Half Marathon #5

Saturday: 2 miles (9:32 and 9:14=18:46)

Sunday: 13.1 Nittany Valley Half Marathon = 2:13:17


I ran 2 miles Saturday morning to remind my legs what it felt like to run.  It had been awhile and I only ran 7 miles last weekend for my longest run to train for this race.  Not the smartest, but it was the best I could do right now.  With limited training and a busy schedule, I was happy with my race today.  The race had so many runners this year compared to last year (731 this year compared to about 300-400 last year).  The first mile was very crowded and I definitely tried to make up for the first few minutes that I shuffled along with the big crowd along a narrow path.


As you can see from the elevation chart, this is a very hilly course.  Around mile 4.5 I started walking for a few seconds and my friend Steph tapped me on the back and we ended up running until mile 9.5 together.  It really helped me running with her and at a steep hill I told her I’d see her later and walked.  Without the training, I knew it was better for me to just walk 30 seconds up the steep hill instead of run slow and let my heart rate go through the roof.  I walked again at mile 10.5 at a steep hill for 30 sec-1 min. Once I got to mile 11 everything was hurting.  My hamstrings held up during the entire race (they have been sore for almost 2 weeks!) but my IT bands were extremely tight and the front of my hips hurt really bad. The lower part of my legs/ankles were really sore for the second half of the race and I think I’m ready for some new shoes. I made myself run mile 11-12 and told myself I could walk once I got to 12 as much as I wanted. The last mile is horrible and called the spiral of death by the race director.  It is so steep and I knew it was going to surprise me again this year. I walked from 12-12.5 and then ran for a bit, did another quick walk and then ran to the end. Tough race!


I looked up my splits from last year and I was definitely faster and didn’t walk as much at the end.  I was able to run more last year leading up to this race so that definitely helps!  My friend Amy was there today because her daughter and husband ran and both had fantastic races.  She had her camera so I will post pictures once I get them from her  :)  Big week for Colby and I and I guess I can announce the good news around Weds/Thurs! We will definitely be busy!

I’m still here, I promise!

I haven’t posted since last Tuesday!! I promise I am still alive and doing very well :)  I was really looking forward to my first week without a grad class and it has been fantastic. I was also ready to have my first free weekend that wouldn’t require writing a long paper.  I thought I would have a relatively calm week without class work…but Colby and I fell upon a really great opportunity this week and have been slightly stressed but in a good way! I don’t think he wants me to write about it yet, so I’ll wait! Very happy and we will have a great Christmas this year :)


I followed the first two weeks of the short training plan I came up with fairly well for the Nittany Valley Half Marathon. For week two, I ran 3 miles on Tuesday, missed Wednesday because I had my last night rehearsal for Marching band for the season and walk/ran 4 miles on Thursday.  My friend Amy and I planned on running at the local park after school and then going to BodyPump.  It ended up raining pretty hard, so we went to the gym right away and got on the treadmills.  I had all kinds of exciting news to talk to her about so the 4 miles seemed quick.  We walked 2 miles, ran 1 because we thought we should probably run a little and then walked the last mile.  This was the first run/walk for Amy after her first half marathon a few weeks ago.  We were nervous to go to BodyPump because we took a couple weeks off.  My favorite instructor Michelle definitely pushed us and we got to try out the new release! I liked it but the triceps killllled me! I was sore the next day but I’m ready to go back for more.

I was going to run 7 miles this weekend… but it SNOWED! Like 7 inches! I thought I would try to run today, but there was still snow/ice on the roads and I ended up going to a wedding show with my Mom and Colby. The wedding show was super crowded and we ate lots of bad cake.  The roads are almost all clear now, so I am going to run after school tomorrow.

Totally unrelated… but I bought this nail polish at Sephora today and it is pretty awesome.  I had bought a green color there a few weeks ago and when I opened the bottle there was no brush and it was a mess. I went to return it today (Sephora has a great return policy) and saw this polish and got it instead.  It took a few times to get the hang of it but it actually does look like the pictures. I would paint my toes but I’m missing a toenail…. :)



I also got the new Coldplay album at Target this past week and love it. I’m a huge Coldplay fan and have been looking forward to this album for awhile. I think I will get a few songs onto my running playlist.  I actually have a lot of Coldplay on my running playlist… even some of their more mellow stuff.  Sometimes I like running to slower/calmer stuff when I run by myself.

Do anything fun this weekend? Skip your long run because of the east coast snow storm?

More Races

Tuesday Workouts: 3.25 miles (3 mile run in 28:40)… ?


I really need to update my Garmin!  I didn’t get home from work until almost 6 and decided to do a quick 3 miler around the neighborhood.  I started in the spot that must get no satellites for my Garmin and my first mile was really off.  I know this particular route very well and know exactly where my Garmin should beep for 1 mile.  It didn’t beep for another 30 seconds and I knew I was running faster than a 9:43 pace.


I’m signing up for the Nittany Valley Half-Marathon on December 4th.  I did this race last year and it is tough! Just take a look at the hill descriptions above that are on the website.  I feel really motivated after the great 5 mile race from this past weekend and would like to do another 1/2 marathon to get rid of the bad feelings from the Hershey 1/2.


This is the plan I came up with to get me ready for this next half marathon.  This is my last week with a Wednesday marching band rehearsal at night, so if I don’t get that run in I will be okay.  Also… I FINISHED MY GRAD CLASS SUNDAY NIGHT!!  I am so happy to get a break until the middle of January! The 5k race during week 6 is the local Turkey Trot I will run Thanksgiving morning.  Colby also asked me to run another 5k race that will be the weekend before that. Three races in two weeks :) I haven’t ran a 5k since May 2010 and I am really looking forward to pushing myself.

Are you running any races in November/December? Are you looking forward to cold weather running? I am!! I actually love running when it is cold!