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Hey Everyone! I’m Cherie and I blog at Cherie Runs This. I’m sure Holly & Colby are having a fabulous time on their honeymoon and I’m honored to be taking up a little space here blogging while she’s away!

A little about me: I’m a NASM Certified Personal Trainer who ended up becoming one after I was long into my journey of a 100lb weight loss. I’m down 85lbs and almost to my goal/maintenance level! I write about my journey, all things fitness—running especially, healthy eating, and sometimes a bit of randomness. You’ve got to have randomness sometimes. Haha, balance, you know?

So how do I know Holly? Well, coincidentally we went to the same university! But since it was a few years apart I never “met” her until our paths crossed in the blogging world! And if we’re both lucky enough to win the lottery {the race kind, not the Power Ball kind} we can meet for real at the Nike Women’s Half Marathon next April!

Ahh, yes, running. Even if we had not gone to the same school to share that in common, we’d definitely at least have running in common for sure. Just from being a regular reader of hers, you know that she loves it–hellooo, “Pink RUNNER Blog!” Now, whereas she’s pretty accomplished in the sport, I am still going through a lot of trial and error trying again!

I have one race under my belt, the Dick’s Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon’s 5K. I just ran that this past May and immediately registered for my next races. {I swore I’d never sign up for a race, enjoy them or sign up for a second, to which Holly said, “Yeah, right.” She was correct.} Next up on the race itinerary are the Color Run 5K in October, the Battleship North Carolina Half Marathon in November, the Dick’s Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Half Marathon in May, and the Rock ‘n Roll Pittsburgh Half Marathon in August. Yup, I’ve caught the racing bug I’d say.

So with the next race only a couple of weeks away, there’s a small situation going on. My shoes. Shoes are highly important, y’all. Unless you’re a  barefoot runner, then disregard that. But for the rest of you who do wear shoes when you run, you feel me here. Holly has been persistently reminding me that it’s high time I get some new running shoes. And now that I have a brand spanking new {good} job, the time is here! And just in the nick of time, too. I need time to break them in because running a race in new shoes that I haven’t thoroughly tested out will be no bueno.

I’ve always been a stability shoe person, due to my overpronation, but today on my run, something wasn’t working. Midrun, I switched and put on some neutral trainers and it was like buttah. My IT Band wasn’t even aggravating me. I’m going to take this info, my wallet, and an open mind and head to my local Fleet Feet to do another assessment. I know they’ll give me the hook up! Nothing against sporting goods stores, but I HIGHLY recommend going to a specialty running shoe store to get fitted!

That’s enough babbling for me. I meant to write two paragraphs and it’s turned into a page! Thanks for stopping by…the Mrs. will be back soon to reclaim her blog.   :)

What are your favorite running shoes and why?

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Wednesday Workout: 2 mile run

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Pink Walker

Saturday Workout: 6 horrible miles


I should probably change my name to Pink Walker after my “run” this morning.  Of course I planned on getting up around 8 and getting out the door by 8:30 to beat the summer heat. I didn’t get outside until almost 10:00 and it was already over 80 degrees. I’ve been on the treadmill for the last few weeks, so I should have predicted that this would happen.
I started off hoping to do 6-7 miles and went out for my usual 6 mile loop with hopes of adding on at the end.  This loop is good for me because it is 3 miles out 3 miles back, so I end up almost always doing the full 6 miles.  About 2 miles into it, I knew it wasn’t going to be pretty.  I even wore a baseball hat and carried my Camelbak hand-held water bottle to stay cool. I ended up running .75 of miles 3 and 4 and walking the last .25 both times. By then I was so annoyed I walked ALL of mile 5. I NEVER do this! I was just mad the whole time because I was hot and didn’t feel like running.  I saw a runner just as my Garmin hit 5 miles, so I sucked it up and ran for the last one.


I almost wore my heart rate monitor for this run, but decided not to wear it this morning.  I really haven’t worn it since the marathon in May and I know it would have been through the roof today. (which would have annoyed me more)

To make myself feel better, I took a bath after my run. A WARM bath! How many times did I jump into a bathtub full of icy cold water after my long runs in March-April preparing for the Pittsburgh Marathon?! Wayyy too many and today felt fantastic getting into comfortable water.

Bath bomb I used today after my run.

Have you ever heard of Lush Cosmetics??  I heard about this company when I was in college and it was being featured on the Style Network.  I took a vacation to California with my parents and found a store and fell in love.  I don’t have any stores really close to me, but whenever I am at one I like to stock up on bath bombs and their solid shampoo. Really great stuff and minimal packaging!

My delicious sushi from last night’s dinner. I didn’t think ordering 2 rolls for myself was that much but I was stuffed. Like uncomfortable, gotta put the sweatpants on when you get home kind of full. It was worth it.

My Day Suddenly Got Better!

Today was a LONG and frustrating day at work today. I’ll leave it at that and not go into work-details :)

I woke up this morning at 5:30 when the BF was going to go workout and swim and I had planned to run a nice 4 miler. That did not happen because I couldn’t open my eyes and set my alarm for 7.  When it went off at 7 I hit snooze for 45 minutes. 45 minutes!! I basically rolled out of bed, threw my greasy hair in a ponytail and coffee with my eggs and waffles.

I finished around 4:00 today and thought maybe I would go to the ab class that was a half an hour before the spin class I was supposed to go to at 5:30 tonight.  I came home and sat down for 15 minutes and when I tried to get up to change for the gym I knew it wasn’t going to happen. I NEED to start taking recovery drinks when I kill my muscles at BodyPump! My legs still feel trashed from all the extra weight on the squats and lunges Monday night.

When training for the Pittsburgh Marathon… I always made a smoothie with my recovery powders:

Lesson learned… when I work out hard – I should probably make a recovery smoothie.

When I got home, my day got better when I saw this face:

and got this in the mail:

and even though I was bummed about not working out and being tired I was pretty ecstatic when I saw that…


I seriously ADORE Janae @ The Hungry Runner Girl and I NEVER win anything!! I am SO excited to try out the Anonya running capris !!!!

I’m okay with my “off” day on my workout log because I know I have BodyPump tomorrow night and will hopefully run too :)