Wedding Details

For our October 6th wedding, our ceremony was outside a gorgeous mansion in a garden area.  It was supposed to rain that day, but lucky for us it cleared up a few hours before the ceremony and was gorgeous!  The reception was inside the mansion, and was unique.  We had around 80 guests, which fits well in this setting.  During dinner, the guests sat in separate rooms that all connected.  We couldn’t see everyone while eating dinner, but we all quickly gathered into the “dance room”/living room of the mansion after dinner :)

Some wedding details in these photos:

I had a hanger made for my dress on Etsy.  I loved how it turned out.

My shoes were Badgley Mischka “Zali” in lilac.  They were gorgeous and pink, but over 5 inches tall.  They hurt SO much during pictures after the ceremony.  I had a backup pair of shoes that were about 2 inches that I wore for the entire reception and they were great.

My pink belt around my dress was made at the dress shop.  I found the crystal/pearl belt I liked and they had it put onto the pink sash. Expensive, but I loved it.

I found my headband on Pinterest, and I have it pinned on my wedding hair board.  I should have stretched it out before the wedding, because the  ends were so tight they literally left welts on my head behind my ears.  It took a couple days for the swelling to go away! I can’t believe I kept it on all night, but I kinda forgot about it.

In the “dance room”/living room, there were shelves next to the fireplace.  My Mom put wedding photos of our family members there in frames.

Again, I painted a violin white and used that as our guest book… you know… since I’m a violin teacher :)

For our first dance, Colby and I danced to Iron & Wine’s “Flightless Bird, American Mouth”.  I know, I’m a total Twi-hard… but I love it and talked Colby into doing a dip/kiss on the neck – Edward Cullen prom style  eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! :)  THE NEW MOVIE IS TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM GOING TO THE 10PM SHOWING!


Trip to NY

Last weekend, Colby and I went to NYC to see Mary Poppins on broadway.  We went along with a high school trip and also went to the American Museum of Natural History.  The trip was not cancelled, but we left early in case there was traffic.  It was sad to see some of the areas without electricity and flooded areas.


Night at the Museum! Gum gum, dumb dumb?

We also stopped at Madame Tussauds wax museum

TWILIGHT in less than a week!!!!!!!!!!

Our second family? Now I share the same last name with them!

Some random notes from this past week…

I had a crazy delicious sushi dinner last night.  Colby and I were craving Asian food and I didn’t feel like cooking.  It was awesome.  Look at my pretty plate!

Wednesday, I took another Les Mill’s Body Flow class and it was INTENSE!  My back has been sore for the past two days!  I would much rather have a class that was tough like that one and I am looking forward to going on a weekly basis.  I am also planning another swim lesson with Colby tomorrow!



Skipping A Run

Tuesday: 4 miles (38:56)

Wednesday: 3 miles (29:26)

When is it okay to skip a mid-week run?

For me, I guess it is okay if I skip my 7 tomorrow.  I absolutely HATE to skip my mid-week “long” run.  All I can say is, “whyyyyyyyy BodyPump whyyyyyy?!?!”.  We had such a great thing going for almost a full year! I wrote about it in a previous post, but I definitely pulled a muscle or something in my left calf at BodyPump last Tuesday.  I just just lunging my little heart out and then something didn’t feel right.  I thought it was getting better because it was okay for my 10 mile run on Sunday, but it hurt again yesterday.

I had a really good time running with Amy through an unfamiliar park.  The new scenery was so nice, but it was kinda hilly and every time we ran up a hill I could feel a strain on my left calf.  You wouldn’t be able to tell from the elevation chart Garmin has on my upload…

Come on Garmin!!! What is that?!? How am I supposed to tell anything from that?? Yeah, cause I obviously need to see -200 to 600 ft on the chart…

We ran 3 miles today after school planning to run 7 on Thursday this week.  I just don’t think that 7 is going to happen.  We ran through a different park today with some hills and every time we ran up one I felt like I was limping when I ran.  Probably not the best thing and I should have told Amy (sorry!!) but I thought it wouldn’t be so bad for just a short 3 miler!  I got home and did some hot tub, shower and compression socks that are not coming off until the next shower! I’m just going to take it easy and hope I feel better for my 15 mile run on Saturday!!

Anyone else reading them at the last minute like me? I finished the first two books over the past few days and I’m now on the third.  I even got Colby to read the first one and he is really liking it.  I figure if I can run 15 miles Saturday morning, my reward should be to go to the movies that night!

I really am liking the books a lot and I am excited to see the movie this weekend… but I don’t think they will take the place of my beloved Twilight :)

Is it sad that I’m really excited that the full Breaking Dawn II trailer will be shown before The Hunger Games??  I’ve watched this 15 second clip a bunch of times :)

Cold Weather Running

Sunday Run: 9 miles (1:30:40)


It was really cold this morning… and windy. It really did feel like it was 8 degrees because of how strong the wind was for our entire run… but Amy and I were SO PROUD that we finished our 9 miles :)

I am absolutely petrified of ice. I panic when I have to walk on it and I never run when the roads are icy.  Somehow I knew I just had to do it today and I figured, if I fell… at least Amy would be there to drag me to the side of the road and call for help! (I broke my tailbone in college falling on ice! Horrible experience!) Somehow I stayed calm and we definitely had to slow down a bit because of the conditions. This was really great for me because I’ve been sick all week and only “ran”  3 miles (there was a lot of walking on the treadmill) on Tuesday.

We went out 3 miles and turned around and got back to my house at mile 6.  We decided on a quick water break inside my house and then we would go back out for the final 3 miles.  I hit the lap button by accident near the end, but was happy to see that we were pretty much right around the 10 min/mile pace the whole time!  I was definitely breathing heavy at some points because I’m still so congested, but I feel great right now.  I got in the hot tub for a good 20 minutes after the run and shocked my cold body!

Here is most of my cold weather running gear:

Brooks Running Jacket.  I asked my parents for this for Christmas because it is so pricy, but it is amazing. So warm and really keeps the wind out.

My toe socks. I love that they are higher so I can pull them up over my ankles and they seem warmer.

I threw on my CEP compression sleeves under my tights today. I figured it couldn’t hurt and they kept my legs a little warmer.

The pink long sleeved top I had on under my jacket was from Target and similar to this one.

My tights are Under Armour and close to this pair.

Pink Nike Gloves and Headband I got a few years ago.

Obsessed with Carmex chapstick and I always bring it with me running.  I have them stashed everywhere.

Current obsession: Vicks tissues. My friends and I were in love with them in college when we were sick and I got a box this week. Ahh they are so nice :)

Not running related…

I’ve already watched it twice yesterday. I know, I’m sad. I can’t help it.  I actually left the house yesterday morning just to go to Target so I could buy it. Colby ran his 9 miles and went swimming. When he came home I was laying on the couch back in my sweatpants with my Vicks tissues and a bag of chocolate chips watching it.  I was supposed to write a grad paper…