped me on the back and we ended up running until mile 9.5 together.  It really helped me running with her and at a steep hill I told her I’d see her later and walked.  Without the training, I knew it was better for me to just walk 30 seconds up the steep hill instead of run slow and let my heart rate go through the roof.  I walked again at mile 10.5 at a steep hill for 30 sec-1 min. Once I got to mile 11 everything was hurting.  My hamstrings held up during the entire race (they have been sore for almost 2 weeks!) but my IT bands were extremely tight and the front of my hips hurt really bad. The lower part of my legs/ankles were really sore for the second half of the race and I think I’m ready for some new shoes. I made myself run mile 11-12 and told myself I could walk once I got to 12 as much as I wanted. The last mile is horrible and called the spiral of death by the race director.  It is so steep and I knew it was going to surprise me again this year. I walked from 12-12.5 and then ran for a bit, did another quick walk and then ran to the end. Tough race!


I looked up my splits from last year and I was definitely faster and didn’t walk as much at the end.  I was able to run more last year leading up to this race so that definitely helps!  My friend Amy was there today because her daughter and husband ran and both had fantastic races.  She had her camera so I will post pictures once I get them from her  :)  Big week for Colby and I and I guess I can announce the good news around Weds/Thurs! We will definitely be busy!


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