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Preparing For My Big Les Mills Weekend!


Tonight was my first time on stage teaching BodyPump!! My new gym (I love it there!) had a 6:30-7:30 BodyPump class tonight.  All of the instructors have told me I should try to teach my assigned tracks at a class before the training weekend.  I love knowing most of the instructors and everyone is so nice!

The instructor tonight had me shadow her tonight on stage and I taught my tricep and bicep tracks!  Everything went so well and the only weird thing was dealing with the microphone! I forgot that most of my tricep track has me laying down on the bench so I wasn’t used to dealing with the microphone.  I’m sure I will have lots and lots of practice this weekend!

I couldn’t believe how many calories I burned tonight!  This might have been my highest burn for just doing BodyPump.  Sometimes I burn more if I run before class, but I didn’t run tonight.  I think I was nervous and maybe my heart rate was a little higher than normal?


Can you believe I got up to 185?!?! It was during lunges, of course!  Those jump squats are killer and always get me into the 170’s, but tonight I put both risers under the bench and it was extra high.  At the gym, I’ve been putting one riser under the bench and at home my bench is different and not as high.  I figured I might as well put both risers under the bench tonight because I’m sure I will have to do it that way all weekend!


I ordered some new protein because I was almost finished my other Vega protein.  I’ve been trying to make a protein smoothie after tough BodyPump workouts.  I had the Vega Energizing Smoothie mix before in chocolate and I really liked that.  This time, I ordered their performance protein that is the third step in their nutrition program (recover).  I got this one because it had almost double the protein for the same amount of calories.  Since I don’t really eat meat (just seafood) I really need to watch my protein intake, especially with all this BodyPump training!  I tried this tonight after my big class and it was good!  I just had it with some Light Chocolate Silk Soy Milk and PB2 powder.  Yum :)

I’ll try to post this weekend, but I might be too tired Saturday night! Hopefully I will do a big review on my Les Mills BodyPump training Monday or Tuesday after I’ve recovered!

Allergic To Running?

Am I allergic to running? Or does my body just forget what it is like to run outside?  The weather this week has been so nice and I’ve really had the “itch” (pun intended) to run in the cool rainy weather.  In the past, when I was new to running or took a long break and would try to go for a run my legs would sometimes get really itchy while I ran.  It usually happened more in the summer and would go away if I ran a few more times.  I found this article a while ago that says it should go away after you start running more and it is just caused by “capillaries and arteries inside our muscles rapidly expanding because of the demand for more blood” and this can make you itchy.  So this has happened a few times this summer, but something worse happens…

Rash!! YUCK! I’ll have a rash on my legs or sometimes the side of my stomach for a few days! It looks like broken capillaries and this has happened a couple times over the past few weeks.  I’m not sure if it is because I’ve been doing other exercises that don’t make my heart rate go up as high like BodyPump/CX, yoga, walking, etc. but this needs to stop!  The rash might be from the scratching I do like a crazy person outside my house.  Pink Runner needs to run more often to make this stop…


On a happier note, Colby and I decided to go see Legally Blonde the Musical a few nights ago.  I’ve seen it before and have the soundtrack memorized so I’ve been obnoxiously singing the songs for the past few days.


You might have noticed a lot of Tweeting from me a week ago about Vega Smoothies and they were (still are?) having a contest.  Yesterday, I got all this awesome stuff from them in the mail!! I got a bag, recipe book, chocolate coconut protein bars (so good) and three smoothie protein powders!! I LOVE THE CHOC-A-LOT! It is awesome in a banana pb smoothie and tastes like a milkshake :)



Love you Vega! Thank you :)

Congrats to Cherie for running her second 13.1 !




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