Good Weekend Long Run

Good Weekend Long Run

photo 2

It took some effort to get myself outside yesterday for longer run, but I did it!  I had high hopes of doing a 6-8 mile run and I did 7 WITHOUT WALKING!  This is major for me right now!!  I tried to not look at my Garmin the entire time and just told myself to feel comfortable.  I was happy that my average pace was 9:45 and felt easy.

Screen shot 2013-10-27 at 2.04.21 PM

Colby went for a bike ride and found me during mile 6.  I think that is why that was my slowest mile.  He stayed with me for almost a mile and I talked to him while he rode next to me.  I told him he could ride home when I had my last mile because it was windy and he was cold.  I picked it up a bit for the last mile and felt great!

photo 1

I think this was my secret weapon for my run!  I usually run with my little iPod shuffle, but I don’t really know how to control playlists on that little thing and all my BODYPUMP music is on this pink Nano that I take to the gym.  Our gym is launching this week and I’m teaching the new 87 release this Tuesday and Thursday night.  I went through the entire release (except for cool-down) in my head while running and I didn’t mess up!  I know the choreography and feel ready for the classes this week.  It really kept my mind off the actual running and I think that is why I wasn’t tempted to walk at all!  I also made myself stay at a comfortable speed because once I was a few miles into it, I knew I didn’t need to walk at all… even the hills :)

photo 3

You can’t tell too much in this photo, but I got a nasty blister on the inside of my foot from my run.  I’ve been getting them when I run longer than 3-4 miles.  I decided that maybe it has been a little tooooo long since I bought a new pair of shoes (Brooks Adrenaline) so I ordered a pair online tonight.  I’ve been running in the ones from last January!  My new shoes are PINK and should be here in 2 days :)


Monday Workout: Gentle Hatha Yoga 1 (20 minutes)


:) Pink Runner loves getting pink flowers! I won these yesterday at the bridal show I went to with my Mom.  It was actually at the wedding venue Colby and I are getting married at next October and it was nice to see it again.  It was a small wedding venue, which was very nice.  I went to a big one a few months ago and it was crowded and overwhelming. The pink flowers I won yesterday in a drawing were actually from the flower shop we are using for our wedding.


Colby and I went to our favorite burrito place yesterday night and it was amazing.  I chanced it and went for the cheese and had minimal stomach pain.  It was worth it because it was delicious. I get the burrito that is actually grilled into a quesadilla and it has potatoes in it instead of meat! Crazy good.


I’ve been playing this thing way too much at school with the little kids (old wedding picture) and my upper back is killing me.  Playing along with my kids at school makes such a difference, but I end up forgetting that I am playing for hours and hours a day. (About 7 hours today including lessons after school)



I am going to hit up a new yogadownload 20 minute workout tonight before bed. I’ve never done the Gentle Hatha Yoga #1 yet, but I thought the poses from the pose guide looked good for my upper back tension and sore legs. This is an audio only workout, but having the pose guide helps me stay on track.


I’ll also be re-reading the first half of this book before Thursday night this week.  (I think I’ve already read it 2 times before) I ordered the midnight tickets and will be standing in line to get into the theater with all the 13 year old girls.  :)


What? You don’t ask your Dad to take pictures of you “running” with your hair curled and smiling? Oh, I guess that’s just me…

I’ve been trying to cut back on the sugar lately, but then I found these.  Sunny Seeds are seriously addicting and I’ve gone through 3 containers in the past 2 weeks. They sit next to my computer and I can’t help but eat them when I blog! Lisa @ Sunny Seed Stories allowed me to write a blog post for her about my new obsession, and I wanted to get some action shots! My Dad and I dropped my Mom off at the airport this morning and I asked if he would take “a few” pictures of me running outside.  Mom gets to go to Canada this week!

Here are a few action shots for your amusement…

Thought my arms looked nice in this pic, but my hair is all over the place!

It’s difficult getting a good picture while trying to run across the street, smile and look at a camera without running into a car!

You don’t prepare for a run by curling your hair and getting a headshot? :) I ordered the skirt that goes with this Brooks tank last week on sale and free shipping online. It should come this week, but I’m scared to wear it! I’m hoping I fall in love with it and can wear it to races and hopefully pass a few boys!

My BIC Bands came in the mail a few days ago!! I love the “skinny minnie” size, which is the smallest out of all the sizes and I’ve almost completely worn out my black sparkle, so I ordered two new ones! This one is pink with green outline.

LOVE this one! Green sparkle! I just wish I could get a PINK skinny minnie sparkle band! Wouldn’t that be perfect??

Today I need to finish my grad work and run tonight  (since I missed the cooler weather this morning because I left at 6 to take Mom to the airport). I should probably stop posting pictures of myself so you don’t get sick of me!! :)

My Muscles Need a Vacation

Wednesday Workout: 1 hour spin class

Last night, my friend Kim sneaked a picture of me bustin out some hot “Just Dance” Wii moves on my camera :) What a good friend … taking blog pictures of me doing awkward fake dance moves!

This morning, Colby went swimming and lifting early and when he finished we were starving and went to a diner for breakfast with all the old people.

We were seriously the youngest people in there and LOVE that breakfast is like $2. The old guy behind me kept hogging the booth with his arm…

Oh my gosh… boyfriend of the year that poses with his food for the blog :)

After we ate, we ran a bunch of errands: Kohls for Colby to buy new shirts/shorts for the beach, haircut for Colby and Target for us to get sunscreen and stuff I don’t need like…

This nail polish that I think looks so Summer-ish and when I got home realized it is Tiffany blue :)  I’ll paint my finger and toenails tonight and see how I like it.  I seriously have the worst fingernails because I keep them so short for playing the violin.  My feet also look like a train wreck because two toenails are in the process of growing back after I lost them during marathon training.  I’m sure you needed to know that :)

This tank top that I wore to spin class tonight.  Who doesn’t need another tank top?

Before I could go to spin, I had to go to the Post Office to mail out 2 boxes.  One was a pair of really cute black TOMS wedges I got from my Mom for Christmas that are a 1/2 size too small. So, finally I sent them out today so I can actually get the bigger size and wear them this summer! The other box was wedding music and text books I borrowed from a friend.  Text books…. gagggg I have to start another master’s class in July :(   **tearsssss**

Why is the line at the Post Office always SO LONG!??!? I should have left earlier because I went in without tape and had to buy that and tape up the boxes and wait in line FOREVER!! Then I was late to spin class and missed the first 5 minutes. That’s okay because it still kicked my butt.  My triceps and shoulders are still sooooo sore from BodyPump yesterday, so of course the spin instructor had us hold small weights and do shoulder work in the middle of the class while we were spinning…. whyyyyyyy?!?!

At spin I realized I broke my water bottle when I dropped it in the driveway yesterday :(  I love this waterbottle. It is aluminum and changes to dark pink when you fill it with cold water! It’s not leaking yet, so I’ll keep using it until it dies.

Happy to be back in the car after spin class.

This picture is for Kristy, who doesn’t think I sweat when I take BodyPump or spin class!  I always towel off my sweat before I take my glamour shots for you! Look at that hair, I definitely worked out a lot.

Now I’m off to roll out my legs so I can walk tomorrow…

I’m supposed to go to a BodyPump class tomorrow with my friend Anne, so I need to take it easy!! I made a protein/recovery shake when I got home and I’m ready for a shower and some TV time tonight :)