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Snow Day Friday Workout

I wasn’t expecting to be home from school today, but we ended up with a bunch of snow! I was happy to sleep in and work out during the day.  For my basement workout today…

photo 3

I rode my bike for 30 minutes.  My new Jamis bike was an early Christmas gift :)


I also did the Tone It Up “Love Your Abs” video.  It was short but tough!


I did some yoga with my new Lululemon “un mat” that Colby got me for Christmas.  Mine is in teal and it does not slide on any surface.  I took it on vacation and had it on carpet and it was great!  It is thin and light, so you could lay it over another yoga mat if you were at a class.

photo 1

Then I was a good girl and foam rolled my IT band, quads and hamstrings!  This is my new foam roller Amy got me for Christmas and it is awesome.  I love that it is short and the bumpy things feel good.  It is the Gaiam  12″ Textured Foam Roller.

photo 2

I listened to music today with the new Klipsch G-17 Airplay speakers my Dad got me for Christmas.  I can use airplay on my iPhone to listen to music and control it from my phone.  Since it doesn’t use any wires to connect to my iPhone, it is so much easier to change music and playlists when I am working out on my bike or treadmill.


Totally unrelated… but my Mom got me a cute Lulu running skirt for the Nike Women’s Half.  She got me a bunch of other stuff, but I’m obsessed with this perfume she got me.  It is Lollia “Relax” and smells like lavender and honey.  It is amazing :)

Have a good weekend!  I’m cooking zucchini noodles again and taking pictures to post later!

60 Minute BodyPump-ish Workout



Amy and I completed this workout on Thursday and the Polar said I burned 429 calories.  We moved quickly through the tracks and didn’t really break in between songs.



On Thursday I started feeling kinda sick.  Colby has been sick with bronchitis and I am just so stuffed up.  I took Friday off and planned to run 5 miles at the park with Amy this morning.


Picture 6


Picture 7


My Garmin was all crazy at the beginning of our run and saying we were running a 11 min mile.  Amy’s watch said 9:20… all I knew is that I felt kinda like I was dying.  I couldn’t breath well and the pace that I was running last week seemed so hard today.  I did wear my heart rate monitor and was shocked to look down and see I was in the 180’s right away!  I knew I was sick and the sudafed probably didn’t help my heart rate out at all either.  When we got to 3 miles, I told her to go ahead without me and run until 4 and then turn around.  I slowed my pace down a lot and walked a few times and started to feel better.  She got about 1/4 of a mile ahead of me and I was happy to finish the last mile with her.  When I got home, I was shocked to see that my HR had gotten up to 187! YIKES!  Tough workout and the compression is ON!  I’m going to take it easy and take another rest day tomorrow!



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