Pittsburgh Marathon

On Sunday May 15th, I ran the Pittsburgh Marathon (my first full marathon) and had a fantastic experience! Colby and I drove to Pittsburgh Saturday morning and stayed at the Omni William Penn Hotel. We stayed at this hotel last year when he ran the full and I ran the half marathon. We had just met a few months before that and somehow he talked me into the half marathon. I absolutely loved it and have since run two other half marathons. Over the summer, I started thinking about full marathons and signed up for Pittsburgh so that I would have to train for it over the winter. I compulsively followed Hal Higdon’s Novice 1 Marathon Training Schedule and it was completely worth it!

A few weeks before the marathon, I had to answer a few serious questions. What will I wear?! Do I carry a water bottle with water or gatorade? Do I carry my iphone? How will I wear my hair?!?!


Please excuse my messy closet and the fact that my head is cut off… but doesn’t my hair look good??

I decided on new Brooks shorts and tank that were SO comfortable! Worth the investment and the tank had a back zip pocket that fit my 900 gu’s for the race. Although I wish I could leave my hair down and curled, up it went into a ponytail with a black sparkle BIC band. I love these things and they never slide off my head when I run. I used a SPIbelt to hold my iphone for the race in case I couldn’t find Colby at the end. I should have used it to take more pictures at the beginning of the race, but I was trying not to throw up from nerves because 22,000 runners were around me. Hopefully I get better at this picture taking thing!

The expo was nice on Saturday and it was easy to get to our bibs, race bags and t shirts. Since I am obsessed with compression, I bought new bright pink compression sleeves from C.E.P. and wore them for the race. I know you shouldn’t wear new stuff for races, but I couldn’t help myself! Colby told me that 26.2 Apparel was going to be at one of the booths and I made sure we got to them. I ran over to the stand and met Mark and told him my obsession with reading running blogs. If SkinnyRunner has a 26.2 running outfit, shouldn’t I?! I picked up the pink tshirt and fell in love with how soft it is!

Colby and I tried to get some sleep Saturday night and woke up at 4:15 am Sunday morning. We ate our bananas, cereal, overnight oats and more while watching race updates on the local news. I was also happy that one of my friends from my college music department was going to be running the half and we were going to try to meet up at the corral placements. We ended up running the first 9 miles together! It was awesome to have a friend that runs my pace to start with and it definitely kept me calm.
This is the bridge you cross around mile 25.5 to get to the finish near PNC park.
I took this around 6 am near the start of the race. Colby had to walk to corral A and I had to go back to E……
My goal for my first marathon was 4 and 1/2 hours and I came in at 4 hrs 28 min and 35 sec! Colby was a beast and finished at 3 hrs 12 min and 31 sec. He is so amazing 🙂 He had to wait around for me at the end for over an hour and was sooooo happy to see me! Now I just have to decide what marathon to sign up for next……….

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  1. I was looking around for other re-caps of the Pittsburgh Marathon and came across yours! I’m a Pittsburgh native so I love when other people come and enjoy the city. Congrats on achieving your marathon goal! Next year, the Pittsburgh Marathon will be my first full marathon too 🙂

    • That’s awesome you found my post! The race was awesome and you will love it. The hill at mile 11 (I think) is killer and is probably why my hamstrings felt so tight around mile 18. The rest isn’t that hilly and I loved that there were water stations like every 10 feet 🙂

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