Another Snow Day

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So it is very snowy in PA today and we are stuck inside!  Another snow day for teachers and kids and it doesn’t look good for tomorrow.  I started feeling kinda sick last Thursday and by Saturday I knew I had a cold.  I woke up Sunday and felt horrible!! I’m lucky we had off Monday for MLK and today with snow.  I’ve been taking it very easy with exercise and tonight was the first time I really did something.

This morning I tried to sleep in, but couldn’t.  I made some protein pancakes for breakfast and laid on the couch a lot!

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Around 4:00 I started feeling restless and needed to work out.  I was feeling better so I decided to try to run.  I am starting a half marathon training plan February 3, so I am trying to run shorter 2-3 mile runs more often until I start training.

I need to make sure I have BODYPUMP 88 down for this week because we launch on Saturday.  I have it pretty much down, but I wanted to watch the DVD again.  Our gym has gotten a little behind on launches, but I don’t mind.  I ran on the tracks I didn’t want to do and did tracks 3-chest, 5-triceps, 7-lunges and 8-shoulders.  I feel like I have to keep up with chest and tricep tracks or else I loose it and get really sore if I only teach one time a week.  I think the shoulders are crazy hard in this release!

I got 3 miles done on the treadmill over the course of watching and doing parts of the BP dvd.  I finished by doing the Tone It Up Love Your Abs video below two times.  I was tired!

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I’m not sure what I want to make for dinner yet because nothing has really sounded good to me since I’m sick.  I made an orange vanilla smoothie before I took a shower and it was great!  1 large orange, 1 scoop vanilla protein, vanilla almond milk and ice!

Home Gym!

We put down the gym floor we bought the other day!


We moved my treadmill and Colby’s bike trainer and put down the floor (it came on a roll that was 4 ft wide, so there are two pieces).  The floor mat is HEAVY and black with white and red specks.  It is about 8 ft x 12.5 ft :)  I love it and after I post this, I am going downstairs to work out!  We also put an old tv, a dvd player and speakers there so I can practice my BODYPUMP!


As I was cleaning some stuff in the basement, I got these new gorgeous weights in the mail!  I ordered them at the beginning of the week and they got here within a few days.  I order my BODYPUMP equipment through this website – Fitness Body Online.  The weights are in LBS instead of KG (like most gyms with BP equipment) At the gym, I have been squating with two large plates (5 kg/11 lbs each).  Now I can use two 10 lbs on each side and add on my small 2.5 lbs later when I need an extra push.


I brought down my hand weights (5 and 10 lbs), my foam roller and yoga mats.  I had a green Gaiam one from Target that I like and a cheap pink one I ruined by planking with sneakers one time and the mat started falling apart.  We were near the one dollar store-type of place called Five Below and I picked up two more cheap yoga mats ($5 each) to keep downstairs.  They work well when I keep my sneakers off of them during planks!  I’ve also bought resistance bands from Five Below and they also have hand weights that are really nice!

Off to run on my treadmill and do some abs on my new gym floor!  BIG GIVEAWAY ON MONDAY :)

Trying New Les Mills Classes

Happy 4th of July!


I have been hitting the gym hard for the past week with lots of classes.  After I post this, I am getting on my treadmill and running 4 miles, even if I’m sore and have to walk!  I’ve been team-teaching and subbing BODYPUMP once or twice a week at the gym.  Last week I tried BODYCOMBAT for the first time!



You can read about BODYCOMBAT on the Les Mills website and there are tons of videos on YouTube.  I took this class last Thursday night.  My calorie burn (according to my Polar) was 407 for the class.  I enjoyed it and left feeling good.  The next morning I woke up with crazy sore arms and upper back muscles!  I was shocked!!  It definitely worked different muscles and that will really inspire me to try it again in the future.  I taught pump the next night and was soreeeee!

This week, I tried BODYATTACK on Tuesday night for the first time.



You can read more about BODYATTACK on the Les Mills website here.  This is going to be a new class for my gym and is officially going on the schedule in the next few weeks.  Going into this class, I knew it was going to be tough.  My friend Steph has taken this class for awhile and says it is awesome.  This class did not disappoint and I LOVED IT!  This is CARDIO CARDIO CARDIO with strength training (no weights)!  I was drenched in sweat and sore in my calves, butt, chest and arms the next day.


BIG calorie burn for BODYATTACK!  536 calories in less than an hour!!  Seriously, awesome class so you should try it if attack is at a gym near you!  I’m still sore today but I HAVE TO MAKE MYSELF RUN!!  I am also team-teaching PUMP tomorrow morning, so I’m going to study some new tracks while I run on my treadmill :)


We are also working on getting our basement organized and turned into a workout area!! Colby got this bike rack the other day to keep them in one location.  We also got this….


GYM FLOORING FOR OUR BASEMENT!!!! :)  I’m sooooo excited to get this down so I can do BODYPUMP downstairs!!  We got an older TV from my parents to put downstairs and the gym flooring be perfect over the concrete floor.  This roll was HEAVY and Colby’s brother had to help us get it downstairs.  We got it from a store that sells the left over flooring that they use in commercial gyms!


Three Day Weekend

Hi everyone!  Happy Memorial Day weekend!  Saturday morning I had two friends come over to do BODYPUMP 85 at my house.  I taught the whole thing with no mistakes and my one friend had never done pump before and she really liked it!  I still had to look at the cool down notes though.  My other friend has done classes at the gym and has the at home kit like me.



We always talk about our favorite pump instructors from the dvds and her favorite is the very pretty Jericho.  I told her I don’t have long flowing red locks to leave down for the workout :)  Jericho is all over everything Les Mills lately and I opened up my new BP 86 DVD I got the other day and she was inside too!


Since I passed my initial training, I can now get all the new releases and the new 86 just came out this week.  I am trying not to look at it too much.  I don’t want to get confused because I still need to tape my full 85 and submit it to Les Mills to be officially certified! I’m hoping to get that done in two weeks :)


My hamstrings were pretty sore from teaching my friends yesterday, so I decided to do an easy 1.5 miles on my treadmill to loosen up my legs, then I did the ab tracks from both 85 and 86 (kinda disappointed with 86 abs..) and practiced the 85 cool down again.  I almost have it memorized but I just think it is in a strange order. Then I did my 20 BodyFlow DVD from my Pump kit.


Last night we went to Bonefish Grill for the first time with Colby’s brother and it was amazing!  We are seafood fans and this restaurant was great!  We shared their bang bang shrimp appetizer and I had a really good house salad.


Then I had their salmon special with goat cheese, spinach, artichoke hearts and lemon basil sauce.  I substituted the potatoes for their quinoa salad with tomatoes and edamame.  Everything was really good and I would definitely go back!

We also went to see Hangover 3, which was good but never as funny as the 1st movie.  Hope you are having a good weekend! I am co-teaching pump again tomorrow morning :)