New Shoes on the Treadmill



Since it looks like this outside today and is STILL snowing, I was stuck on the treadmill today.  That was probably for the best, because I got to try out my NEW SHOES!! (I got them yesterday at Road Runner Sports and did a little review post last night)



SO pink! :)  They felt good, but different. I am definitely taking it slow by easing into these Asics.  I did a total of 3 miles on the treadmill with them. I did a comfortable workout and alternated between running and walking.  Then I jumped in the hot tub to relax and look the patio into the backyard.



I also thought I should mention my new obsession…



About a month ago I discovered the one grocery store near us has AWESOME SUSHI! Like so good I can’t get enough and keep making trips there.  It is so cheap and you get like 12 pieces in each container! A sushi chef from one of the restaurants near us (must find out where) comes in everyday to make it.  Yummmmmmm I want some more! This picture was from like two days ago.  I can’t get enough!!

Trip to NY

Last weekend, Colby and I went to NYC to see Mary Poppins on broadway.  We went along with a high school trip and also went to the American Museum of Natural History.  The trip was not cancelled, but we left early in case there was traffic.  It was sad to see some of the areas without electricity and flooded areas.


Night at the Museum! Gum gum, dumb dumb?

We also stopped at Madame Tussauds wax museum

TWILIGHT in less than a week!!!!!!!!!!

Our second family? Now I share the same last name with them!

Some random notes from this past week…

I had a crazy delicious sushi dinner last night.  Colby and I were craving Asian food and I didn’t feel like cooking.  It was awesome.  Look at my pretty plate!

Wednesday, I took another Les Mill’s Body Flow class and it was INTENSE!  My back has been sore for the past two days!  I would much rather have a class that was tough like that one and I am looking forward to going on a weekly basis.  I am also planning another swim lesson with Colby tomorrow!



Week 17

Tuesday: 4 miles on the TM

Thursday: 6 miles (1:01:36)

I ran 6 miles on Thursday with Amy in the park and walked the last half a mile back to her house.  Our pace was around 9:30-9:40 when we ran the first 5.5 miles and my legs really loosened up and felt good after a mile.  My legs were feeling pretty tired after my 12 miles last weekend, but I’m starting to feel good now.  Tomorrow I’m going to run my last long run of the training plan, only 8 miles! YAY!

Colby went to an Orioles game tonight in Baltimore with his brother (he is a Phillies fan and I am a Yankees fan).  I decided to get my favorite dinner tonight since I am on my own…

MMMMMmmmmm my favorite sushi. Jersey roll: shrimp tempura, cream cheese, avocado and fish roe. Tiger roll: fried shrimp, lettuce, and spicy mayo.

I got a pretty pink hanging plant for our front porch today :)

I had a concert this past week and I have a few more coming up.  I think I enjoy hearing my beginning musicians play at their first concert each year because they learn so much in a year.  Also, they are just pretty cute.  My students have four more concerts this month.

Speaking of concerts, back in March the music teachers in my department put on a concert.  We do this every year and get pretty excited about performing for our students and community.  Each year, we try to out do the previous year.  This year, I played a few pieces on trumpet and violin but learned a special percussion piece that was similar to “Stomp”.  I practiced for a few months memorizing the rhythms and it was so much fun! I’m third from the right side.

We submitted a video of this performance to a teacher talent contest and we are currently in the lead.  If we win, we can donate $1,000 to our music scholarship we offer to high school seniors going to college for music education.  The contest ends this Monday, and if you could just click here and vote for “Jon Moyer, School Stomp” it would truly be appreciated!!!!

Have a good weekend :)

Football and Food

Sunday Long Run: 5 miles (48:42)

This weekend was a shorter long run for week 3 of my training plan.  Next weekend it will be back up with a 9 miler.  After missing two mid-week runs and BodyPump this week because of being sick, I was just happy to have gotten my 4 mile run in on Thursday and this 5 mile run today.  I did miss two 3 mile runs, but I think it was just more important to take the break.  Hopefully this will be the only time I get sick during my training plan!

Last night, my parents took Colby and I out for dinner for an early birthday sushi meal.  My new iPhone takes great pictures and I thought the sushi was so pretty :)  It was SO good!


I’m not really a huge football fan. I mean, I’m watching the Super Bowl right now (reading blogs and watching commercials) but baseball is my favorite sport to watch.  I usually pay attention to the half time show more than the game.  Not that excited to see Madonna.  I never really do much for the Super Bowl, and I was kinda surprised to see online that today is the second-largest day for food consumption, just after Thanksgiving.  I just never really thought about it much, since I never go to a Super Bowl party or anything. To impress Colby… (I’m becoming soooo domestic…) I decided to make pizza and football chocolate treats.

And when I say make pizza…



I mean my first attempt at making pizza dough and everything!!  I used the Barefoot Contessa recipe my Mom uses and it turned out great!


Colby and I made separate pizzas and had tons of leftovers.  I used half real half fake mozzarella (Daiya) on mine, along with peppers, onions and mushrooms.


Crazy good and very proud of myself :)

After pizza, I attempted to make Peas and Thank You’s chocolate covered chocolate chip peanut butter cookie dough footballs.  The chocolate that coats the footballs calls for coconut oil, and I had a free sample packet from HLS that I used.

Yes, they were cute… but way too much work.  They are almost too sweet for me because I wish I made them smaller.  I also made my own icing, but it was kinda runny and hard to use.  I was ready to lay down on the couch and was sick of working on these for what seemed like a long time, so I just went with the runny icing.  I’m not a huge baker, I’d much rather cook any day.  I usually get bored baking, and these were baked, then in and out of the fridge to set a few times.  Cute, but I probably wouldn’t make them again.

Enjoy the game… hoping to get all my runs in this week even though I will be busy!