Ironman 70.3 Eagleman

On Sunday, Colby and I drove to Cambridge, MD for his half Ironman called the Eagleman.  Colby loves triathlons and has done a full Ironman (Lake Placid 2010).  The Eagleman 70.3 consists of: 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike and 13.1 run.  He started training around January for this race and has been consistent with his training.  Good thing I like to workout and trained for a half-marathon this past spring, because he was always working out in the morning and evening.


We checked into our hotel Saturday morning, and drove to the expo in the afternoon.  We didn’t know, but Andy Potts was there for a meet and greet!  He is a pro triathlete and won the race on Sunday.


After the expo, the boys had to get their bikes into the transition area.  Amy‘s husband Matt raced too so I was super lucky to have Amy with me all weekend to walk around and worry with while the guys raced!



There was a lot of rain leading up to the race, so it was crazy muddy!  I got a ride around so I didn’t have to mess up my TOMS :)



On Sunday, we got to the race very early.  Matt’s swim wave was at 8:00 and Colby’s was at 8:30.  Colby was worried that he was the second to last swim wave because we knew it was going to get hot later in the day.


At the finish line!  You can see Amy cheering Colby on in the Tiffany blue/green shirt… she bought it for the Nike Half and thought it was too green! :)  I wanted to make sure to get a good picture of him at the finish, so he didn’t really see me until I took the picture.

Picture 6

Picture 5

As you can see, he had a GREAT race!! His goal was 5 hours and he was thrilled to go under 5!  I checked my phone compulsively during the race, but some of the half way marks didn’t show up.  He was so fast on his bike, I missed him at transition 2!  The weather did get really hot and sunny later in the day.  He said the run was really difficult because of the heat.  He was a little sore after the race, but was able to run 3 miles with me yesterday morning.  I can’t believe how his legs are in such great shape!  He was curious as to why his swim time was a few minutes slower than expected, but after looking up the pro’s times, they were slower too.  He thought it must have been a little longer than 1.2. Oh well, he still went under 5 hours!




At dinner that night… he has given up drinking soda since January so he was very happy to have cherry coke Sunday night!  He deserved it :)

10K PR

Picture 7


Don’t get too excited… it was my first 10K race!  I’ve just never done a 10k race before and I knew this one would be very flat.  It was on the rail trail I ran last Spring’s marathon on and I was very familiar with the path :)

I was scheduled to run 8 miles this weekend, so Amy and I ran 2 after the race was over.  I was so tired I could barely do two 10 minute miles.

Picture 9


My legs are SO SORE today! I don’t even know why… I didn’t even run that hard but WOW my legs are just trashed.  I took a nap yesterday and today I was so tired.


I went to my favorite restaurant with my BF Anne last night.  I changed it up and went for the “chop” salad with blue cheese, apples, cranberries, candied nuts and blue cheese dressing.  I loved it and it was huge.


I also had mushroom ravioli and I was stuffed.  I had this a few weeks ago and it was slightly different with ratatouille on the ravioli and I think I liked that a little better.  This was still really good.

I’m hoping to get myself to do a little yoga tonight to loosen up my robot legs.  Hoping to get all my runs and Les Mills workouts in this week!

Surprise 8K Race

Amy asked me if I wanted to run an 8K race that was held this morning.  Our local Road Runners has a “Winter Series” and has races in the area during November-March.  There are 5K, 8K, 10K, 15K, 5 miler and 10 miler distances and they are known for being brutally cold!  You pay $25 once and are able to run all 8 races with the same bib, if you want.  Amy has been doing them with her daughter and husband this year.  I didn’t really have an excuse NOT to do the race… the weather was cold, but the roads are completely clear.


So, I ran it and I was pretty happy with my results! I had absolutely no expectations because I have been doing a lot of treadmill running lately and I am still getting back into the swing of things.  I know my speed will get better in the next few months, but I have been feeling really slow lately.  It is tough taking months off!

Picture 6

Picture 7

I thought I could stay with Amy for a little bit, but she is just so fast! I tried to slow it down after I knew I pushed my first mile a little too hard and ended up staying right around a 9:30-something pace.  I was fine with that and I was determined not to take any walking breaks! I was even happier when I was able to pick it up a tiny bit at the end.  I was really tired!  I was surprised when I saw my distance was 5.09 and Amy’s Garmin said the same thing.  I thought an 8K was supposed to be 4.97?? I wish the race was just called a 5 miler, but oh well!


I wore my new tights from Road Runner Sports and they were perfect! I also wore my new insoles but in my old Brooks shoes.  My tights stayed in place the entire time, have a nice zipper pocket in the back and covered my ankles.  I was cold when I started the race, but comfortable after a mile or so.  It was about 25 degrees.


I did a little side braid to keep my short ponytail in place and it worked.  I wore multiple shades of pink today too.  Yes, my Christmas tree is still up.  I have no plans of taking it down this weekend.


Good race for everyone! Amy rocked it in 43- something! :)

More Races

Tuesday Workouts: 3.25 miles (3 mile run in 28:40)… ?


I really need to update my Garmin!  I didn’t get home from work until almost 6 and decided to do a quick 3 miler around the neighborhood.  I started in the spot that must get no satellites for my Garmin and my first mile was really off.  I know this particular route very well and know exactly where my Garmin should beep for 1 mile.  It didn’t beep for another 30 seconds and I knew I was running faster than a 9:43 pace.


I’m signing up for the Nittany Valley Half-Marathon on December 4th.  I did this race last year and it is tough! Just take a look at the hill descriptions above that are on the website.  I feel really motivated after the great 5 mile race from this past weekend and would like to do another 1/2 marathon to get rid of the bad feelings from the Hershey 1/2.


This is the plan I came up with to get me ready for this next half marathon.  This is my last week with a Wednesday marching band rehearsal at night, so if I don’t get that run in I will be okay.  Also… I FINISHED MY GRAD CLASS SUNDAY NIGHT!!  I am so happy to get a break until the middle of January! The 5k race during week 6 is the local Turkey Trot I will run Thanksgiving morning.  Colby also asked me to run another 5k race that will be the weekend before that. Three races in two weeks :) I haven’t ran a 5k since May 2010 and I am really looking forward to pushing myself.

Are you running any races in November/December? Are you looking forward to cold weather running? I am!! I actually love running when it is cold!