Preparing For My Big Les Mills Weekend!


Tonight was my first time on stage teaching BodyPump!! My new gym (I love it there!) had a 6:30-7:30 BodyPump class tonight.  All of the instructors have told me I should try to teach my assigned tracks at a class before the training weekend.  I love knowing most of the instructors and everyone is so nice!

The instructor tonight had me shadow her tonight on stage and I taught my tricep and bicep tracks!  Everything went so well and the only weird thing was dealing with the microphone! I forgot that most of my tricep track has me laying down on the bench so I wasn’t used to dealing with the microphone.  I’m sure I will have lots and lots of practice this weekend!

I couldn’t believe how many calories I burned tonight!  This might have been my highest burn for just doing BodyPump.  Sometimes I burn more if I run before class, but I didn’t run tonight.  I think I was nervous and maybe my heart rate was a little higher than normal?


Can you believe I got up to 185?!?! It was during lunges, of course!  Those jump squats are killer and always get me into the 170’s, but tonight I put both risers under the bench and it was extra high.  At the gym, I’ve been putting one riser under the bench and at home my bench is different and not as high.  I figured I might as well put both risers under the bench tonight because I’m sure I will have to do it that way all weekend!


I ordered some new protein because I was almost finished my other Vega protein.  I’ve been trying to make a protein smoothie after tough BodyPump workouts.  I had the Vega Energizing Smoothie mix before in chocolate and I really liked that.  This time, I ordered their performance protein that is the third step in their nutrition program (recover).  I got this one because it had almost double the protein for the same amount of calories.  Since I don’t really eat meat (just seafood) I really need to watch my protein intake, especially with all this BodyPump training!  I tried this tonight after my big class and it was good!  I just had it with some Light Chocolate Silk Soy Milk and PB2 powder.  Yum :)

I’ll try to post this weekend, but I might be too tired Saturday night! Hopefully I will do a big review on my Les Mills BodyPump training Monday or Tuesday after I’ve recovered!

Lots of Ice

Friday: 45 minute “PiYo” class

Saturday: 8 mile run (1:22)

I didn’t have school yesterday, so I decided to go to a new yoga/pilates class that my gym offers Friday morning.  Yesterday was the first time the class was offered, so I was excited to see what it was like.

I really liked the PiYo class, but it wasn’t what I expected at all! It was a mix of pilates and a little yoga like I expected, but mixed in cardio elements and toning (squats, lunges, etc).  I worked up a sweat but was worried that I pushed my recovering left calf too much.  I tried to modify the lunge/squat moves and took breaks.




I iced my calves with frozen vegetables again.  Since I was already sitting on the kitchen floor, I figured I would practice my trumpet.  What … you don’t practice your trumpet and ice your calves on the kitchen floor?  I’m playing for two church services Sunday and have some more trumpet things coming up this month.  I’m not sure if I ever mentioned this was my primary instrument on the blog? I play violin more now, but trumpet was my main instrument in college.


I ran 8 (PAIN FREE!!!!!) miles this morning on the rail trail with Amy.  We kept around a 10 minute pace and felt great.  I really needed the mental boost from this run to prep me for my 18 miler next weekend!  I came home and dumped a huge amount of ice in the tub.  I haven’t taken an ice bath since my marathon training last year and I was scared to get in.  I am really trying to take care of my legs until the race.  I will keep icing, stretching, yoga-ing, and foam rolling until the marathon to keep my legs happy!



Tuesday: 3 miles on TM!! First run in a week! (walk/run – around 33 minutes)

Wednesday: 6 miles on TM (feeling good!!) (walk/run – around 1 hr 10 minutes)

I am taking good care of my legs this week!! After the week off and advil, my legs were feeling so much better.  I decided to go to the gym this week to try easing back into running on the treadmill.  I figured if I hurt, I could just walk or stop.  That way, I wouldn’t be stuck crying miles away from my house!  I also wanted to run on an even, soft and flat surface because I thought that would be easier on me.  Hills really seemed to flare up my pulled calf last week, so I wanted to be careful.  My marathon is on a flat rail trail, so I don’t think it is completely necessary to run hills right now.

After two successful runs this week on the treadmill (3 on Tuesday and 6 today!) I iced my calves on frozen vegetables.  I made sure to walk when I felt like it on the treadmill and I am really feeling a lot better! I promise to take care of my legs to get me to the marathon… so lots of ice and this new present…

I bought this Gaiam massage stick (like the running “stick”) at Target for under $15 last weekend.  It’s hard to get myself to remember to foam roll at night and this has been great.  I think it works better than the foam roller.  The website says “Target pressure points, increase circulation and alleviate sore muscles with our convenient hand-held Massage Stick”.  Really really love this thing. I kept putting off getting “the stick” because it seemed so big and expensive.  I always just tried to use a drum stick (remember, I am a music teacher) but this Gaiam stick has been great.

I decided to make risotto for dinner tonight and used a very easy Barefoot Contessa recipe. It always turns out perfect!

Basically, you put 4 cups of simmering chicken/vegetable stock in a dutch oven with 1 1/2 cups risotto (arborio rice) and let it bake on 350 degrees for 45 minutes. When you take it out, you add another cup of stock, wine, butter (I used Earth Balance), salt, pepper and frozen peas. So easy. It is a little bit on the stickier side, but I like it that way.

I also roasted shrimp in the oven (400 degrees, 8-10 min.) for the risotto.  Another Barefoot Contessa recipe where you just coat shrimp with olive oil, salt and pepper and bake.

Delicious, fills Colby and I up and gives us leftovers for lunch tomorrow :)

Vega Sport Nutrition

I was lucky to receive a Vega Sport Startle Bundle from the nice people at Vega Sport to try out!


Vega Sport is an all natural, plant-based sports performance system. Their system contains three categories: “Prepare, Sustain and Recover”.  I was very excited to try out their products, especially the “recover” products.  I am always looking for protein/recovery products to try that are dairy-free because of my allergy.  Luckily, all of the Vega products are completely vegan so I was happy to try everything.

Inside the Starter Bundle was a bunch of products, and so far I’ve tried the protein bars and performance protein.  The protein bars are kinda high in calories (240) but are extremely convenient to eat after I run and go to BodyPump on Tuesday/Thursdays.  I really liked the chocolate coconut protein bar and I was not sore the day after BodyPump. P.S. I just started BodyPump release #80 this week and it is crazzzzy! I think the lunges and shoulders are tough!


I am excited to try the endurance gel instead of my usual GU when my marathon training runs get a bit longer.


Vega is currently running a sweepstakes until March 31.  You can click here and enter to win over $30,000 in prizes.  Maybe you can win a few Vega Sport products to try out while you train for your spring race!



How do you get ready for your workouts and keep energy up during and recover after?

What are your favorite running fuels?