Running Again

Sunday workout: 6 miles (1:01:08)



This was my first run in 2 weeks!! AHH! I really wasn’t looking forward to it Sunday morning, but as soon as I got started it felt great.  Don’t get me wrong, I was breathing heavy, my legs felt sluggish and my hips/calves got sore but I was happy to run.  I was originally going to run 8 that day, but Colby talked me into going down to 6.  After taking two weeks off because I’ve been so busy, I better be careful!


I went out with running slow and walking on my mind.  I tried not to look at my Garmin and just go slow and enjoy it.  I actually started off feeling extremely comfortable and did 9:36 for my first mile. Mile 2-3 are uphill so I slowed down a bit and walked during mile 4 and 6.  It was refreshing to slow down my pace and enjoy running without expectations.  I’m hoping to ease back into my short half marathon training plan this week by running Tues/Thurs and hopefully fit in some BodyPump as well!

My friend Amy asked me to post the package to the Falafel chickpea balls I’ve been taking to school for lunch sometimes.  I usually heat them up in the microwave (they are in the cold organic/dairy-free/kombucha/my favorite section of the local grocery store).  I usually put them in a pita with some salad or sometimes in pasta (kinda like meatballs).  They are a nice change up for packed lunches and I like to treat myself to them once in awhile :)


I was cold and in the mood for soup this past weekend after looking at my new Runner’s World.  There were a few soup recipes that caught my eye and I ended up looking at the Lentil and Black Bean soup. I ended up adding mushrooms and red peppers and substituted lentils (I didn’t have any) for these Lebanese Couscous that I got from Williams Sonoma.  The bag seems to last a while and they kinda taste like small pasta pieces but have more protein and fiber. They really worked well in the soup and I had a lot of leftovers to eat for lunch the next two days.


This is the recipe from Runner’s World that uses lentils.

Just a side note…

Yes, I’m like a 13 year old and I love Twilight.  I forgot that the Breaking Dawn soundtrack comes out November 8!! I might stay up til midnight just to listen to it.  I have loved all of the Twilight Soundtracks … they are actually very good! My absolute favorite was New Moon because there are so many great artists that are not “main-stream”.  I’m hoping the new soundtrack is just as good!

Fitness Friday!

Friday Workout: Rest day!! Only foam rolling and stretching for this lady!
After tough Tuesday-Thursday workouts, I kept my word and I am taking a rest day! I would really love to do a longer run tomorrow, so I have to take it easy today. My muscles need a break!

Ran some errands with Mommy today… picked up a pair of tan dressier shorts and a few shirts at Target.


Found a new Target nut butter to try! I’m not usually a cashew fan, but I thought I would try this mix out. Nutritional Facts: 2 Tbsp. 185 calories, 3g fiber, 7g protein.

I also picked up some chapstick. I have a slight obsession with chapstick and it has to be this brand in strawberry or cherry flavor. I have them stashed everywhere: at school, home, desks, purses, car, computer bag, gym bag, SPIbelt for running,  next to the bed… I loose them constantly, but I can always find another because I have them everywhere.

Mom and I went to Panera for lunch… Half a Mediterranean Veggie sandwich on Tomato Basil bread, half a Greek salad and an apple. Seriously good and lots of feta cheese!

My Sunny Seeds came in the mail today! I asked if I could write a Sunny Seed Runner story for their blog and I got them in the mail today! Rocky tried to steal them, but I told him we can’t open them up until we use them for our running story!

Fitness Friday!

Trying something new! I’ve gotten a few compliments on workouts I’ve posted (so nice!) and I decided to create an entire Workouts! tab at the top of my blog. I am hoping to post a different type of workout each Friday and keep all of them together in this page.  Workouts may include: treadmill intervals, running playlists, half and full marathon training plans, strength training and yoga sessions. It’s a work in progress! I also want to know what workouts you did today!

Today is a “Glute Strength” workout from the March 2011 issue of Runner’s World!

This article says that glutes are an important muscle group for runners and are often neglected.

The glutes keep a runner’s legs, pelvis and torso aligned.  Weak glutes can cause Achilles tendinitis, shinsplints, runner’s knee and IT band issues.

Most strength-training routines don’t isolate the glutes, so it is important to work them out on their own!

This article recommends doing two or three sets of these glute exercises – 12 to 15 reps two times a week.

What was your Friday workout???

My Day Suddenly Got Better!

Today was a LONG and frustrating day at work today. I’ll leave it at that and not go into work-details :)

I woke up this morning at 5:30 when the BF was going to go workout and swim and I had planned to run a nice 4 miler. That did not happen because I couldn’t open my eyes and set my alarm for 7.  When it went off at 7 I hit snooze for 45 minutes. 45 minutes!! I basically rolled out of bed, threw my greasy hair in a ponytail and coffee with my eggs and waffles.

I finished around 4:00 today and thought maybe I would go to the ab class that was a half an hour before the spin class I was supposed to go to at 5:30 tonight.  I came home and sat down for 15 minutes and when I tried to get up to change for the gym I knew it wasn’t going to happen. I NEED to start taking recovery drinks when I kill my muscles at BodyPump! My legs still feel trashed from all the extra weight on the squats and lunges Monday night.

When training for the Pittsburgh Marathon… I always made a smoothie with my recovery powders:

Lesson learned… when I work out hard – I should probably make a recovery smoothie.

When I got home, my day got better when I saw this face:

and got this in the mail:

and even though I was bummed about not working out and being tired I was pretty ecstatic when I saw that…


I seriously ADORE Janae @ The Hungry Runner Girl and I NEVER win anything!! I am SO excited to try out the Anonya running capris !!!!

I’m okay with my “off” day on my workout log because I know I have BodyPump tomorrow night and will hopefully run too :)

Healthy Living Summit!!

Happy Monday everyone!!  I stayed up way too late Sunday night reading blogs and watching the Breaking Dawn trailer 1,000 times… Okay, I exaggerate. Kinda… I’ve been so tired and the kids at school are kinda crazy because it is their last week!  Monday nights I always teach music lessons and get home around 6:30. Even when training for the marathon, I never ran on Mondays because I didn’t feel like it.  I’m actually debating getting on the treadmill right now. If I tell myself I can just get on it and walk, I’ll probably end up running a few miles.


When I got home, I got this in the mail…….

I <3 my Runner’s World magazines.  It did make me feel guilty like I should run tonight.

I didn’t run after lessons because I had to sign up for this at 8:00….

Woo woo! My first blogging conference!!!

I am SO excited to meet other bloggers, and especially hear Julie – Peanut Butter Fingers and Tina – Carrots ‘N’ Cake speak!!

Carrots ‘N’ Cake!!

Oh my gosh I look sweaty and I didn’t even run yet. I’m wearing my running clothes though, isn’t that a start?

I definitely have a 4:30 BODYPUMP class scheduled for tomorrow and a 5:30 Spin class on Wednesday.  I’m really digging the classes because they are scheduled and something different!