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Lake Placid, NY Trip – Ironman!

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Last Monday morning, Colby, Amy, her husband Matt and I drove to Lake Placid, NY so the boys could sign up for the 2014 Ironman!

Colby and Matt competed in the half Ironman – Eagleman this past June and Colby completed Ironman Lake Placid in 2010.

What is an Ironman?

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Lake Placid is a “full 140.6” triathlon – the longest distance triathlon.  If you ever see a “140.6” sticker on the back of someone’s car, it’s for the Ironman! 70.3 is the half Ironman distance.


Originally, Colby made plans to go to Lake Placid so he could sign up for the race.  You have to sign up a year in advance and there are only 3,000 spots.  This year, Ironman opened up a group deal online the Friday before the race.  If you signed up for Syracuse, NY half Ironman 70.3 and Lake Placid Ironman together, you could get in early online.  Colby and Matt both decided to do this so they could secure their spot.  They wanted to do a half Ironman leading up to the big race, and this one will fit into their training plan.


We decided to still go to Lake Placid even though they were signed up for the race.  Lake Placid is beautiful and the guys were happy to ride part of the race course.


We got our hotel taken care of for next year’s race because they were starting to sell out!  We are making a vacation of it and it will be nice to run and bike in this beautiful area.


The town is really cute and surrounds Mirror Lake.  The actual Lake Placid is close by, but is a bigger body of water.  The race swim takes place in Mirror Lake.


This was on the beach area around Mirror Lake.  The guys decided to go for a quick swim after their long bike ride.


Ironman 70.3 Eagleman

On Sunday, Colby and I drove to Cambridge, MD for his half Ironman called the Eagleman.  Colby loves triathlons and has done a full Ironman (Lake Placid 2010).  The Eagleman 70.3 consists of: 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike and 13.1 run.  He started training around January for this race and has been consistent with his training.  Good thing I like to workout and trained for a half-marathon this past spring, because he was always working out in the morning and evening.


We checked into our hotel Saturday morning, and drove to the expo in the afternoon.  We didn’t know, but Andy Potts was there for a meet and greet!  He is a pro triathlete and won the race on Sunday.


After the expo, the boys had to get their bikes into the transition area.  Amy‘s husband Matt raced too so I was super lucky to have Amy with me all weekend to walk around and worry with while the guys raced!



There was a lot of rain leading up to the race, so it was crazy muddy!  I got a ride around so I didn’t have to mess up my TOMS :)



On Sunday, we got to the race very early.  Matt’s swim wave was at 8:00 and Colby’s was at 8:30.  Colby was worried that he was the second to last swim wave because we knew it was going to get hot later in the day.


At the finish line!  You can see Amy cheering Colby on in the Tiffany blue/green shirt… she bought it for the Nike Half and thought it was too green! :)  I wanted to make sure to get a good picture of him at the finish, so he didn’t really see me until I took the picture.

Picture 6

Picture 5

As you can see, he had a GREAT race!! His goal was 5 hours and he was thrilled to go under 5!  I checked my phone compulsively during the race, but some of the half way marks didn’t show up.  He was so fast on his bike, I missed him at transition 2!  The weather did get really hot and sunny later in the day.  He said the run was really difficult because of the heat.  He was a little sore after the race, but was able to run 3 miles with me yesterday morning.  I can’t believe how his legs are in such great shape!  He was curious as to why his swim time was a few minutes slower than expected, but after looking up the pro’s times, they were slower too.  He thought it must have been a little longer than 1.2. Oh well, he still went under 5 hours!




At dinner that night… he has given up drinking soda since January so he was very happy to have cherry coke Sunday night!  He deserved it :)


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