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Planning Ahead

Tuesday Workout: Abs (planks and sprinter)

Wednesday Workout: 4 mile run on TM (38 min, 15 sec running time and 41:15 total)

Treadmill workout: Mile 1 (9:33) , walk 1 minute , Mile 2 (9:41), walk 1 minute, Mile 3 (9:38), walk 1 minute, Mile 4 (9:23)


I tried to get home as soon as possible to run before going to teach band from 6-9 last night.  It was hot and humid and I was tired and didn’t feel like running after a day at school. So, I compromised with myself and let myself take it easy on the treadmill and watched Oprah.  It went so quickly and I even played with the incline up to 4.0 and picked up the pace at the end. This afternoon is going to be 2 workouts for me. My running clothes are packed and I am going to the park after school to run 3 or 4 miles then going to BodyPump. I’m going to be tired!

Tuesday night I forced myself to do some ab workouts before I went to bed and did two of my favorites:



You must try this one. It is tough and seems to work upper and lower abs :)

Planks <3 I loveeee them! I missed BodyPump for over a week, so I thought I need to make sure I can still do my planks! My love for this ab workout started with my first BodyPump class.  There were about 2 minutes of planks at the very end of the ab track and I thought it was impossible! Go here to watch the video clip of this particular BodyPump ab track and see if you can do it!

I’ve been trying to pack my lunch for school at night so I can actually think about it and not run around like a crazy woman in the morning throwing together PB & J everyday.  After hearing the lovely Dawn Jackson Blatner speak at HLS, she reminded me about pita pockets!! How great are pita pockets!?! You can put tons of stuff in them and nothing falls out! I’ve been putting salad, chick peas and guac in mine lately and they are fantastic! It’s been tough to make me plan ahead for my lunches each night, but I am hoping to make this a permanent habit!

Making breakfast and lunch the night before!

Gotta make those overnight oats!! I split my So Delicious Coconut Yogurt (blueberry flavor!) in half and make two overnight oats at a time.  This with PB on top is amazing and I crave it every morning :)

Do you pack your lunches the night before? What do you take to eat at work?

One Million Lunges


Wednesday Workout: 30 minute ab class and 1 hour spin class tonight!

(I posted it so I HAVE to go now!!)

I have been “missing” my Wednesday spin class for the past 2 or 3 weeks.  When the bff Anne can’t go because she has to work late, it is VERY difficult to talk myself into going! I’m not completely in love with the instructor or spinning.  I feel uncomfortable on the bike, like I’m never set up on it correctly and always ask the instructor to take a look and see if I’m okay.  She probably thinks I’m completely clueless for asking over and over!  I know spinning is good for me and I like the challenge, but it’s no BodyPump class! I seriously adore BodyPump!

However, BodyPump did not love me so much when I woke up and felt like I did a million lunges yesterday! I went up on my weights for lunges, thinking I was tough and ready for it. I guess I am, but it definitely challenged those muscles!! I feeeeel the burn! I have been feeling a little IT tightness from running so hard on the treadmill in the past week and not stretching very much, so I’ve been using these yoga poses from Jen @ Peanut Butter Runner to stretch out my IT band.  The pigeon pose is great!


Breakfast was my favorite overnight oats today :)

I get two songs stuck in my head from BodyPump all the time and didn’t even know the song title to one of them. I decided I should just buy them so I can use them as motivation when they play during runs!

This is not really the type of music I would buy on iTunes and when I showed Colby he was like “I love that song! You like that?!” It makes me think BodyPump because almost all of my instructors have been using this for the chest exercises.

I really like doing the ab exercises at the end of class and love that all my instructors have been using this track from the last release. I have the ab exercises memorized from doing this one so many times, so I could definitely do this on my own at home. No wonder the planks hurt so much at the end, the song is 4 and a half minutes long! I can’t wait until next week to hear all the new songs from the new BodyPump release!

Eye doctor appointment in an hour, so I better go get dressed!  Must work on grad class today and get away from Google Reader and Twitter!!!!!


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