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Wedding Photos: Ceremony

Photos from our ceremony…

I LOVE that cake picture! I saw one just like that from my photographer’s website and asked him to take one like that of my cake.

I had a brass quintet play for the ceremony.  As a musician, live music was very important to me for the ceremony and I had to go non-traditional.  I play in string quartets all the time for weddings, but I also play trumpet.  Sometimes I sub for the one trumpet player for this brass quintet and I am close friends with two of the guys.  I had them play “Moon River” for when the mothers walked down and had “All You Need Is Love” for the bridesmaids and myself.  At the end of the ceremony, the quintet played “When I’m 64”.  My dad and I are big Beatles fans :)

I was very scared of walking down those stairs.  I had the groomsmen walk down the bridesmaids to keep things safe.  I had to take it SLOW for when I went down with my dad because my train was so long!

Also, I painted a violin white and had guests sign it for our “guest book”.

The Oats Are Back!


Overnight oats are back!!

I’ve been using these oats for awhile and think they are pretty good :)

The ingredients!

*1/4 cup oats

*1/4 or less of Almond Breeze

1/2 container of my favorite yogurt: So Delicious Blueberry

*1 tablespoon Flax Seeds

Mix em up!

Blueberries on top, cover and put in the fridge overnight!

Big ol’ glob of Peanut Butter on top of oats in the morning!

Back to school today to teach tons of violin lessons and possibly taking a BodyPump class at 5:30 if I can make it! If not, I guess I’ll go for a run :)


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