Half Marathon Training Updates


Hello!! I took a little blog break, but I’m back!  Life got busy with our new baby Bella, work and training for the Nike DC Half Marathon!  After SO MUCH SNOW I am finally off the treadmill and outside for most of my runs.  I’ve been pretty good about staying close to my training plan, but I’ve had to change around what days I run.  Most weeks I’ve been running on both Saturday and Sunday to make up for a missed mid-week run.  Our puppy just wants all of our attention when we come home from school :)

I am about to finish week 6 of my training plan today.  No long run for this week, but I am supposed to “race” a 5K.  I missed a mid-week, so after I finish blogging and pick up this puppy off my lap (aww) I’m going to warm up for 1 mile, “race” my 5K and then cool down with another mile.  I’ve been running most of my long runs with my friend Amy and we’ve been trying to keep around a 9:30 pace.  I’ve been sick the past week, so it has been tough.  I’ve been trying to push it on my shorter runs.  Below are a few mid-week runs from March…

Screen shot 3-2-14 AM

I’ve been aiming for negative splits!  It motivates me to run harder.

Screen shot3-11 PM

Screen shot 3-15 PM

This was my run yesterday.  It was SO WINDY!!! I would hit spots where it felt like I had a parachute on my back!  I didn’t pay attention to my watch too much because I was trying to stay comfortable in the wind, but I should have ran my 3rd mile faster to keep the negatives.  Oh well!

Now onto the important stuff – my baby!  She is SO sweet.  We’ve been taking puppy classes at PetSmart and she graduates next weekend!  She is pretty good with her tricks and potty training.  We are still struggling with some biting when we are playing with toys and she gets our hands.  She also went through a phase where she was scared to go outside.  I think all the snow melted and she could see everything so she would go the bathroom and run straight back to the door.  We’ve been taking her farther away from the house and working on walking outside.

photo 4

The weather was great yesterday (besides the wind)! We went over to my parents and Colby, my Mom, Bella and I walked almost a mile to their park!  We were so proud!

photo 3

Her favorite toy (from the Disney movie Tangled)

photo 2

Her little “chair” she makes out of a pet house in her play pen.

photo 1

My Mom talked me into this one…. a JOGGING STROLLER for pets!  This will be for the summer when we take her to Lake Placid, NY for Colby’s Ironman!  We are taking her with us, and I think this will really help out on race day when we are outside all day.  I’m hoping she will like it enough for me to take her on runs too!


We love our little girl.  She is over 3 lbs now! For more pictures/videos of tricks… go to my Instagram :)

PS this is my 300th post on my blog! woo hoo!

Mini Running Goal

Screen shot 2013-09-03 at 6.32.40 PM


I had high hopes of lots of exercise this past Labor Day weekend.  Instead, I felt tired and run down and took a major 3 day break.  At first it made me panic a bit not to exercise 3 days in a row, but eventually I calmed it down and realized I needed it.  Instead of working out Saturday morning, I spent over an hour watching Wen on QVC.  Sadly, this isn’t the first time I’ve watched Wen on QVC and I’ve wanted to try it for a long time.  I ordered a starter kit off Amazon and it should be here in a few days.  I think my hair will do really well with this cleansing conditioner.  I have dry, thick hair and kind of a dry scalp.  I am just curious to how it will be after heavy exercise.  I’ll make sure to review it on the blog :)

Screen shot 2013-09-03 at 12.06.15 PM


After taking a break this weekend, I signed up for a 5 mile race I really wanted to do.  I did this race in 2010 and 2011 and it is awesome.  I’ve been putting off registering because I’m kinda nervous.  I haven’t raced since the Nike Half in April and I haven’t been running much.  To put my obsessive mind at ease, I decided to make up a mini training plan to get me to this race.  I know it is only 5 miles, but I ran it pretty fast both times and I’d like to PR!

Screen shot 2013-09-03 at 12.40.25 PM


The race is in 4 weeks and I did my 3 mile run today.  I know I need to do some speed work/ hill work if I want to improve my time from 2011. (43:55 – a 8:47 pace and that is fast for me!)  I NEVER do hill work or speed work (unless it is on the treadmill) so I need to push myself!  There is still lots of BODYPUMP teaching going on each week, so I have to make sure I fit in my runs too!

NWM DC Training Plan

I ran 3 miles yesterday and today, so I can check those off my pre-training plan I posted yesterday!

Picture 5

I ran outside today and it was very windy! I took one walk break during mile 2 and was happy to keep it under a 10 minute mile.  I looked at my stats later and saw I walked almost 2 minutes, so I must have picked up the pace to keep that mile down.  I need to push myself more often so I get used to running in the low 9′s.

It was snowing yesterday, so I ran my 3 miles on the treadmill.  I ran 1.5 miles, got off and did 10 minutes of abs/planks and then got back on the treadmill to finish.  I did a 1:30 plank, then one CXWORX ab track I have memorized and one BodyPump ab track.  I am sore today!

My Training Plan for the Nike Women’s DC Half Marathon…


I based this plan off of Hal Higdon’s Novice 2 Half Marathon plan, but added just a bit to the mid-week runs.  I’m hoping to cross train at least once a week, but twice would be great too! My cross training will be CXWORX, BodyPump or yoga :)


Hope you had a great Christmas! If you are feeling the same way I am… you are feeling LAZY!  I need to get back into gear and just follow a training plan! Since I am running the Nike Women’s DC Half on April 28, I will decide on a 12 week training plan soon.  However, that leaves me 6 weeks to get ready for a training plan!  Since I am still in my sweats and on the couch today (snowed in!) I made up a pre-half marathon plan for me to follow until February.  This might sound a bit crazy, but in the past I have been very good at following training plans.  After last May’s marathon, I took a big break from running on a regular basis.  I am ready to kick it back into gear and get serious about it again!

Winter Running Plan


This is what happens when I have extra time on my hands.  I think it is pretty cute, so I hope it will motivate me to follow it!

Thursdays and Fridays I may switch because CXWORX is offered both nights at my gym and that is going to be my main cross training.  I may also throw in some yoga or BodyPump too!  Saturday/Sunday long runs have always been something I switch around based on how I am feeling that weekend.  Since it is such short mileage (which I need!) I’m hoping to just do it on Saturdays.


Do you follow training plans? Are you good at following them?