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Wedding: Bridal Photos

Here are a few more photos of my bridesmaids and I before the wedding ceremony :)

I was really happy to have the photographs of me looking out the window at the guys.  We planned this ahead of time and when the guys were outside with the one photographer, I was upstairs looking out at them with the other photographer.  The old mansion worked out so well for this photo and had the perfect window!

The piano photo was my idea. You know, since I’m a music teacher and all… I thought it would be cute.

3 More Weeks!

3 weeks until our wedding!!

Some updates from the past week or so…

We picked up our wedding bands!

I found “back up”/reception shoes at DSW.  I love my pink Badgley Mischka shoes, but they are 5 inches and not the most comfortable…

I had my first dress fitting two weeks ago and my final fitting this week!

I have my hair and make up trial next week! If you want a sneak peak of my ideas, check out my Pinterest board.

I started running again!! No more itchy legs and I am really loving it.  I kinda like this running thing! I ran twice outside this week and on the treadmill today.  The weather is so much better than it was a month ago!  My weeknights have been very busy between school obligations and wedding appointments, but I am trying to fit in running and CXWORX (at home) when possible.  I think I will be ready to start a training plan for a spring marathon (Nike Women’s 1/2 in DC???) in a few months and will LOVE running in the cold weather.  I have been in super healthy eating mode too!  Gotta look good in that wedding dress and in Hawaii!

I started a new grad class this past Friday/Saturday and it is completely devoted to incorporating iPads into the classroom.  We even get to keep an iPad completely in our own classroom!  I’m really loving it!

Do you like my pink keyboard cover on my school computer? My little girls at school do!

I just ordered this case for my iPad. Isn’t it cute?!! I can’t wait to get it!

I also started a school wordpress blog for one of my groups and it is really fun.  The kids are getting into it and I’m excited to incorporate the iPad and let them create.  It is a bit time consuming, so I have been spending more time on that blog than this one!


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