Shoe Return



Remember my cute pink Asics I was so excited about? Well, they didn’t work out so well.  I didn’t run much in them, but when I did I ached in my calves and inner ankles. No fun.  I haven’t been running much since I couldn’t work out much with the flu, but now I am back and motivated.

Since Road Runner Sports has a 90 day love em or return em guarantee, I knew I had to take them back.  I’m guessing there just wasn’t enough stability support, since the employees told me it was a little less than my normal Brooks Adrenalines.  I asked what they do with the shoes returned (mine probably had 10+ miles on them) and they said they get offered to employees first.  Then they end up at expos or donated to the military.



I got my new Brooks Adrenalines and they feel good.  I guess I should just stick with what works!  We took the drive down to the store on Friday after school and it took about an hour and a half.



There is a Houlihans close by so we ate there for dinner. I LOVE Houlihans, but the closest one is about 45 minutes away.  I started with their Tuscan salad (my favorite) and also had their veggie burger with chickpeas and black beans.  So good!

Winter Running Plan


I haven’t kept up so well with my pre- half marathon training plan due to the flu, but I guess that is why it’s a pre-training plan!  This week is week 5, so I’m hoping to pick it back up.  The problem is… I’ve just been enjoying group classes so much!!! I love my BodyPump, CXWORX, and BodyFlow so much! Since I had today off, I was able to take a morning CXWORX and BodyFlow class back to back! I also did the full 60 minutes of this Saturday and had SUCH SORE MUSCLES…

dvdOWWWWWWWWWWW! My obliques hurt soooo good the next day!!! I HIGHLY recommend this dvd, but it is VERY hard!! I warned you!


Flu Season

So… I thought I wouldn’t get sick so soon but I’m pretty sure I got slammed with the flu this week.  I started feeling pretty horrible Wednesday morning and I ended up with the fever, chills, aches, cough, etc. etc. I think the worst of it was Friday and that was when I asked Colby for my favorite “sick meal”.



I NEVER eat fast food… ever! But when I am sick, I really want that Sprite from a McD’s cup and french fries.  I haven’t been very hungry for the past few days, but my comfort food really hit the spot last night!

I did get this in the mail this week…



Pop Pilates Total Body Workout DVD!

I was really excited when I ordered this because Cassey’s workouts are always great on her YouTube site.  I wasn’t feeling up to trying the entire 60 minute DVD, so I just picked the “abs” section to do and I lasted about 20 minutes before I needed to stop.  My abs were shaking, but I was also feeling pretty sick Thursday when I tried this so I had to stop! I’ll wait a few more days before I try it out again when I feel better.

Don’t worry, I’m catching up on tons of trashy tv this weekend and laying around in my sweatpants :)

Tempeh and Abs!

Monday Workout: Cassey @ BlogilatesInner Thigh Gap Workout and Abominable Abdominals

Tuesday Workout: 4 mile run from my half-marathon plan

This thing is insane. Seriously try it. Right now. Your abs will cry.

I did pilates all the time in high school and college and I am trying to bring it back into my workouts. I tried Cassey’s Inner Thigh Gap Workout first and I was familiar with most of the moves. This ab workout video was seriously crazy hard and introduced me to a bunch of new moves. It was awesome.

So I picked up a few new items to try last week after reading Mama Pea’s new cookbook.  I was eager to try tempeh after reading about it on so many blogs.  I really don’t like the taste/texture of meat very much, so I am always looking for something to give me more protein since I don’t eat yogurt/milk.

I prepared my tempeh like Gina @ The Fitnessista a few days ago and let it marinate for a few hours before I attempted to cook it in olive oil on the stove.  The result? Pretty good for my first try! I was out of maple syrup so I used honey instead and I’m sure there is a bunch of different ways to marinate it! I really liked that the texture reminded me of a black bean burger and it wasn’t smooth like tofu. It was SO filling too! I tried to eat 1/2 the pack because it was 1 serving, but it was a lot!

My first tempeh try… a vegan BLT! I LOVED it! I toasted my bread, cut up a fresh tomato, added spinach and Vegenaise and it was great. I really like Vegenaise and think it tastes better than real mayo. It has such a clean taste to it!


My second meal with tempeh was an omelette. (not vegan- I used egg and a little cheese) I added left over tomato, mushrooms, tempeh, broccoli and kalamata olives. I left the unused 1/2 of tempeh in the bag marinating for a day before I used it in the omlette. I’m not sure how tempeh tastes after it has been cooked on the stove and then put back into the refrigerator?

Have you tried any new foods lately? Any new workouts? Did you try that Abominable Abdominals video?!

What do you think of my new header?? A friend of my family designed it for me and I love it!!! If you are on Google Reader, make sure to click and see what it looks like :)

Bike Ride and Fitness Friday!

Friday Workout: Bike ride: 21.75 miles/ 1 hr 52 min



You remember my little girl purple mountain bike, don’t you?? My legs feel great after the long ride with Daddy, but my hinney is a little sore! We road on a “rail trail” which is a gravel path that is along old railroad tracks.  It’s really beautiful and the weather was great!



Fitness Friday!!

Workouts I am currently lovingggg…

YogaDownload: Yoga Sculpt #1 45 minute class

I did the full 45 minute class last night and it was so tough. It uses hand weights and really had me sweating!

I’m glad I purchased the 45 minute class as a “download” so I can keep it on my computer forever and use it again!



* I am loving planks and can do them for 2 minutes now!! Woo hoo! I love how many variations there are to the standard plank and maybe that will be my next friday post!

* I am loving my favorite ab track from BodyPump! I love the song and the planks at the end! Give it a try with this video and see how you do!

Then there is this little lady…

I can’t wait to try Cassey @ Blogilates 18 minute POP Pilates video: Abominable Abdominals! I watched most of this and it looks tough! I hope I can try all of her videos because she is so gorgeous and so fit! Remember, I’m bringing pilates back into my life!

What was your workout today??