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Saturday Workout!


Happy Saturday!  I am feeling good after my first week back to school teaching this week.  I taught BODYPUMP by myself both Tuesday and Thursday.  I have a mini running goal in mind for a shorter race coming up at the end of September, so I am adding running back into my workout schedule next week!  I’ve just come to terms that I usually take summer off.  I hate running in the heat, so I am okay with the break each year.

Colby is training for the Baltimore Marathon, so he was scheduled to run 16 this morning.  I decided to run as much as I could and that ended up being 5 miles.  I love my Brooks, but I think my insoles are bothering my feet.  I end up with a blister in the same inside of my arch every time I use them!  I took it easy on my run and tried to keep it slow (around 9:45-10:00 min pace).  I took a few walk breaks, so my overall pace went down.  I was okay with that because I need to ease myself back into it!

After my 5 miles in the sun, I got back and did CXWORX.  It always amazes me how hard that 30 minute workout can be!  I haven’t done it in a while, so I was dying during all the planks!! I need to do CXWORX more often!

Have a good weekend!

Trying New Les Mills Classes

Happy 4th of July!


I have been hitting the gym hard for the past week with lots of classes.  After I post this, I am getting on my treadmill and running 4 miles, even if I’m sore and have to walk!  I’ve been team-teaching and subbing BODYPUMP once or twice a week at the gym.  Last week I tried BODYCOMBAT for the first time!



You can read about BODYCOMBAT on the Les Mills website and there are tons of videos on YouTube.  I took this class last Thursday night.  My calorie burn (according to my Polar) was 407 for the class.  I enjoyed it and left feeling good.  The next morning I woke up with crazy sore arms and upper back muscles!  I was shocked!!  It definitely worked different muscles and that will really inspire me to try it again in the future.  I taught pump the next night and was soreeeee!

This week, I tried BODYATTACK on Tuesday night for the first time.



You can read more about BODYATTACK on the Les Mills website here.  This is going to be a new class for my gym and is officially going on the schedule in the next few weeks.  Going into this class, I knew it was going to be tough.  My friend Steph has taken this class for awhile and says it is awesome.  This class did not disappoint and I LOVED IT!  This is CARDIO CARDIO CARDIO with strength training (no weights)!  I was drenched in sweat and sore in my calves, butt, chest and arms the next day.


BIG calorie burn for BODYATTACK!  536 calories in less than an hour!!  Seriously, awesome class so you should try it if attack is at a gym near you!  I’m still sore today but I HAVE TO MAKE MYSELF RUN!!  I am also team-teaching PUMP tomorrow morning, so I’m going to study some new tracks while I run on my treadmill :)


We are also working on getting our basement organized and turned into a workout area!! Colby got this bike rack the other day to keep them in one location.  We also got this….


GYM FLOORING FOR OUR BASEMENT!!!! :)  I’m sooooo excited to get this down so I can do BODYPUMP downstairs!!  We got an older TV from my parents to put downstairs and the gym flooring be perfect over the concrete floor.  This roll was HEAVY and Colby’s brother had to help us get it downstairs.  We got it from a store that sells the left over flooring that they use in commercial gyms!



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