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End of the School Year

Hi everyone!  I have been away from the computer finishing up the busy school year, but summer is almost here!  Even though I have been busy, I have still been keeping up with my workouts :)

From my Exercise Log…

May 27-June 2, 2013

Monday: BodyPump (taught track 4) and 2.5 miles outside

Tuesday: off

Wednesday: shortened BodyPump at home 

Thursday: 2.5 miles on TM

Friday: BodyPump (taught tracks 6,7,8,9,10)

Saturday: off

Sunday: BodyPump at home 2.5 miles outside

Last week I had after school commitments Tuesday-Thursday and I really tried to fit in a few short workouts.  Friday I taught the second half of BodyPump at the gym and it went really well.


 Ever since my training two weeks ago, I’ve been working towards taping myself teaching an entire class for my BODYPUMP certification.  Les Mills requires you to submit a film of you teaching an entire class in one take.  I went for it this past Tuesday night after a long day of school and everything was going soooo well.  I was using my iPad like the instructor told us to use for filming.  I was in the middle of lunges (track 7/10) and the instructor watching my iPad told me it ran out of space and stopped!!! I was so mad! It was going so well!!!  So I’m going to try again soon but with an actual digital camcorder so I don’t run out of space!



I found this bright pink running skirt at Target last week and ran in it a few days ago.  It is really comfortable and looks good too!  I don’t know why it took me so long to try out running skirts!

PS it was my blog’s 2 year anniversary on May 21, but I think I was so tired after the Pump training weekend I forgot!  Two years ago I started my blog after just completing my first full marathon.  I also joined a gym soon after and started taking BodyPump classes.  I never would have thought I would be teaching them now!

Colby’s half-Ironman is this weekend!

Procrastination and over-exercising

Thursday Workout: BodyPump class (1 hour) and 2 mile walk/run on treadmill

So I did my 30 minute ab class and 1 hour spin class Wednesday night.  It definitely helped posting that I was going that morning because I didn’t want to back out and then have to take it off my exercise log!!So, I must confess that I do not love spinning. I know it is good for me because it uses different muscles and can make me a better runner, but I look at the clock every 10 minutes when I am there.  I just think about how I would rather be running during that hour and that running would probably burn more calories.

I did rock these babies to spin class yesterday…

My new Anonya capris!! Look at that fake pose!

Remember when I won these…

I was VERY LUCKY to win Janae’s Hungry Runner Girl Giveaway!

I loved the capris for spin class and thought they were very comfortable.  I can’t wait to try them out in the Fall when I run in the cooler weather!


Since I went on a sugar high during the past few weeks, I’ve been trying to go without sweets for the past few days. Today I caved and ate a pack of peanut butter Tastykakes… I couldn’t help it!!!! One pack had 2 cakes for 180 calories and 12 grams of sugar. Not the worst, but the box is empty now so I can’t go to them tomorrow! Haha! Take that box of sugary-goodness!


So, I DEFINITELY need to cool it with the two workouts in one day and take tomorrow completely off.  I should have probably skipped BodyPump tonight, but I just love it too much!  My body feels a little beaten up after running 5 miles/BodyPump on Tuesday, ab class/spinning yesterday and BodyPump/2 mile run/walk tonight. I tried to run tonight after class and my legs felt so heavy.  A rest day is definitely in the works for tomorrow and will only include foam rolling and stretching!

I have been looking at different 1/2 marathon plans for the race I signed up for in October.  I would like to do a 12 week training plan, so I would need to start training the week of July 25th.  I think I will end up blending a few different plans together to create something I’m happy with for this race.  I’m planning on figuring this out within the next few days and I will make sure to post what I decide to use! I would still love to do BodyPump 1-2 times a week while I train for this race.

I did buy more Recoverite today so I can keep taking a scoop of this and a 1/2 or full scoop of protein after my classes. It has definitely helped my muscles recover faster!


I started my next online grad class this past Monday (Music Theory through Boston University).  I had big plans to get some work done yesterday and today and it’s funny how nothing got done… I think this class has me a bit overwhelmed and I am avoiding it! I need to get my act together! I’m such a hypocrite though because I am typing this as I am supposed to be listening to my professor in Boston giving a “live lecture” on things I don’t understand… Good thing it is recorded and I can go back and listen to it again tomorrow if I need it. I’m all sweaty and haven’t showered yet and I’m just sitting here in my smelly clothes. Gross right? Sometimes I don’t shower right after class. I feel like I need to make sure I stop sweating before I shower!

Oh yeah…Big Brother 13 starts at 9:00 tonight so I will put off my work even more…  :)


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