Workout Logs and Les Mills Taping

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On the car ride home from Colby’s 70.3 half Ironman in Syracuse, Amy and I figured out our workouts for the week.  She likes to keep them in her iPhone notes, so I tried that for this week.  Above you can see I moved my 5 miler from my week 2 training to this past Monday.  I put a :) after I finish the workout.  I didn’t mean to run so many days in a row this week, but that is just how it goes for now.  I just ran on the treadmill this morning, but it was a lot of walking.  I finished with 2 miles because I was going over my CXWORX notes and saying the workout cues out loud to myself.  I’m doing my first taping this afternoon and I’m pretty nervous.  I would love for this to be a good tape so I can submit myself teaching to Les Mills for certification approval.  It has to be one take, the music/mic levels need to be good and you have to see at least 5 class members in attendance.  The challenge of CXWORX 15 is there are no stops between tracks.  My throat gets so dry because I don’t have time to grab water!!


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I got new Reebok/Les Mills clothes in the mail yesterday!! I lifted my leg up so you could see the bottom of the capris :)  The top is from the Les Mills line, and I loved that it was orange for CXWORX colors.  It is a little big, especially on the shoulders but I’m still going to wear it for my taping today.


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Baby Bella missed us soooooo much after our trip.  When we were getting ready for bed, she jumped up onto our (very high!!) bed!  She usually sleeps in her little bed in a playpen in our bedroom, but I let her snuggle with us for a half an hour before I moved her to her bed.  She is so tiny, I don’t think she would be safe in our bed all night!  She finally weighed in at 5 lbs at the vet yesterday!  Since she is 7 months and hasn’t been getting much bigger, I think she might be close to full grown!

Thanksgiving Break


I am so thankful for this Thanksgiving break!!  The Tangled gif above is how happy I was to be home for a few days :)  I spent time with family, exercised my butt off and relaxed!  Colby and I have been trying to get our Christmas shopping done and we are almost there!  To help his Mom out for Thanksgiving, I made Ina’s Smashed Sweet Potatoes and substituted almond milk for the heavy cream and Earth Balance for the butter.  I roasted the potatoes the day before and mashed them with a potato masher.  Even though it takes over an hour to roast the sweet potatoes, the rest is so easy and they taste amazing.

Screen shot 2013-12-02 at 10.15.52 AM

I also made the Tone It Up Green Bean Casserole to take for dinner.  I like this recipe because it doesn’t use cream of mushroom soup (not so nice for my lactose-hating stomach).  I did a few changes… I blended more of the mushrooms with the liquid and added a little corn starch to get it thicker.  I also added some panko to the top and put the casserole under the broiler at the very end for about a minute to get it crispy.  Very good, but the leftovers got a little liquid-y.  More about TIU in another post…

I was an exercise machine this past week because I had no excuses!!

November 25-December 1, 2013

Monday: Yoga – 20 min Tone It Up video  - I WOKE UP EARLY BEFORE WORK!!!!!!

Tuesday: BODYPUMP at home - LATE night pump session (8-9pm) after teacher conferences all night.  I did 88 and LOVED it.

Wednesday: 20 min bike, 20 min TM, 20 min Tabata workout from PBR - sweaty mess – burned 623 calories (wore my Polar FT4)

Thursday: 35 min bike, BODYPUMP triceps, lunges and abs

Friday: off

Saturday: 1.25 run on TM, 25 min bike and BODYPUMP -all but squats -exhausted and burned 760 calories

Sunday: 45 min bike, 1 mile walk on TM, abs and lots of stretching - ate a HUGE brunch with family, came home and took a food nap then woke up and did this and burned 502 calories :)

Not much running going on, but it is SO COLD!!!!! I am waiting on new Under Armour tights to come in the mail because my old ones are completely ripped and my others are a different brand and not warm enough.  I had a gift card from Under Armour to buy these tights and I got it last year when I emailed them angry about them always ripping.  They are so expensive, they should last!! I take good care of them!  I was annoyed with them for awhile, so I didn’t order the new ones but I did the other day.  My legs are cold trying to run outside and these were practically free so I went for it.

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Also, I’m obsessed with my new bike and I haven’t even been outside with it yet!! I have it on Colby’s bike trainer in the basement.  Here are my legs spinning away Thanksgiving morning watching the parade.  It was awesome!! I feel like I have a new piece of cardio equipment in our home gym and I am so excited for warmer weather in the spring so I can ride outside!  I love it, I love it, I love it!  After riding 4x this week and getting up to 45 minutes, I was sore last night.  I’m going to take a break from it today but I really want to ride it!

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I have another post ready to go for tomorrow about my love for the Tone It Up girls :)  Maybe I’ll be able to post more than once a month for December!! I go back to school tomorrow and start up my concert season.  I have lots of dress rehearsals, concerts and assemblies for my music students this month.  Looking forward to the holidays!

60 Minute BodyPump-ish Workout



Amy and I completed this workout on Thursday and the Polar said I burned 429 calories.  We moved quickly through the tracks and didn’t really break in between songs.



On Thursday I started feeling kinda sick.  Colby has been sick with bronchitis and I am just so stuffed up.  I took Friday off and planned to run 5 miles at the park with Amy this morning.


Picture 6


Picture 7


My Garmin was all crazy at the beginning of our run and saying we were running a 11 min mile.  Amy’s watch said 9:20… all I knew is that I felt kinda like I was dying.  I couldn’t breath well and the pace that I was running last week seemed so hard today.  I did wear my heart rate monitor and was shocked to look down and see I was in the 180’s right away!  I knew I was sick and the sudafed probably didn’t help my heart rate out at all either.  When we got to 3 miles, I told her to go ahead without me and run until 4 and then turn around.  I slowed my pace down a lot and walked a few times and started to feel better.  She got about 1/4 of a mile ahead of me and I was happy to finish the last mile with her.  When I got home, I was shocked to see that my HR had gotten up to 187! YIKES!  Tough workout and the compression is ON!  I’m going to take it easy and take another rest day tomorrow!


Les Mills Inspired Workout

It has been COLD in PA!  I was supposed to run a 5 mile race with Amy yesterday, but I backed out.  The race started at 9:00 and it was going to be 6 degrees and windy.  I just couldn’t get myself to do it, so I ran outside a little later.  It was so cold and so windy, I could only bring myself to do 2 miles outside.  I was VERY happy to see I ran two even splits of 9:08, so I feel like I’m getting a little faster from my big running break (summer/fall).  My legs were burning from the cold (I only wore running tights) so I came inside and walked a mile on my treadmill.  Then, I had plans to do a little BodyPump/CXWORX – inspired workout on my own at home!


As you might know, I’m practically obsessed with BodyPump and CXWORX (both Les Mills classes).  BodyPump is an hour weight class that works all of your body. CX is more of a core-intensive workout but also works your legs and arms/shoulders a bit and is only 30 minutes.  I try to memorize the choreography when I am in the classes so I can do them at home.  Our gym has been doing the BodyPump 82 release for a really long time.  I think they just released 83 this past week, so I’m excited to try it out on Tuesday.  I’m also very familiar with CXWORX release 6 and 7, so I included a few favorites.

If you are familiar with these classes or releases at all, here is a little more description of what I did…

1. Warm – Up Abs (Feel So Close – BodyPump 82) … this is not a “warm-up” track, but is at the end of BP 82.  I like it a lot and also have the CX oblique version memorized for this song, so I like to use it.

2. Intense Abs (Cinnema – CXWORX 6) … this was the first CX class I ever took and couldn’t believe how hard this track was! I bought the song on iTunes and I have been doing it for a long time.  It is still a challenge and I like to increase the weight I hold to make it even harder!

3. Squats (Sweet Nothing – BP inspired) … I made up this one and it was pretty challenging! I guess I can write down what I did, since I made it up on my own! I won’t write down the choreography from the real Les Mills stuff for copyright reasons. PS Love this song.

(Hopefully if you do BP, this makes sense!)

Down 2 / Up 2

Down 3,2,1/Up 1 (4x)

Down quick 1/ Up 2,3,4 (4x)

Down 1 pulse half way up 2, 3 /Up 4 (4x)

Singles (8x)


(quick stretch break)

Down quick 1/Up 2,3,4 (2x)

Singles until the end! (16)

4. Tricep (Ellie Goulding -Lights – BP inspired)

Tricep Bench Dips:

…Slow down 4/Up 4 (2)

…Down 3,2,1 Up 1 (4)

…Singles (14 then quick switch)

Tricep Double Arm Extensions:

…Slow down 4/Up 4 (2)

…Down 3,2,1 Up 1 (4)

…Singles (14 then quick switch)

Tricep Push Ups (8)

Single Arm Kick Backs:

…Fast 1  up / Slow down 2,3,4 (4x)

…Singles (8)

…Switch and repeat on other arm

5. Lunges (Ecuador – BodyPump 82) … CRAZY track with squats/lunges with weight and then you put down your weights and start the squat jumps and lunges … it makes me so tired!)

6. Obliques (Titanium – CXWORX 6)

7. Back (Lazy Song – CXWORX 6) 

If you understand any of this, enjoy :)