Sunny Seed Runner!

Workout: 3 mile run (2.5 outside in 24 min, .5 walk on TM) , BodyPump 77 Ab Track! (4 min.)

I let my Garmin die after my bike ride! It was at 0% this morning!! WHYYYY????

I HAVE to know my pace and stats so it was horrible going without it this morning. I know many people enjoy going without their Garmin every once in awhile, but not me. I probably ran way too hard in the beginning and was dying by the end. When I got to my house I knew I couldn’t add on anymore and stopped after 2.5 miles and ran inside to see the time. I had been out for 24 minutes, so I probably ran the first mile fairly fast for me because my overall pace was about 9:36 and I know I was much slower near the end. I hopped on the treadmill when I got in to cool down. I slept in this morning and didn’t start running until 10:00 when it was already 85 degrees. Not smart. I have a running date with my friend Amy tomorrow morning at 8, so I know it will be better because it will be shady and not as hot!

Playing around with my Instagram iPhone app!

Hey Apple people, did you see the new iOS 5 operating system (for iPhone, iPad, IPod Touch) is coming out this Fall? Looks like a very good update!

Make sure to check out my guest post on Lisa @ Sunny Seed Stories !

All my posing while running paid off :)

P.S. my first running skirt comes in the mail today!


What? You don’t ask your Dad to take pictures of you “running” with your hair curled and smiling? Oh, I guess that’s just me…

I’ve been trying to cut back on the sugar lately, but then I found these.  Sunny Seeds are seriously addicting and I’ve gone through 3 containers in the past 2 weeks. They sit next to my computer and I can’t help but eat them when I blog! Lisa @ Sunny Seed Stories allowed me to write a blog post for her about my new obsession, and I wanted to get some action shots! My Dad and I dropped my Mom off at the airport this morning and I asked if he would take “a few” pictures of me running outside.  Mom gets to go to Canada this week!

Here are a few action shots for your amusement…

Thought my arms looked nice in this pic, but my hair is all over the place!

It’s difficult getting a good picture while trying to run across the street, smile and look at a camera without running into a car!

You don’t prepare for a run by curling your hair and getting a headshot? :) I ordered the skirt that goes with this Brooks tank last week on sale and free shipping online. It should come this week, but I’m scared to wear it! I’m hoping I fall in love with it and can wear it to races and hopefully pass a few boys!

My BIC Bands came in the mail a few days ago!! I love the “skinny minnie” size, which is the smallest out of all the sizes and I’ve almost completely worn out my black sparkle, so I ordered two new ones! This one is pink with green outline.

LOVE this one! Green sparkle! I just wish I could get a PINK skinny minnie sparkle band! Wouldn’t that be perfect??

Today I need to finish my grad work and run tonight  (since I missed the cooler weather this morning because I left at 6 to take Mom to the airport). I should probably stop posting pictures of myself so you don’t get sick of me!! :)

Fitness Friday!

Friday Workout: Rest day!! Only foam rolling and stretching for this lady!
After tough Tuesday-Thursday workouts, I kept my word and I am taking a rest day! I would really love to do a longer run tomorrow, so I have to take it easy today. My muscles need a break!

Ran some errands with Mommy today… picked up a pair of tan dressier shorts and a few shirts at Target.


Found a new Target nut butter to try! I’m not usually a cashew fan, but I thought I would try this mix out. Nutritional Facts: 2 Tbsp. 185 calories, 3g fiber, 7g protein.

I also picked up some chapstick. I have a slight obsession with chapstick and it has to be this brand in strawberry or cherry flavor. I have them stashed everywhere: at school, home, desks, purses, car, computer bag, gym bag, SPIbelt for running,  next to the bed… I loose them constantly, but I can always find another because I have them everywhere.

Mom and I went to Panera for lunch… Half a Mediterranean Veggie sandwich on Tomato Basil bread, half a Greek salad and an apple. Seriously good and lots of feta cheese!

My Sunny Seeds came in the mail today! I asked if I could write a Sunny Seed Runner story for their blog and I got them in the mail today! Rocky tried to steal them, but I told him we can’t open them up until we use them for our running story!

Fitness Friday!

Trying something new! I’ve gotten a few compliments on workouts I’ve posted (so nice!) and I decided to create an entire Workouts! tab at the top of my blog. I am hoping to post a different type of workout each Friday and keep all of them together in this page.  Workouts may include: treadmill intervals, running playlists, half and full marathon training plans, strength training and yoga sessions. It’s a work in progress! I also want to know what workouts you did today!

Today is a “Glute Strength” workout from the March 2011 issue of Runner’s World!

This article says that glutes are an important muscle group for runners and are often neglected.

The glutes keep a runner’s legs, pelvis and torso aligned.  Weak glutes can cause Achilles tendinitis, shinsplints, runner’s knee and IT band issues.

Most strength-training routines don’t isolate the glutes, so it is important to work them out on their own!

This article recommends doing two or three sets of these glute exercises – 12 to 15 reps two times a week.

What was your Friday workout???

Friday Bike Ride

Friday Workout: 2 mile walk, 6 mile bike ride

So… instead of running I walked 2 miles this morning. I was tired and haven’t been feelin early morning running lately.  However, my legs and arms feel FANTASTIC after drinking a recovery shake last night after my BodyPump class! I pushed myself just as hard at this class as the previous one, but my legs feel fine today! My body definitely needs the extra protein after those classes and I’m so happy I’m not crazy sore today.

Last night, the parents, Colby and I went for Mexican food at one of my favorite restaurants.  It is SO GOOD there and so affordable! The restaurant was having their 2nd year anniversary this week and last night was buy one dinner entree, get one free! YESSSSSSS

Vegetarian Quesadilla! Seriously the best thing ever!

This morning on our 2 mile walk:

Colby reluctantly posing on our walk. Come on boy, gotta smile for the blog :)

Now THAT is how you pose for your walking picture!

When it was time for lunch, I was very excited to try an “Oh She Glows” recipe: Vegetable and Endamame Pasta with Basil Cream Sauce Angela always has the best recipes and food pictures on her blog, so I was happy to try out this Basil/Avocado sauce she used for this recipe!

I ended up keeping the grilled veggies separate from the pasta with basil/avocado sauce.  I ate SO much of this and it was very goooood! It was so nice having a “cream” like sauce without any dairy.

After lunch, I went for a bike ride with my Dad. Remember my little girl purple Specialized bike that has a youth sized frame and kick stand???

You know you love it.

The park we went to this afternoon for our bike ride. I love this park and used to run here all the time.  There is a trail that goes from this parking lot that is great for running, but only totals at 3 miles when you get back to the car. I used to run this all the time when I was new to running.  Now it seems crazy to do that out and back a few times.

My little girl bike stats.  I wore my heart rate monitor, but I think 268 calories seems high for the short ride.  I’m thinking it was more like 200 calories.

I was starving when I got back and cut up a peach and put raspberries, blueberries and a strawberry together with dark chocolate balsamic. I was craving something sweet so I thought this was better than the Tastykake I really wanted…

But then I came upstairs and finished these off while typing this post…

Ammmmazing Sunny Seed Drops! These are seriously addictive.

Believe it or not, this pink princess is going fishing tomorrow with the boyfriend’s family.  That’s right. Fishing. Not sure if I will even touch a live fish, but I can hold the fishing rod and pose for pictures. Oh, and wear a bathing suit and work on the tan. Poor Colby.