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IT…Oh No!

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So another windy cold day for a long run this weekend.  I actually waited until 1:00 PM to run my 9 miles yesterday.  I must have been overly confident from my awesome 4 miler on Thursday because these were 9 tough miles.  Around 4.5 miles, I was struck with right knee IT band pain.  It came out of no where!  I stopped my Garmin and stretched along the side of the road.  A mile later, it was back.  The rest of my run was a stop, stretch and go and I was pretty unhappy.  I did make it to 9 miles, but stopped the watch a little early while I continued to walk at the end.

IT Band Plan…


This week…

  • Foam Rolling and stick-massage thinger as much as possible
  • Les Mills “Flow” (BodyFlow) 20 minute DVD
  • “Yoga for Runners”  (video below)
  • Extra “off” day
  • Ibuprofen


I think this flared up because I HAVEN’T STRETCHED AT ALL in the past few weeks!  I’ve been really lazy about it and thought I was fine.  Nope!  With all this BodyPump along with a Half Marathon plan, I really need to stretch or else I’m going to hurt myself.

So after a modified BodyPump workout at home (no squats or lunges) I did the 20 minute Flow DVD and it is awesome.  All hip openers and IT stretches so I need to make this a part of my weekly routine!



PS I made homemade pizza tonight and it was delicious.   :)


Still Here…

It has been just over a week since I ran my marathon and I took a full 6 days off before doing any exercise!  It has also been a week since I posted, but there really isn’t much to talk about when I’m not running at all and busy with school!  I have been sleeping soooo well and was really only crazy sore the day after the marathon.  By Tuesday, I was feeling pretty good and enjoyed the time off from working out.  I went to a 1 hour yoga class Saturday morning and did a 45 minute Yoga Download (Detox Yoga #1) on Sunday.

Today I did two POP Pilates videos from Cassie’s YouTube channel… both are incredibly tough and I’m always amazed at how graceful she looks.



Since I am not running as much, I am really trying to watch what I eat and eat more fruits and vegetables. I was eating SO MANY CARBS for the past few months when I was running all the time and I feel gross.  I don’t plan on doing another marathon this year and think I will probably train for a half marathon in spring 2013.  My next goal is looking good in my wedding dress :)  I will probably be running shorter distances this summer and incorporating lots of yoga and strength training.  I’ve been on a smoothie kick lately and drinking one each morning.

My smoothies usually include: frozen banana, blueberries or strawberries, spinach, peanut butter, almond milk and chia seeds.  I would like to get some vanilla protein powder that I could use instead of peanut butter sometimes but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.  (6 days of school left!)

I made a spinach, strawberry, goat cheese and sunflower seed salad last night that was really good.

I also realized today that a bunch of pink flowers bloomed around our house… I should probably walk around our new house more often.  I had no idea we had pink roses already!!

Four concerts for my kids this week!  It is going to be a tough week, but I’m looking forward to summer :)


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